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Inspire Equip & Mobilize Volunteers


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Many times volunteers become leaders because they have a vision for how they can change the world, and they inspire others to join them in service. Have you ever wondered how you can lead people from impulse to action? This session explores tools to help you turn ideas for change into impactful projects that solve problems, build community, and fulfill lives.

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Inspire Equip & Mobilize Volunteers

  1. 1. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERS Gretchen Van der Veer, CNCS Lori Jean Mantooth, HON
  2. 2. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSSession Overview• Welcome and Introductions• Volunteering in America• From Impulse to Action• Tools You Can Use• Personal Plans• Reflection and Wrap-up
  3. 3. INSPIRE EQUIP MOBILIZEVolunteering in America
  4. 4. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSVolunteering in America 2010Comprehensivesource ofvolunteeringinformationUS Census Bureauand Bureau ofLabor Statistics50 states, 200 citiesand the District ofColumbia
  5. 5. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSVolunteering in America 2010Key Findings – Volunteering has increased – Americans who are unemployed continue to serve – Volunteer rates are influenced by economic and community factors
  6. 6. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSVolunteer Rates 2002-2009 The number of volunteers increased by 1.6 million in 2009. Volunteering rates increased from 26.4% in 2008 to 26.8% in 2009 Number of Volunteers in America 100.0 90.0 Volunteers in Millions 80.0 70.0 65.4 60.0 64.5 63.8 63.4 61.8 61.2 60.8 59.8 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Year
  7. 7. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSVolunteering in AmericaVolunteers Served? How Many Unemployed 2010• 3.5 million unemployed volunteers served in 2009• An additional 1.3 million volunteers
  9. 9. INSPIRE EQUIP MOBILIZEFrom Impulse to Action
  10. 10. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSCreating the Vision• What issue inspires you to act?• What do you want to do?• Where and when can you do it?• What supplies do you need? How will you get them?• What resources are available in your community?
  11. 11. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSRecruiting Others• Identify how volunteers can be involved• Create a recruitment message that will tap into personal motivations to serve• ASK!• Get creative and use the networks available to you (friends, family, online tools)
  12. 12. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSRetention: Volunteering’s Leaky Bucket 1 out of 3 volunteers drops out of service from year to year Organizations need to recruit 20 million new volunteers each year just to replace those who will not come back next year
  13. 13. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSThe Leaky Bucket Can Be Fixed• Volunteer management practices lead to higher volunteer retention rates – Screening and matching volunteers to challenging volunteer assignments – Providing training and professional development opportunities for volunteers – Recognizing volunteers for their service• Enlisting volunteers in leadership roles also increases retention
  14. 14. INSPIRE EQUIP MOBILIZETools You Can Use
  15. 15. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSThe Resource Center
  16. 16. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSWhat’s at the Resource Center? • Effective practices • Lending library • Online learning center • Social media networking • Calendar of events • Sample forms • Reference and referral • Technical assistance • More Access all resources easily and free of charge!
  18. 18. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSWhat’s Available?• Resources for individuals, businesses, nonprofits/governments• Toolkits, guidebooks, templates• Step-by-step project “playbooks”• Online courses offered in partnership with University of Phoenix
  19. 19. INSPIRE EQUIP MOBILIZENext Steps: Personal Plans
  20. 20. INSPIRE EQUIP MOBILIZEReflection and Wrap-up
  21. 21. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSQ&A• Questions?• Thoughts?• Suggestions?• Ideas?
  22. 22. INSPIRE EQUIP and MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERSFor More Information or visit The Resource Center