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Continual feedback


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Presented to IIBA professional development day on Oct 26, 2017.

Take responsibility for gathering feedback and improving, fopr without t you will be a victim to the future.

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Continual feedback

  1. 1. Continual Feedback Craig Brown Delivered to IBA Professional Development day 26 October 2017
  2. 2. A call to action
  3. 3. A learning organization is an organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future. - Peter Senge
  4. 4. I skate to where the puck is going to be not where it has been. - Wayne Gretzky
  5. 5. A call to action
  6. 6. 10% 20% 70% McCall’s Learning Model Formal Social Experiental 1. Lombardo, Michael M; Eichinger, Robert W (1996). The Career Architect Development Planner 2. All models are wrong
  7. 7. Radical CandourTargeted feedback
  8. 8. Heart of Agile Pay to Learn
  9. 9. The degree of success or failure in performance is directly related to the frequency of feedback of performance. The Effect of Frequency of Feedback on Attitudes and Performance, Doris M. Cook, Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 5, Empirical Research in Accounting: Selected Studies 1967 (1967)
  10. 10. When was the last time…
  11. 11. Outcomes (What we get) Approaches & Techniques (What we do) Assumptions (Why we do what we do) Single loop learning: We learned about the problem in context of the problem. Chris Argyris, (2005) "Double-loop learning in organizations: a theory of action perspective" Double loop learning: We think about the whole system, including our assumptions and values that framed the problem in the first place.
  12. 12. Tell your story
  13. 13. Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Improve! Pay to Learn Faster
  14. 14. When will be your next time?
  15. 15. In a nutshell • You need to balance the goal in front of you with longer term prosperity • That means grow capability; This applies to the company, but more importantly it applies to you • You own your own professional development • Not everything comes in a classroom; McCall’s model 10:20:70 • Frequency matters: What is the last feedback you received? • Double loop learning; embedding the lessons • Story telling as a learning tool; talk to each other • Faster feedback is better • Take action right now; Get some feedback. Tell your story. Plan your next feedback
  16. 16. Want more? BA Masterclass Management 3.0 LAST Conference
  17. 17. You live and learn. You live, at any rate. Douglas Adams