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How to-use-plr

  1. 1. For the first-time ever, people just like you are learning how to starttheir own Infoproduct Empires... "Just $1.00 Gets You a Powerful Instant Information Product with Private Label Rights to Help You Build Your Business, Free Up Your Time, and Put More Money in Your Pocket...Plus Im Throwing in an Extra Package for FREE!"You may have heard of Melissa Ingold. She’s been selling PLR for years. And, forthe first time, she’s practically giving away an instant information product to helpyou get started.This Package Includes?  One 25+ page report to sell (.doc format)  One 10+ page give away report to build a mailing list (.doc format)  A brandable version of both reports  A sales letter  A thank-you page for the sales letter  A squeeze page  A confirmation page with upsell copy for squeeze page  A thank-you page with upsell copy for squeeze page  5 follow-up emails  1 promotional email  2 professionally designed ecovers  PSD versions of the ecovers  Five 400-600 word articles  Five 300 word blog posts  List of affiliate program recommendations Click Here to Get this PLR Package for $1.00 Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 2
  2. 2. Table of ContentsTable of Contents ................................................................................................................ 3How to Use PLR in your Online Business.......................................................................... 4 What is PLR? .................................................................................................................. 4 What Does It Look Like? ................................................................................................ 6 Using PLR for Research ................................................................................................. 8 Rewriting PLR .............................................................................................................. 10 How to Rewrite PLR in Eight Easy Steps .................................................................... 14 Trusted PLR Resources................................................................................................. 20 Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 3
  3. 3. How to Use PLR in your Online Business To Save Time, Build Your List -- and Make MoneyCongratulations on downloading your course on how to easily use private label rightscontent (PLR) in your business. Youve just taken a powerful first step towards savingyourself time, building your list -- and making money. Youre going to learn secrets notnormally found in PLR rewriting courses, and youre going to do all this painlessly andeasily within the next half-hour, so lets begin.The hardest thing about PLR is actually sitting down and using it. The astonishingtruth? Most business owners who are inspired to purchase a package of PLR leave itsitting on their computers -- sometimes not even read! But dig a little deeper and youfind this happens because they dont know what to do with it. They read the deceptivelysimple, bare-bones article provided in its humble text file and say: "Is that all? I wasexpecting something really brilliant."That isnt going to be you, however: Youve invested in this course and by the timeyouve finished reading it, youll be able to tackle packages of PLR like a pro -- as well asbeing able to tell the difference between good PLR and bad without having to wait forsomeone to recommend specific providers.Whats more, you wont need to be a brilliant writer to make PLR sing with your uniquevoice. Youre going to learn how to navigate yourself through the shoals of using PLRfor your online business, step by step. Its a stunningly simple process, but make nomistake: Its one that leads to real money! What is PLR?"Private Label Rights" is a publishing term letting you know that the content it applies tocan not only be completely re-written by you (or your Virtual Assistant... or yourghostwriter...) but should be!Its different from Resell rights content pieces in that you can not only put your ownname on it, but alter it and re-purpose its material any way you choose. However, justlike Resell rights content, it will come with a license detailing any exceptions to this rule,so make sure you always read that license (preferably before purchase). Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 4
  4. 4. PLR content can come in just about any media format:  Blog Posts  Articles  Short Reports  eBooks  Email autoresponder letters and series  Videos  MP3 audio files  Web page content  GraphicsAnd there are many more formats you can transform your PLR material into...  Free bonus material for your list members  Interview questions  Webinar scripts  Email mini courses  eCoaching lessons  Social media posts  Physical products (books, CDs, DVDs)  Affiliate resource material (articles, posts, emails)  Affiliate bonuses for your affiliates list members  Upsells  Downsells  Templates  WorkbooksIn other words, a PLR article doesnt have to be rewritten into another PLR article. Youcould combine several of them into a Report or even an eBook. Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 5
