Postcards from SXSW 3.8.13


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Postcards from SXSW 3.8.13

  1. 1. Brand Integration of the DayRoku Streaming LoungeThe streaming lounge is a space where SXSW attendees can take a breakfrom all the running around and sessions by relaxing on the couch andwatching some streaming shows via Roku. Signage around the loungewas very SXSW-tailored, such as “There’s no better place to nurse yourhangover.” and “We won’t tell your boss you’re here.”InsightThis was a great way for people to discover the surprising amount ofcontent available for streaming on a Roku. They had partnered with FOXand PBS in particular and were giving away t-shirts and posters frompopular shows. (Watched part of an episode of New Girl and got a t-shirtwith some words of wisdom from Schmidt.) 2013
  2. 2. My Awesome Event of the DayHow to be interestingJessica Hagy is a former copywriter who uses visuals to tell stories, jokesand truths. Her presentation today was about how to become moreinteresting in 10 simple steps. Highlights included: Go exploring. Sharewhat u discover. Give it a shot. Hop off the bandwagon. Grow a pair. Andignore the scolds.InsightIt’s so easy to get lost in the day-to-day that we can forget to be incredible.To be curious. To be interesting. Great quote from the session: “Nobody isnormal. Everybody has a slice of weird in their pie chart.” 2013
  3. 3. Vibe of the Day: Session Camp OutsSummaryThis year, SXSW has done a good job of organizing very popular events inone room that are back to back. The downside – people are camping out inrooms all day long and not networking or experiencing the largerconference itself.InsightWe’ve all been there, bring in clients for an all-day session or a half day ofpresentations and sit in one room. ALL. DAY. We all benefit from a changeof scenery, from SXSW attendees to clients. So change it up. Allow people toget up. Change conference rooms. Do jumping jacks. My guess is everyonewill stay more focused. 2013
  4. 4. Brand Integration of the DayBBCBBC America Roadhouse, an interactive space next to the conventioncenter, is dedicated to the convergence of British culture and TexasAmericana.InsightTaking the overtly American symbol of a mechanical bull and putting theirown British spin by making it an English Bull (dog) is an example how theBBC is asserting their relevance at this year’s SXSW. 2013
  5. 5. Awesome Event of the DayBrand Fans, the New Brand MarketersPepsiCo discussed their recent successes in crowdsourcing,including empowering fans select the Doritos Super Bowlads and putting the next flavor of Lay’s potato chips into thehands of America. While crowdsourcing doesn’t apply to allbrands & categories, there is opportunity across industriesto help consumers express their needs and desires.InsightToday’s savvy brands and agencies are social anthropologistsand there are many synergies between consumer research andcrowdsourcing. It isn’t about outsourcing your creative, it’sabout about sourcing authentic ingredients to make a betterfinal product for your agency, your brand and the consumer. 2013
  6. 6. Vibe of the DayUnderstand a New Technology’s role in the Bigger PictureWe need to remember that while these new technologies are part of oureveryday lives (e.g. mobile, social media, etc.) they are still in theirinfancy. Even the cultural use of technology is quickly evolving - whatwas unheard of even two years ago seems to be the norm (e.g. constantlyinteracting with your phone during a meeting, anyone?), but it’s stillrelatively new and we’re all still trying to figure it out.InsightKeeping an eye on these trends and understanding your brand’s relevancyto them is key. While these new technologies can be big to your business’ssuccess (e.g. mobile fencing), they should only be one channel of a biggercommunication’s strategy. 2013
  7. 7. My Awesome Event of the Day100 Mistakes from Contributor to Chief OfficerWhat often makes us succeed in our previous role is exactly what makesus fail in our next role. These mistakes are so common, they’re almost aright of passage. Three key lessons anyone can apply to their career:•  As a manager, you need to be transparent with your goals from day one•  As someone reporting to a manager, one needs to manage up by raising issues before they are brought up•  Listen – isolating yourself from other teams is a recipe for failureInsightIt’s so simple, but easy to miss. The 100 mistakes identified by ElaineWherry, Meebo Co-Founder, are common in every business and at everylevel. The ability to learn from superiors, and passion that knowledge tothose behind you can help avoid many common mistakes. 2013