Postcards from SXSW 3.9.13


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Postcards from SXSW 3.9.13

  1. 1. Brand Integration of the DayA&E Networks “Bates Motel”Great idea. Promote the new TV series “Bates Motel” with Do Not Disturbsigns in every room at the Hilton during the one week where Do NotDisturb signs are sure to be used.InsightAt the Bates Motel, there’s a mystery behind every door, and every guesthas a secret. So the idea that the guests in each room would not want to bedisturbed is lodged in my mind right at the moment when I am deciding Idon’t want to be disturbed. 2013
  2. 2. Brand Integration of the DayGoogle PlaygroundGoogle tapped into the feelings of childhood, and set up and indoorplayground complete with kid snacks like PBJ and root beer floats andallowed people to demo their new “talking shoe” experiment. A sensorrecords movement and gives live feedback to wearer about what theexperience is like to be the shoe.InsightPeople like tech that gives real time feedback. Google is venturing into the“real life” technology sphere with ideas like this, bringing their authorityin the power of information to life. 2013
  3. 3. My Awesome Event of the DayPanera CaresPanera Cares CEO spoke about the origins of how Panera decided to makea difference in the world, creating community cafes and how that act ofgenerosity made him realize the beautiful human nature that was possible.C-K’s work for Panera, including the Food Chain Reaction app waspresented and received with oohs and aahs, and reminded everyone thatbig brands can do big thingsInsightConscious capitalism is a good thing. By simply trying to build flexiblebusiness model, built on the hope that people can and will do the rightthing, Panera learned that a company’s resources and competencies canhelp enable a risky but purely good idea to come to life. 2013
  4. 4. Vibe of the DaySummaryTwo words: Grumpy. Cat. Oh, sure, Al Gore spoke today. And there werelots of great sessions on all sorts of interesting topics. But some of thelongest lines I saw were the one to get your picture taken with GrumpyCat at Mashable House. Even so, by mid-morning there was a socialmovement calling to shut the whole thing down (bright lights, stressaren’t great for a cat) at #freegrumpycat.InsightIt’s Grumpy Cat’s world and we just live in it, people. 2013
  5. 5. My Awesome Event of the DayHow Twitter is changing the way we watch TV.1 in 3 Tweets is about TV. And 76% of those tweeting about TV do it live. Sowhile most people time-delay many of their shows, certain programmingis perfect for Twitter. Sports, juicy/cliff-hangers, dramas, reality TV, seasonfinales and big one-time events.InsightOne interesting takeaway for me is that Twitter is both the new watercoolerand the world’s largest focus group. It provides instant feedback, for better orworse, on an episode as it happens, and offers up a sense of how many people aretuning in and are engaged enough to want to talk about it online. And producersnow have the ability to understand what fans like and want in almost realtime. 2013
  6. 6. My Awesome Event of the DayTales of US Entrepreneurship: Beyond Silicon ValleyAlexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, crowdfunded the Internet 2012Campaign Tour Bus. Along the way, he documented stories of passionateinnovators from Denver, CO to Danville, KY. Somewhat of a two-partpresentation, he shared learnings of what the non-silicon valley world isup to, as well as his role as advisor behind the fight against SOPA andPIPA internet privacy acts.InsightIf you have an idea, pursue it. The act of doing creates many innovativepaths that can lead to greatness. And the internet provides many vehiclesto get your ideas heard. Believe in you’re work and find ways to give backthrough charity and local activism. 2013