  5. 5. Likewise, you can take a PLR eBook and split it up into a 10-part eCoaching course or anentire series of autoresponder lessons; or several articles for a directory. You can take aShort Report and break it down into material for webinar Power Point slides, or createquestions for an upcoming interview youre planning to hold. You can even split anarticle into a bunch of topic-related Twitter tweets or Facebook posts.PLR is versatile and malleable to your unique needs: You truly are limited only by yourimagination! What Does It Look Like?If youve never seen PLR, you may be in for a slight shock the first time you download abatch. If youve bought eBooks and reports online, youll be used to content that comeswith nice eCovers, all put into an easy-to-read, "finished" PDF format.Thats not what your PLR will look like at all! Whether its a video or a blog post, it willbe in its most basic, "rough" form, with the emphasis on "editable". Graphics will comein Adobe Photoshop .PSD files, giving you the ability to edit each layer. Articles andblog posts will arrive in simple text files you can open up in Notepad (no fancyformatting at all!) EBooks may be in text file format or (more typically) in editable MSWord format.Thats because you are going to rewrite, chop, change, combine and generally fashion thecontent into your own, unique, original product. Youve bought a "skeleton" -- and its upto you, the artist, to add the flesh and transform it into a whole entity.Before we get to the simple, eight-step process showing you how to do this, however,lets explore the benefits of PLR content a little further...Deciding How to Use ItYouve bought it: Now what do you do with it? How do you decide the best way to useit?That will largely depend on your own unique needs. You may have bought a batch ofarticles youve already pre-decided are going to be re-written for article directories. Youmay have downloaded an eBook, hoping to turn it into an article series for your website.However, if you havent yet decided what form to repurpose your PLR into -- youdownloaded it strictly because the subject material was irresistible and you know yourniche members are going to be interested -- youll need to make a few decisions. Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 6
  6. 6. Asking yourself these five simple questions should help you narrow down your choices: 1. "What format do my list members seem to enjoy best?" Do they post a lot of YouTube links? Is their presence strongest on Twitter or Facebook? Do they seem to like videos more than blog posts, or are they die-hard audiophiles, constantly exchanging podcast links and posting tweets about Blog Talk Radio? Once you analyze their habits, youll most likely find there are a few formats they seem to enjoy more than others. So thats one possible answer for you -- go with their preference and produce whatever type of content it is they love to access. But whatever you do, dont stop there... 2. "Whats their budget? What will they pay for?" Its not enough to know what type of material they like to access -- you also need to know what types they actually buy (and how much they typically spend!) For example, if youre selling to the $7 crowd, combine just a few of those articles into a simple short report, rather than an eBook. (Yes -- greater length really does equal "higher cost" as a general rule of thumb.) On the other hand, if your list members are in a high-ticket bracket and dont even look at anything under $197 minimum, you can safely go for a more ambitious presentation: Perhaps a 10-CD course repurposed out of three or four eBooks, or twelve short reports.1 3. "Will I outsource or do it myself?" This is a question only you can answer. You have to factor in:  Your own budget  Your particular content creation skills  Your time  Your resources For example, if youre planning to sell a $397 video lesson course (with accompanying eBook and work sheets) but you have zero video-making experience, you might decide that having a professional company create those videos for you is the most economical and lucrative strategy.1 (These numbers are random, hypothetical examples; not numbers you should take as literal!) Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 7
