The must haves for a successful webinar


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Great webinar on webinars on Halloween. Lisa Horner presenting. I was moderating. Act-on sponsored.

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  • If you do have ???? You may ask them via through Chat or Q/A – while in full screen mode you may move you cursor up to the top of the screen and select the Orange Arrow to expand the menu, click on plus sign to expand | Q & A – and Chat Sections and ask away. We’ll do our best to cover your questions during the Presentation or at the end of the session. Again this is being recorded and a link will be made available approximately 24 hours after the session.{{ let’s get started }}
  • Intros.
  • We spend a ton of time ensuring that we are talking to our customers about what is on their to do list.
  • The under pinnings.What are you solving for?Who is your target customer, and why do they require your solution? Work backwards.Why does your customer benefit from using your solution or service? What is the dividend? What pain or issue do you make obsolete?What story are you telling today?What are you trying to accomplish with this event – what is your intended outcome? Generate awareness? Create demand? Drive pipeline? Differentiate? Early or late in the buying cycle?Find your advocates – find the people who have experienced the benefits & have them help you tell your stories. Or find the people who can eloquently articulate the topic.Reach your customer: house file, customer base, paid media, social, speaker promotion, etc.Review performance – did you accomplish what you intended to?
  • Date & timeMedia partnerModeratorSpeakersKick offDry runEvent creative
  • Registration lpFrequencyPaid mediaHouse fileCustomer baseSocialSpeaker promoIncentive
  • IntrosPollsPanelInterviewAttentivenessQ&AHashtag #
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • On demandQ&ASEONurturingSurveyImpact
  • Thank you for your time today. I invite you to visit to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.
  • The must haves for a successful webinar

    1. 1. The Must-Haves for SuccessfulWebinars Presented by: Craig Rosenberg @funnelholic Lisa Horner @lisahorner
    2. 2. Chat or Q/A #Actonsoftware
    3. 3. Today‟s Presenters Speaker Photo Lisa Horner Craig RosenbergDirector, Demand Generation Funnelholic Citrix @funnelholic @lisahorner
    4. 4. 7 Phases of Magical Webinars Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    5. 5. Phase I: Who is Your Customer?Photo credit:
    6. 6. Phase II: Deciding the Story@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    7. 7. The Key to Content Relevance @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    8. 8. Content is King “Your kids never say „daddy, tell me a press release‟, they ask you to tell them a story”. -Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn)@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    9. 9. Underpinning of Content customer solution or review benefit performance reach logical relation customers identify intended advocates or outcome of experts the event@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    10. 10. Phase II: Planning Your Webinar@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    11. 11. The Tactical Webinar Plan Ta o Date & time o Media partner o Moderator o Speaker(s) o Dry run o Event creative o Trackable links per promotion channel o Reserve your resources@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    12. 12. Phase IV: Promotion Phase iiI: promoting your webinar@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    13. 13. Registration Page@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    14. 14. The Homebase Approach Paid Media Employee Email Advocacy Marketing Landing Page Blog Social Content Media Speaker Incentives Promo@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    15. 15. Phase V: Game Time Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    16. 16. Live Event Agenda o Provide intros including social media channels o Use polls to drive engagement o Measure attentiveness o Ensure Q&A is part of your webinar o Encourage people to use the webinar hashtag #@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    17. 17. Phase VI: Post Event@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    18. 18. Make the Webinar On-Demand Photo Credit: Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    19. 19. Create Content from the Webinar Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    20. 20. Start Your Lead Nurturing Campaign Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    21. 21. Phase VII: Measure the Impact Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    22. 22. Metrics are Your Guard Rails Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    23. 23. Conduct a Survey Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    24. 24. The Power of Webinars Revenue Value Loyalty Intimacy Partnership Trust@lisahorner @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    25. 25. Questions Photo Credit: @funnelholic #actonsoftware
    26. 26. Ready to Learn More? Sign up for a demo: Can‟t Wait?Call our hotline at: 1 (877) 530-1555 Email us: