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Q4 evaluation power point


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Q4 evaluation power point

  1. 1. Q4) How did you use new media technologies inthe construction and research, planning andevaluation stages?
  2. 2. ConstructionFor the picture edit of my film, I used Final Cut Pro. We used it last year to edit our AS film so we feltmore comfortable editing on it. As we had used it before, we didn’t come up against too manyobstacles when it came to technical issues. However, because our film had such a strict structure,we struggled to be that creative when it came to the order of our scenes.Furthermore, the organisation of our footage became extremely complicated as we had hours offootage for only a five minute film. Instead of the footage to film ratio being 25:1, it was probably35/50:1. This means that for every 35/50 minutes of footage we had, one of those minutes wouldmake it into our film. This is one of the reasons that Editing on Final Cut Pro took longer thenanticipated.For the Sound Edit, we used Soundtrack Pro, this is an Apple Software that connects very well withFinal Cut Pro which is extremely useful when it came to placing our film into Soundtrack Pro. This iswhere we were able to place sound effects into the film to increase the impact of the film.For example, in the scene when Roger hits the Zombie on the head with the Tri-pod, we added in theFX sound of a smash which increases the sound of the hit and makes it more realistic.Lastly, for some additional effects, we used Adobe After Effects. The main effect that we needed toplace over the footage was snow. This is because on the day that we filmed, it was snowing. Thismeans that some of our footage has heavy snow falling down and then some of the other footagehas absolutely none. We needed to purchase and then download a special Plug-in to create thissnow effect and then place it over certain clips from our film.This was very important for us to create continuity. We also used After Effects to make the sky lookmore red. This is to make the sky look blood coloured. This is because a Horror film is usually basedaround the colour Red as it connotes Blood.
  3. 3. ResearchFor research, we mainly used the Internet.However, we did also use Books from the BFIarchive and Magazine Articles.The main Websites we used were IMDB,Empire Online, WikiPedia, Youtube, Blogger andPearltrees. These really allowed us to gather a lot ofimportant and useful research and informational inwhich we could use to better our own film.We also watched many Zombie Short films onlinealong with a couple of Zombie Feature films. To findthese feature films, we used Netflix as it has“Zombie” as a listed Genre.
  4. 4. PlanningFor planning, we mainly used CeltX as it is a freedownload off the internet and it allowed us towrite the script, organise shooting days and acharacter list.We also created our own blogs on Blogger to showthis planning and also to show how our researchhas developed over time.Due to our film having such a large cast and somany complex scenes to film. Planning was key tohaving successful shooting days and getting all ofthe footage that was needed.
  5. 5. EvaluationAs there are three of us in the group, and there are four questions. Wediscussed that we should do one question each on different softwaresand then, as a group, film the three of us answering the questions as afilm.Question one was made using a Prezi. This is an online website in whichwe created an interactive presentation.Question two is the question that we will answer with a group video. Wewill all prepare an answer and some talking points and then film us alltalking about them.Question three was answered as a Blog Post.Question four(this question) was answered using Keynote. This is a verysimple software to use. However, it produces a very professionalpresentation. It also allowed me to link certain pages to images(screen-shots).
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