  7. 7. Conversely, if you have a background as a trained graphic designer and youre repurposing a batch of PLR blog posts into a physical product like a book, you might outsource the re-writing to a ghostwriter and play to your strengths by spending most of your own time producing amazing illustrations no one else can provide. 4. "Whats my purpose?" If you already know the answer, this ones a no-brainer. For example, if you already know youve purchased that PLR eBook because you need material for your affiliates, your format will be dictated by what they need. (E.g. Simple posts, FAQ sheets, bonus give-away report for their list, etc.) 5. "What do I know about this subject? What unique twist can I give it?" This brings us to one of the most common, unwritten reasons professional copywriters often buy PLR... ...As shortcut research material. Using PLR for ResearchThis is where PLR can save you serious time. PLR can...  Provide you with a ready-made framework on which you can safely and competently build your own original material  Point you to specific research topics you would have had to waste hours (or even days) discovering on your ownOne of the best ways to use PLR -- no matter what format youre going to ultimately putit into -- is to take these generic pieces and pad the bare-bones content with this secretingredient: Juicy specifics.For example, say youre reading the following two paragraphs in a PLR article youvepurchased: "Natural horsemanship involves thinking like the horse. Its important to understand what motivates a horse, what it fears and what it prefers. How does a horse communicate with other horses? With its rider? Who are its natural predators? Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 8
  8. 8. When it comes to the "fight or flight" reflex, horses are creatures of flight. They are herbivores whose flat, broad teeth are ideally suited to grinding seeds and grains (they dont have rending teeth, like tigers or dogs or wolves). A horses biggest "weapon" is in the speed with which it can run from danger..."You add spice by narrowing the focus. You could easily expand just the above twoparagraphs alone into an entire article. You could rewrite the first paragraph; thenexpound on it by exploring Parelli training (a discipline you would quickly discover byGoogling the term "natural horsemanship"), thus turning the subject away from thegeneral (how horses operate psychologically) into the specific (a review of the Parellitraining method).Or you could turn the second paragraph into a complete blog post entitled "Fight orFlight: What Will Your Horse Choose?" or into an article on "How to Stop YourBolting Horse". You could add details such as the mental age of the average horse, thehistory of the horse and its geographic origins.You could even turn your generic PLR post into an article on horse dentistry -- all fromthe same basic PLR framework.Even if you know nothing about a topic like horses and feel totally at sea, reading PLRarticles written by experts in that genre or field can give you great instant clues forfocused research terms to input into Google Search ("what is natural horsemanship";"what motivates horses"; "how do horses think"; "herbivores", etc)... or open doors tomore trains of thought and more angles for you to take.One of the best shortcuts PLR can bestow? Triggering focused ideas! Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 9
  9. 9. Rewriting PLRAlthough its true that PLR comes in -- and can be put into -- just about any media orformat, one of the most common uses of PLR involves quickly creating articles fordirectories.There is only one rule about using PLR for article directories: 1. Dont.Check any directory guideline and youll quickly discover that using PLR is the worst sinyou can commit, resulting in automatic expulsion or rejection. But wait! There is atotally ethical way around this! (One that wont get you banned from article directorieseverywhere.) Using PLR for idea generation, as in the previous section, is perfectlylegitimate, because what you end up with will bear no resemblance to what you startedwith. You will have given the PLR piece your own:  Angle  Specific data and examples  Unique twist  VoiceAnd if you follow the next two steps, I guarantee you wont be accused of creating"duplicate content", the dreaded bugbear of all directories who are trying to keep theirsites high in Googles page ranking system. 1. Rewrite your PLR completely -- not just "20%" or "70%". Many directories employ dedicated human editors, who have an uncanny ability to sniff out rewritten material, and the penalty for getting caught is to be permanently blacklisted from that directory, so dont be tempted to carelessness or a cavalier attitude towards rewriting. 2. Check your finished product in an online plagiarism checker -- either free (Plagiarism or paid (Copyscape, the industry standard).Using a plagiarism checker (the professional copywriters secret weapon) allows you tosee if youve unwittingly included phrases already existing on the net -- before your finalsubmission to a directory. (It will also help you get rid of those weakening clichés andoverused phrases in your writing!) Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 10
  10. 10. Lets quickly go through the content-checking process, using a paragraph from our earlierexample and the free duplicate content checking option: Plagiarism 1. Open Plagiarism 2. Copy-paste your text into the Textarea box. Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 11
