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You are that Super Hero


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a journey how people turned their lives around for social good and what they are doing as Super Heroes.

You are that Super Hero

  1. 1. My mission: “Make more superheroes”
  2. 2. 4:17 PM @mxit: i need support me: how can i help 4:19 PM @mxit: im using tik and desperately need help coz I have a 9 month old baby. 4:20 PM me: well we are here to help 4:21 PM @mxit: r u there me: yes how long hav u been using? 4:22 PM @mxit: 6 years nd im only 18 nw me: well are you willing to come and see someone in person? 4:23 PM @mxit: yes i am. where me: we are based in Bridgetown 66 Tarentaal Rd 4:26 PM u free during the day? @mxit:yes i did nd thanx i'll come in next week.
  3. 3. Social Networks
  4. 4. 300, 000 Users 150, 000 CV’s 1.5 Million Views per Month
  5. 5. A Social Revolution
  6. 6. Thank You @craigross316