Starting a new project using Scrum


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I gave this to the Melbourne Scrum Users Group. It was an interesting group with a few experience scrum users and many inexperienced people via the ACS, so the talk had to accommodate some Scrum 101 stuff, and went longer than planned with me talking for a bit over an hour.

In the end it went well, and I hope I get some feedback from the audience via the meetup site and ACS website.

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Starting a new project using Scrum

  1. 1. Starting a New ProjectCraig BrownMelbourne Scrum Users GroupApril 13, 2011
  2. 2. Last month we came together and created abacklog of things we want to explore.This month our focus is to take this contentand shape it into a project, using theprinciples and methods of scrum.The theme is naturally "Starting a project."The agenda: Ill do a short 10 minute talkand then we break into smaller groups toconvert broad concepts and ideas intoactions.
  3. 3. Part 1: Talk
  4. 4. Talk about starting new projectsLearn what’s going on with you guysSet up a repeatable scalable system of getting things done (for this group)Practice some gamesWHAT DO I WANT OUT OF THIS?
  5. 5. New Project
  6. 6. Remember: Everything is relative Image: Jurgen @ Book: Management 3.0
  7. 7. Who’s who?
  8. 8. Zombies c/o Pictofigo & Derek HuetherCollaboration c/ Bas de Baar
  9. 9. $A whole other topic
  10. 10. Too many Requirements
  11. 11. What doyou guys do?
  12. 12. User stories are optional… It’s the list that matters. Scaling Software Agility Dean Leffingwell
  13. 13. Bill Wake INVEST in good user storiesIndependentNegotiableValuableEstimableSized rightTestable
  14. 14. How long is yours?
  15. 15. Sprinting at Enterprises Release! Release! Release! Release! Release!
  16. 16. Integration to Prince2and all that PMO stuff
  17. 17. Standish 2009 24% 44% 32%I like to use past performance It can be a compelling case
  18. 18. Now you are ready toget started
  19. 19. Part 2: Activity
  20. 20. We work in Teams
  21. 21. Take the backlog we made last month. Prioritize by coolness Size the stories Teams pick them and go foreward
  22. 22. Some obvious next stepsConverting PBIs to Sprint Backlog Items