  11. 11. 3. Hit the "Search" button (N.B.: You can also use CTRL-shift-S) 4. Survey your results: This is what you want to see -- "No results found for [your text excerpt].Plagiarism Checker vs. CopyscapeOn the following page, youll find a comparison of the two duplicate content checkingprograms... Plagiarism Checker Copyscape Advantages Free Inexpensive (5c per search) Easy to use Copy-paste full article Disadvantages Only allows 32 words Pay per use per search (you have More complex website to check your article to navigate in segments)Note that both services hunt for duplicate content already published on the web. If youonly want to use Copyscape to see if someone has stolen your own already publishedcontent you can simply enter your URL, without having to pay. Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 12
  12. 12. (You can also download a free duplicate content checker called DupeFree. The Proversion allows you to compare the PLR piece you started with against your rewrittenresult, letting you know exactly what percentage has been rewritten.)Whichever duplicate content checker or service you favor, however, be sure to makechecking for duplication a regular part of your process!What Not to Do (Ever!)Youll soon find your own method for rewriting PLR content -- but here are threecommon mistakes you really dont want to make -- especially if youre planning to submityour finished piece to an article directory! 1. Never use PLR "as is" -- even when youre told you have permission to do so. The PLR originator may not care if your site is sidelined to Googles supplemental index -- but you will! If Google finds an identical piece to yours already existing on the net, yours is automatically labeled "duplicate content" and your site is consigned to eternal limbo, invisible to search engines. 2. Never keep paragraph order the same, rewriting only words and phrases within each paragraph. "Rewriting" does not mean "substituting different words". 3. Never assume rights are the same for all PLR. License rights do vary and some will specify things such as "you cant use this PLR as a free or bonus product". So check! Every time!And two things you must always do: 1. Buy from a reputable source. There are ways to tell if PLR is dodgy or sub- standard. Be very suspicious of "amazing deals" that offer you thousands of PLR pieces -- either for free or for an extremely low price. (Chances are, the pieces in question have been sold so many times, theyre virtually worthless now). Likewise, if a piece is full of peculiar grammar and spelling mistakes, youre dealing with (at best) a rank amateur, possibly hired by someone who doesnt care about quality. Your best bet is word-of-mouth recommendations from your professional peers or authority sources you trust -- but theres an even easier way to tell if PLR is professionally written, which well get to, shortly. 2. Put your own "stamp" on everything you rewrite. Your list members want to hear your voice. (Remember, youre supposed to be simply talking with them; not producing a Pulitzer Prize winner or an A+ essay!) Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 13
  13. 13. How to Rewrite PLR in Eight Easy StepsNow were finally getting to the part youve been waiting for -- step by step instructionson how to actually rewrite a piece of PLR content. Follow these, and youll soon be anexpert.Step One: Research your KeywordsSome people will tell you this is not necessary, and you may feel that keyword researchnegates the advantages of using PLR. Nothing could be further from the truth! Youwont have to spend hours on it; merely a small amount of imagination. If you invest thetime, the rewards of a little extra keyword research can by far exceed your effort.Remember that a large majority of PLR writers might have generic keywords in mind,but they are not going to put the same care into getting the perfect keyword as you are(nor do they know your specific list members!) Theyre paid simply to write about atopic (sometimes using suggested generic keywords; sometimes not). Theyre not thereto do your marketing for you.The reassuring part: Good PLR will virtually suggest keywords to you.Step Two: Rewrite your TitleDont skip this step! One of the most surprising mistakes PLR buyers make, time andtime again, is to spend a lot of time and care on re-writing a piece... only to leave the titlethe same.And thats a fatal mistake, because your title is the most powerful and important partof your PLR! Its where you really get a chance to shine -- and where you get one singleshot to give your potential reader mental whiplash and make him go back for a secondglance, so that yours is the article, blog post or eBook he chooses over all thecompetition.The Elements of a Strong TitleWhat do you do, however, if your title already contains the keywords you want? Well,remember that your titles only job is to make the reader choose your article over otherarticles. It doesnt have to be the most original title in the world: It doesnt have to dazzlepeople with brilliant writing. Your title will grab your readers attention simply byperforming one of the following functions: Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 14
