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Lfm ver3


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presentacion de mantenimiento

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Lfm ver3

  1. 1. Results Based Management: Logical Framework Matrix (LFM) ,.Abeer Shakweer, Ph.D Planning and Monitoring Manager Science and Technology Development Fund December 30th, 2009
  2. 2. LFM is a Result Based Management (RBM) tool forsystematic planning, implementation , monitoring, and evaluation of projects
  3. 3. LFM Activity description Performance Indicators Means of Verification Risks and AssumptionsGoal (Overall Objective)Project ObjectivesOutputs (Results)Activities Means
  4. 4. Features of LFM• Results oriented- not activity driven• logically sets objectives and their causal relationships• shows whether objectives have been achieved: Indicators (for M&E)• describes external factors that influence the project’s success: assumptions and risks
  5. 5. Indicators• Measures to verify to what extant the results are achieved.• Specify how the achievement of an objective can be verified or demonstrated• Provide a basis for Monitoring and Evaluation• Quantitative and Qualitative
  6. 6. Means of Verification• Source and means by which indicators will be verified  field verification  Benchmarking  project documents  Publications
  7. 7. Assumptions• Conditions that are necessary for the success of the project, but which are not under the direct influence of the project.• Assumptions are risks, which can jeopardize the success of the project.• Should be relevant and probable• Do not include if not important
  8. 8. Components of LFM 3. Basic Steps and Elements Planning PhaseVertical Logic Project Planning Matrix (PPM )• Identifies what the project intends to do and achieve GOAL• Clarifies the causal relationship Objectives• Specifies important assumptions and risks OUTPUTS ACTIVITIESHorizontal Logic• Identifies the source and means by which indicators will be verified• Specifies indicators to measure progress Aims measured by indicators through information collected and presented in specified means of verification
  9. 9. Sustainable Coastal Development of Lake Manzala Activity description Indicators Means of Verification AssumptionsGoal (Overall Objectives)- Contribute to the achievementof Sustainable Development inthe area of Lake ManzalaPurpose (Project Objectives) - Water quality - Regular monitoring of fish - Political will- Improve water quality in Lake - Fish productivity productivityManzala - Quantity and quality of reed - Regular monitoring of quantity swamps, salt marshes, and and quality of reed swamps, salt sandy areas marshes, and sandy areas - Regular reportingOutputs (Results) -Water quality - Regular monitoring of water - Public participation- Good water quality - fish productivity quality- Better fish productivity - Regular reporting- Conservation of existinghabitatsActivities - penalties - Regular monitoring of ongoing -Strong law enforcement- Baseline study to detect type - trained personnel activities and compatibility with -Continues capacityof contaminants and level of - public hearings the project timeplan buildingwater pollution - protected areas -Regular reporting- Track sources of Pollution -- budget- Introduction of appropriateremediation techniques (e.g.Bioremediation)- Better Law enforcement- Develop more protected areas- Capacity building for localgovernance- Public participation
  10. 10. Activity description Performance Indicators Means of Risks and Assumptions VerificationGoal (Overall Objective) This research aims to develop 1.Results will be obtained experimentally and Publications in We need data about contaminatedappropriate remediation methods for contaminated sites in verified against numerical models and international sites in Egypt from ministry ofEgypt to clean up the groundwater from contaminants. A existing analytical solutions. Furthermore, the journals/ environment, ministry of irrigationspecial emphasis will be given to ……. results will be presented in international conferences. and water resources, and ministry of conferences and published in first class petroleum. The traditional routine in international journals. governmental offices may delay the collection of these data.Project Objectives •Verify simple cases of results with Publications in •Obtain data about contaminated• It is expected to predict how far the contaminant has analytical solutions. international sites.migrated from its source and the spatial and temporal •Compare our results with results of other journals/ •Collecting soil and water samplesdistribution of both aqueous and solid phase concentrations. investigators who used other methods. conferences from different boreholes in the•It is also expected to predict how much contaminant was contaminated site.absorbed by soil particles…… •Conducting laboratory experiments to determine the degree of contaminationOutputs (Results) Validation against results of other Publications in What are the conditions necessary to•Stochastic analysis of contaminant flow &transport; investigators international reach the results in alignment with•Temporal and spatial distributions of the contaminant conc. journals/ the tie schedule?•Develop appropriate remediation methods for contaminated conferences •Collect data on scheduled timesites in Egypt. •Investigate soil samples•The amount of contaminated absorbed by soil particles &the •Investigate water samples in thetime needed for these contaminant to release to groundwater laboratoryagain after the aquifer is remediated.Activities Means This will be done The main condition which is outside•Collect data about contaminated sites. 2.An assistant to help in….. by putting time our control is the collection of the•Take water and soil boreholes. 3.Contractor to collect soil boreholes …. schedule for all data from governmental offices. In•Investigate the collected water and soil samples in the lab.. 4.Laboratory to investigate contaminated soil activities and Egypt, people always try to hide•Verify experimental results against numerical model …. and water samples …. prepare alternative data even if they are not going to•Input results of experiments to another numerical model that 5.Printer and two computers (one for me and solutions if any use it. This may happen even if theaccounts for macroscopic scale problems (e.g. field sites). another one for the assistant) to carry out the activity was delayed project is going to suggest solutions•Carry out numerical simulations of the site to predict numerical modeling. by any unexpected for scientific problems they alreadytemporal and spatial distribution of contaminant. thing. have.•Suggest appropriate remediation programs to cleanup thesite.•Write up results and publish them in internationalconferences and journals.
  11. 11. LFM is a “Summary” of the ProjectWHYthe project is carried out (development objective, immediate objectives)WHATthe project is supposed to produce (outputs)HOWthe project is going to achieve the outputs (activities)HOW the success of the project can be measured (indicators)WHERE the data can be found (means of verification)WHICH external factors influence the project (assumptions)