1st step in building a website


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1st step in building a website

  1. 1. Build a Website – The First Stepsby mitz on February 21, 20124 EmailShareI have clearly demonstrated that you can actually build a WordPress websitewithin minutes, but building a successful blog is another story. When you firstmake that decision to build a website, you must realize that it might be a longjourney, depending on what you know.My first try at building a successful website (or blog) took me a lot longer asI was learning how to do everything at the same time. After I had the technicalstuff out of the way, then came the hard part, making conversions to turn theWordPress website into a real business. However before we get to that stage, itis best to thoroughly worked through the first steps to building a website, inorder to understand the rest of the process.Many Webmasters often wonder why their blog does not make money and believe me;I used to be in the same situation, so you are not alone.The ideaEverything starts with an idea and usually it has something to do with passion.This is the best idea to start with. It could be a passion for the subject thatyou want to make a blog about, a passion about succeeding, or maybe even makingmoney for your family. It does not matter what the passion nears as long as someexists. You need to be happy when you get out of bed every day, be happy withwhat you are doing and success will follow.My passion was for computers and so I started a website about that. I did not goout and buy computers.com because it was not available and I needed to dig downand grab a smaller niche. I bought the domain name computerhowto.info becausethat–s what the site was going to be about, but the .info–s were cheap at thetime. I did not realize that I would have a better chance with a .com.Anyway about a year later I bought Tips4pc.com and moved all the content intothere. It was never a smooth road for Tips4pc. My idea never changed, I justmade some minor adjustments to my up-and-coming website.Business or PleasureLet–s get something straight right from the start! Do you want to build asuccessful blog for business or pleasure?If you are looking for business then be prepared to put in some long hours tobuild up a real business. Nothing just magically happens and it is all up to youas to what results you get. If you have knowledge about something then you
  2. 2. should use it and test it out as soon as possible. Building a business does notmean you sit back and take things casually.If you browse through some of my articles on this website you will notice that Iam all about business. I love every business because I love a challenge.Can you believe that I thought my Computer How To website would be a hobby? Eventhough I bought real hosting for it, somewhere in the back of my mind wastelling me hobby. The problem was I already had a few real life businesses andnever dreamed of giving them up (but I did give them up).The ResearchResearch can be good and bad. It can be good if you find out that the niche thatyou want to explore comes up with great numbers. But research can also be bad ifyou find out that the topic that you are passionate about is not worth pursuing.This is the harsh reality and sometimes you might need to change your first ideato suit the research results that you come up with.Of course we all want to go into a market that other people are interested in.This is the main key to everything.Instead of rehashing the whole research process, I will send you to my SEO pagewhere I have listed some very relevant articles about.Committing YourselfSo you have a fantastic idea, and after researching it, you found out that it isa great path to take. This is the time to commit yourself to this idea and askyourself a few questions before you do. Will I build a website on this topic and later become bored with my idea? Will I run out of ideas to post on my WordPress blog? Are there other people interested in this topic?The PlungeOkay so you–ve done your research and found a keyword that is getting a goodnumber of searches (or real people) looking for it every month. Now you can takethe first plunge and buy a domain name for your new blog. You can do this firstor simply buy it trough your web hosting when you buy that.This sounds kind of drastic, but can you believe that the name for your blog isonly going to cost about $10 a year. In Australia, in the real business world, abusiness name costs around $120 a year to register.The next plunge is to buy hosting. Yes there are free blogs available, howeverthis is not recommended if you are building a successful blog into a realbusiness. If you are building a real business you must be in control ofeverything and not rely on free hosting.Again let–s weigh up the cost of this plunge. Hosting one website on theInternet can cost you as little as $2.95 a month. Hosting as many websites asyou want on the Internet can cost you under $10 a month. This is absolutelycrazy when you consider how much it costs to lease out a business premises.Of course when your blog becomes seriously successful you would need to upgradethis hosting to either VPS hosting (Virtual Private server) or a dedicatedserver. After 5 years of blogging and making money, I finally had to upgrade toa dedicated server. Now I pay around $200 a month but this is the price forsuccess. I am not whinging.I always look back and wonder what would have happened if I did not take theplunge and invest this pathetic amount of money into my potential business.Where would I be now?
