Postcards from SXSW 3.12.13


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Postcards from SXSW 3.12.13

  1. 1. Brand Integration of the DaySONOS Music LoungeSonos music lounge was a truly immersive brand experience. Promotingtheir exceptionally clear, high-fidelity, wireless speakers and musictechnology, Sonos created a space at SXSW that an intimate outdoorconcert venue – and of course, a taco truck. In every area, you couldn’thelp but be blown away by the sound of the music and the energy itgenerated from those listening.InsightWhy did this work? Because they kept it simple (it was all about the music)and focused on the brand (the music streamed wirelessly throughspeakers). As marketers, it’s easy to lose focus on the core of your brand.Sonos brought their brand to the right people, in the right way (immersivemusic lounge) with the right message (the music quality spoke for itself). 2013
  2. 2. Vibe of the DayWork/Life BalanceThis discussion trending at a number of sessions - the conversation aroundwork/life balance and if it’s possible to “have it all”. It’s interesting that therewere many highly-accomplished people who do in fact seem to have it all, yetstill struggle with this question – both men and women. And the definition of“it” seems to be ever evolving in this new era of constant connectivity.InsightThinking of work and life separately, as generations past have done, tends tomakes us think we can have it all. There’s certainly a cultural shift happeningthat is redefining how we think our lives – and a move toward flexible work lifeis happening, but as Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer just redefined by terminating tele-commuting, not at the expense of productivity. The definition of “have it all”,will continue to evolve rapidly in the coming years. 2013
  3. 3. My Awesome Event of the DayDecisions Based on Quality, Not AnecdotesThis session delivered by David Goldberg, CEO of Survey Monkey,discussed the right way to gather and analyze data in order to informyour next big marketing decision. 90% of all data produced by humanshas been created in the past two years. With so much informationavailable, how do we make sure we’re using it to our brand’s advantage?InsightBy using both implicit data (predictive models, correlations, etc.) andexplicit data (directly asking people what they think), brands can come upwith ways to better position themselves to succeed. A good example: Ford,who correctly predicted & essentially created the crossover vehicle marketby analyzing the trend data while also directly speaking with customers. 2013
  4. 4. Brand Integration of the DayAT&T Charging LockersPower outlets are hard to come by at SXSW. So AT&T placed portablecharging stations around the convention center where you could chargeyour smart phone or iPad in a storage locker while you were in a session.You’d get the key, and come back when your device was fully charged andready to go.InsightWith all the note-taking, schedule-checking, map-viewing , status-updatinghere, you’re lucky to make it to lunch without your device running out ofjuice. AT&T understands the pain and provided an easy solution. Andanything that can help people feel good about the brand rather than focuson the lousy signal strength in many places, that’s a win. 2013
  5. 5. Vibe of the DaySummaryMen’s facial hair is back in a big way. The thicker, the better. Lots ofhipster beards everywhere you look in Austin this weekend.InsightNo real insight. Just sayin’. 2013
  6. 6. My Awesome Event of the DayDeath By DemographicsWhat do George Bush and Steven Tyler have in common? Nothing exceptdemographics. This panel featured a discussion with 3 marketing proswho achieve success not by buying their media based on demographics,but by looking at purchase behavior. As marketers are able to collect moreand more data about consumers, personalization is more important thanever.InsightThis is not about eliminating tv advertising. It is about creating anecosystem surrounding and supporting tv. For Oreo, TV buys are 2x moreeffective when there is digital advertising supporting the broadcast buy. 2013
  7. 7. Brand Integration of the DayReebok Free RideReebok’s Free Ride is driving around downtown Austin. To with the fringe,Reebok is finding people who #livewithfire. A matte black El Camino is a bitmore mobile than their tattoo studio – a blacked out mobile unit that will inkyou and help you tell your story of how you “live with fire.” See the onlineexecution: into the culture and give people who already have great stories a newexperience and a new story to tell. 2013
  8. 8. Vibe of the DaySummaryTheme: Get funded. Shaq is a powerful voice in social media. Now, he’sturning his attention to the tech world – and soliciting ideas via Tout, ashort-form video service. Is Shaq the right VC for any new business?There’s only so much that cash and celebrity can do to launch a business,but the pitches to grab Shaq’s cash infusion are already piling up: any idea funded takes a lot of work, but getting in front of theright people (or person) is what might be most important. 2013
  9. 9. My Awesome Event of the DayWhy trust is the new social glue.This meetup brought together UX designers, technologists, designengineers, and social media innovators to talk about the “trust” in contentand connections. Small roundtables discussed current problems in socialmedia, how trust is different depending on the medium and theindividuals involved, as well as how trust is established and whether asystematic approach can even be created.InsightTrust is born from a relationship. All brands must be able to nurturerelationships in order to build trust. Trust starts with the first userexperience and is carried through every brand touch point. 2013