  14. 14.  Promising to show him how to do something he wants to do  Hooking empathically into her mindset, so that she relates on an emotional level  Promising to fill an urgent need  Entertaining or intriguing herAs an example, here are seven different ways to rewrite the same title, using the flatlyunexciting keyword phrase: "WordPress Theme"...  10 Reasons to Scrap Your WordPress Theme  How to Customize Your WordPress Theme in 3 Easy Steps  The Easiest WordPress Theme in the World  WordPress Theme Mistakes Nobody Wants to Make  What Your WordPress Theme Says About You  7 Easy Ways to Make Your WordPress Theme Stand Out  Why Your WordPress Theme Should Never, Ever Do ThisNote that "WordPress theme" is hardly a subject to tap into strong emotions, so wevesettled for titles that hook the reader on "need to know", curiosity and "how to do".Notice also that not one of these titles is earth-shatteringly original... but they do the trick,for those readers interested in each titles particular slant. And thats all you need!Three other rules to remember with blog post or article titles:  Keep it short  Get to the point  Be clear! Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 15
  15. 15. Step Three: Break it DownRemember that no matter what subject your PLR covers, a competent PLR writer is willalways use the same structure:  An introductory paragraph or chapter telling you what the piece is about (its theme)  3 or four paragraphs (or several bullet points, sections or chapters if its a longer piece) covering the articles specifics (the "body")  A concluding paragraph or chapter summarizing whats been saidIf your PLR article is not clearly structured in this way, its probably not very well-written. The obvious presence of a clear, 3-piece structure is the absurdly easy way youcan tell if youve got your hands on a quality piece or not.Step Four: Change the Structure Before You WriteWith a larger piece such as an eBook, youll want to look for a great outline (table ofcontents) when choosing your PLR. A great outline will always cue and clue you in onhow and where to easily divide or combine its material.You can use your PLR eBook or Reports table of contents to create shorter pieces suchas:  individual lessons  blog posts  articles  Autoresponder emails.(Each section will suggest natural break points or separations.)Youll have the option of:  cutting out sections  expanding other sections even more  condensing and combining two or more sections into one Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 16
  16. 16. But with larger pieces, all of this should be done at the "Outline" level -- never whenyoure in the middle of writing!Thats the other secret of PLR: It doesnt matter whether youre working with a shortarticle or an entire eBook. Get your framework planned and rewritten first... and thebody content will follow naturally!Step Five: Look for the Basic Key Points in Each SectionDont make the common mistake of trying to reword, sentence by sentence: Instead, takeeach section -- your introductory paragraph, "body" and conclusion -- and break it downinto its barest points. (Actually make point-form notes as you read.)Then write those points in your own words.Example: "World travel is not just a perq for the very rich. You can do it on almost any budget: All you need is a spirit of adventure and the determination to take action on your dreams. Ironically, the travel industry itself is responsible for the common misconception that your most economical option is a package tour and a luxury resort. The truth? You can travel the world on a shoestring with nothing but a mobile phone and a backpack... and enjoy better cuisine, more comfortable accommodation and richer experiences..."Lets isolate what this paragraph is really saying. a) You can experience world travel without paying a fortune b) You can do it not only economically but enjoyably, safely and comfortably tooOnce youve got those points, you wont need to refer back -- not even once -- to theoriginal paragraph. Youll really be able to put what its into your own, original words.Lets say you rewrite it like this: "If youve been secretly longing to wander all over Europe, stop longing and "just do it". Dont put limitations on yourself like "Im going to do it when Ive saved up nine thousand dollars" or "when I win the lottery, Im going to Spain". Here are six simple ways to turn your travel dream of a lifetime into very "do-able" reality..." Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 17