  3. 3. People worry about choosing the right webhosting company and I don–t blame thembecause there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hosting companies fighting foryour business. The unfortunate thing is that when they get your business they donot care to follow through with their promises.This is why I recommend Hostgator web hosting as this company has followedthrough for me, and I have noticed that many of the top bloggers now useHostgator. Even John Chow had a run in with Bluehost and switched to Hostgator.Make sure you check out my free WordPress installation page that gives you thechance to have me as a backup if your install goes wrong (it won–t though, Ithink you are really smart ).Web building softwareTo build a website you will need Web building software. Of course you will notneed Web building software if you are an amazing Web designer, but this articleis about a normal non-technical person building a website. Therefore most of youobviously know that I will recommend WordPress non-stop!WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) and I have developed anentire website building tutorial around WordPress. Lets face it, I love it! Whywouldn–t I though? I can build a website in minutes, install a WordPress theme,and basically have the whole website up and running and possibly making moneywithin one day. (disclaimer:depends if I can send traffic there A.S.A.P)The LearningSome Webmasters will tell you that the learning comes before these first fewsteps I have mentioned above, however I strongly disagree. I actually jumped inand took the plunge and did my learning along the way. This meant that I had ablog to use to take action with the knowledge that I had just gathered. This isthe best learning tool of all.I worry about people that are learning before they take the plunge, as it isvery hard to ever stop learning and feel that you know everything aboutblogging. Sometimes people do not see the cut-off point and the right time totake the plunge, therefore I say take the plunge first.If you are wondering where to find all the knowledge you need to build asuccessful blog, then look no further than my WordPress website basics section.After going through this, you can move on through to my other sections to helpyou build successful WordPress websites like I do.Developing a Marketing PlanIn the website world there is no such thing as building your business on a hightraffic main street like you can in the real world. You cannot just buy webhosting that will automatically have traffic going past your door. Marketingyour business will be a major part of your success. You need to take marketingaction to go out and get your customers to your website.This is exactly why I have written so many articles about marketing that I couldnot even count. In fact I think my whole life revolves around marketing. Here isa sample that you probably should not miss!Post promotion – generate traffic for each post.Social sharing – add social media buttons to your website.Website traffic – 20 often forgotten traffic tips.Building links – Link building is a big part of Off page SEO.
  4. 4. Think about what your marketing plan is and how you are going to generatetraffic for your website. I started out article marketing and I still do thisnow. I cannot believe how everything is still the same. Of course we have socialmedia now and this is a big plus for all.I remember when I got my first digg and had no idea what it was! LOLAnyway you will develop your own marketing plan and it may change depending onwhat you like to do. There are probably 1000 ways to promote your website orblog but you have to make the choice of which ones that you will use.Building a Solid WordPress WebsiteI know what it–s like to half build a website, but the ones that I have spenttime laying the right foundations to, are the most successful I have. This iswhy I have my WordPress website checklist.I relate my work to building a house. I might only lay one or two bricks a dayfor my house, but look at what I have now? I have about five finished houses (5top websites) and many more that I am still laying bricks for. This is allbecause I purchased Hostgator hosting that day and laid down my $4.95 a month.It just sounds too crazy to believe.Making Yourself Look ProfessionalWhen you build a website using WordPress, it is not difficult to make yourselflook professional. There are so many tutorials on how to build a WordPresswebsite from scratch, that you shouldn–t have any problems in finding out how todo things for yourself.One of the best ways to make your new website look professional is to buy apremium WordPress theme. If you have a tiny bit of css or html knowledge I wouldclearly recommend the Thesis WordPress theme. However if you are technicallychallenged, I would recommend the Elegant themes package. I talk about WordPressthemes all the time as they are very important to to the success of yourWordPress website.Another way to look professional is to install the right WordPress plug-ins thatwill perform amazing functions for you. You do not need to know how to code ordo anything fancy to get your blog to look like it has been made byprofessional. This is the beauty of WordPress. I have mentioned most of theWordPress plugins I use on my WordPress website resources page.Remember WhyAsk yourself why you want to start building a successful blog and make sure youare doing it for the right reasons. You will need to recall this reason in yourdowntimes to keep you going and moving forward. Yes there are times when youwill fail, and sometimes more than the successes, but in the end you will getwhat you want (that–s if you really want it).