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Can You Imagine A World Without The Arts?


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Can you imagine a community that didn't celebrate the arts? Creativity is a key component to community building, and the arts occupy a significant role in bringing people together, defining and providing relief for community problems, and creating collective visions for the future. This lively discussion describes the unique role of the artist as public figure, relaying stories and strategies to make best use of this often under-utilized community resource.

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Can You Imagine A World Without The Arts?

  1. 1. Creative Communities generate Creative Cities By Regina Miranda
  2. 4. CREATIVE CITY cultural vibrancy social diversity numerous leisure alternatives interesting jobs the city belongs to its citizens and welcomes tourists
  3. 5. arts & culture manifestations strong and valued by citizens and government citizens agents of transformation engaged in the continuing construction of the city creative clusters in several regions, promoting mobility urban spaces that generate curiosity and creative participation active leisure alternatives
  4. 6. How can we create the future we want for our city?
  5. 7. Enhancing creativity promoting access to knowledge leveraging diversity and moving the culture toward shared ownership.
  6. 8. vision A creative city nurtured by interconnected creative communities.
  7. 9. Community Development Community will be created the moment we decide to act as creators of what it can become. This requires us to believe in the possibility that an organization, or a community, is ours to create.
  8. 11. Model - Rhyzom e Dynamic organization No hierarchies of subordination Paths are more important than points: they connect and favor the sharing of information
  9. 12. pathway . enhancing creativity . promoting cultural engagement . developing communal accountability and commitment.
  10. 13. Enhancing Creativity The territory of the ARTS
  11. 14. Early Exposure to the Arts
  12. 17. cultural engagement Participation in collaborative actions that aim to reconnect people with the experience and vitality of a community artistic and cultural life.
  13. 18. accountability To act as an owner of whatever project one wishes to develop or improve, caring and taking responsibility for all of its aspects.
  14. 19. commitment It is one’s promise to contribute to the success of the whole . To act for the growth of the community according to one’s values and desires.
  15. 20. WHAT can we do to create the places, neighborhoods and cities that we want?
  16. 21. Creating singularity and a sense of distinctiveness
  17. 22. Hay-On-Wye Wales, UK
  19. 24. I - Cultural and artistic leadership engaged in urban and social transformation II - Development or revitalization of Creative Communities
  20. 25. cultural & artistic leadership ・ Creates a context , which nurtures pathways for alternative futures. ・ Initiates conversations that challenge conventional experiences . . Promotes engagement in cultural life.
  21. 26. Attitude Envisioning possibilities , not solving problems Active engagement, citizen leadership partnering with government agencies and corporations Autonomy & Sustainability nurtured by dynamic connections
  22. 27. Flexible Planning interweaves Community priorities - associational life Cultural relevance - connection with history, potential for cultural preservation, development, or revitalization Urban, political, environmental & social impact
  23. 28. S o cio-Cultural correspondencies c ultural sustainability relates to creativity, cohesion, singularity, and the development of strong and flexible identities, capable of integrating external influences . Socio-cultural sustainability emphasizes the social dimensions of cultural activities, bringing into focus the leveraging of diversity and the development of community connections.
  24. 31. System of Socio-Cultural correspondencies Museum of Contempor ary Arts - Massachussets
  25. 32. Basic Chemistry In order to construct any complex structure, first the elements need to connect.
  26. 33. In a city or neighborhood, people connect when they know where and how to meet. The exchange has the potential to generate knowledge.
  27. 34. Now, what do WE do to create the city we want? We begin by connecting with our passion, and embracing our cities’ communities of passion
  28. 38. We start NOW. We don’t postpone and we don’t delegate. We trust our knowledge and imagination and we take action.
  29. 39. We initiate conversations, we ask questions, we put out our ideas, we listen, we invite people, we make plans.
  30. 40. We use our imagination. We don’t fear to dream. We don’t fear to be ridiculous. We don’t fear to look naïve. We dare to want the best. We embrace intuition, knowledge and constant learning.
  31. 41. We connect with others who nurture similar ideas . We share knowledge. We trust. We collaborate.
  32. 42. We become social choreographers creating and perceiving urban rhythms and flows shaping ideas and emotions transforming the space performing the dance while the dance is being created.
  33. 43. Thank You!  reginamiranda cidadecriativa / urban transformations, 2010
  34. 44.  reginamiranda cidadecriativa / urban transformations, 2010