  17. 17. Youve just discovered another big secret of creating powerful content from PLR:Working off the meaning instead of rewriting every physical word automatically givesyou original content.As a method, it is also actually easier (and far less boring) than trudging word-for-wordthrough thesauruses and dictionaries -- and it stops you from putting across that "PLRrewrite" feel that the average directory editor can sniff out from merely glancing at apage.The "six simple ways" mentioned in our sample rewrite paragraph give us the perfectsegue into our next section...Step Six: Play with the Visual PresentationRemove bullet points and sub-heads and turn your PLR content into a conversational"letter" or story, if youre attempting to connect on an emotional level.Create and use bullet points, sub-heads and other natural divisions, if youre repurposingyour PLR into lessons, blog posts or "how to" articles.Breaking up material visually helps the reader stay focused -- and its especially helpful ifyoure actually not a natural writer. People love to follow "steps", or have things brokendown into bare essentials. Doing so will keep their interest, especially if your writingstyle is not naturally "conversational" (or your readership is only interested in "how to"information).Step Seven: Use Examples and SpecificsHere is where you can really outshine your peers! Dont just rework whats written: If apoint is important, do a little research and provide the reader with that "above andbeyond" spice of actual examples they can relate to, or specific resources or links theycan access.Tell them "secrets" that nobody else shares. Give them "insider" tips. Help thembetter their competition and impress their peers!Invest in this extra step to ensure your reader is able to reach her dream (even if yourgreat tip or link is actually just a taste of what she can expect in your upsell product).Thats what the pros really mean when they talk about "great content"! Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 18
  18. 18. Step Eight: End with the BeginningThe best articles or books loop back to the theme or premise laid out in the introductoryparagraph or chapter. They take the premise laid out and "complete the circle", which tothe human psyche feels immensely satisfying. (Its such a simple trick -- and it givessuch great results!)Remember -- it gets easier! Every time you write PLR, its like riding a horse: At first,you find it alarming and not natural at all. When the horse trots, you bounce up anddown and worry about falling off. After about six or seven lessons, you know what toexpect and how to do it. Now its just a matter of getting comfortable. Several lessonslater, its all about refining your seat. Pretty soon, riding feels as natural as breathing...But rewriting PLR is much easier than learning to ride a horse! Simply follow yourproven, eight-step formula and you will leave all your peers and competitors far behind,still laboriously rewriting individual sentences, bored out of their minds, all saying thesame things in obviously second-hand ways.Whats more, following the eight-step method will naturally allow you to develop yourown style and your own voice... all while learning the basics of how to structureexceptional, strong content from your quality PLR.Your greatest secret of all to take away with you: That difference in quality will not onlybring you prestige and distinction in your niche -- its where the real money lies! "Just $1.00 Gets You a Powerful Instant Information Product with Private Label Rights to Help You Build Your Business, Free Up Your Time, and Put More Money in Your Pocket...Plus Im Throwing in an Extra Package for FREE!"You may have heard of Melissa Ingold. She’s been selling PLR for years. And, forthe first time, she’s practically giving away an instant information product to helpyou get started. Click Here to Get this PLR Package for $1.00 Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 19
  19. 19. Trusted PLR ResourcesThere are plenty of PLR providers out there. They are DEFINITELY not all equal. Ifyou’re looking for quality content that hasn’t been sold a thousand times over before itreaches you, try the following:  Special Report Club: This is my PLR site. I provide monthly content memberships, as well as a wide-variety of instant info product packages all on Internet Marketing topics.  Coaching PLR Content: This is a site I co-own with Nicole Dean. We provide limited ready-to-go packages of content to create high-ticket coaching programs, multi-media courses, and business tools. This PLR is perfect for Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers and Online Entrepreneurs!  Easy PLR: A variety of articles, reports and autoresponder messages on a variety of topics.  All Private Label Content: This is a site provides a wide variety of topic- specific PLR memberships and one-time bundle purchases.  All Marketing Content: Monthly content for the business to business market including articles, recipes, product profiles and reports ( free marketing article pack).  All Health Content: Monthly content for the health market including articles, recipes, product profiles and reports ( free health article pack).  All Mom Content: Monthly content for the mom market including articles, recipes, product profiles and reports ( free mom article pack).  Mom PLR Ebooks: Complete ebook marketing packages to market to moms. Packages include ebooks, promotional materials, graphics, sales copy and more.  Natural Mom PLR: Natural and green niche article packs of particular interest to moms. Get an Instant Information Product Package for $1.00: 20