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Running Great Design Reviews With Clients & Partners

No matter how great your designs are, the way you communicate with your clients/business partners can make or break your engagement, especially as design challenges and organizations become more complex.

But what actually makes some meetings go well, and others not? We’ve heard “Be storytellers,” “Provide the right context,” and “Set expectations,” but what does that look like in practice?

I’ll provide real-life examples of how we’ve done this in our presentations for client engagements. We’ll include examples of our fundamental concepts we live by. No surprises. Over-communicate. Tell them how to be and what to do in the meeting. Design every slide of a presentation, not just the “designs.” Tell a story. Assume your clients have no idea what your meeting is all about (put yourself in their shoes).

It always goes better when you’re well prepared; we’ll help you get there.

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Running Great Design Reviews With Clients & Partners

  1. 1. Running GreatDesign Reviews Presented by CRAIG PETERS #ias13 #uxlead @craigpeters
  2. 2. • No context• No timeframes• No instructions
  3. 3. Establish strong1 relationships #uxlead
  4. 4. GO ANALOG
  5. 5. SUCCESSof the engagement
  6. 6. Swoop and Poop
  7. 7. Lead everyone2 through the story of the engagement. #uxlead
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Runner
  19. 19. Design Phase 1 Mid-Sep Oct Nov Dec JanSITE MAPUCD PLANUSER FLOWS 10/26 10/28 11/22 12/7 12/16 12/22 1/12 1/18 1/26PROTOTYPEITERATION Home & Nav Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Home Page Approach Wireframe Home Page, Iterate wireframes, Iterate wireframes, Extend content & Navigation System Lorem, Ipsum apply visual design apply visual design & visual design to "Front Doors"Prototype Iteration TimelinePrototype pages will be created with Adobe Fireworks CS5.Wireframes Wireframes will be updated with visual design Draft content will be incorporated and prototype content at the final stage.PrototypeContent Development of prototype content will into wireframes for key pages. leverage the following items from the Content Team: Acme Editorial Guide, Content Positioning Templates, and content outlines for each page.Visual Design While the site map, user flows, and Prototype Iteration 1 are in progress, the Visual Designer will develop visual design solutions for the Acme home page and visual explorations for infographic styles.v1.0 Content(content for the The content strategy for the live site will drive the content strategy for the prototype. There are a number of tasks,live site) deliverables, roles, and milestones being planned by the Content Team. Core Review Sponsor Review Feedback Deliverable Sign-Off Iteration Sign-Off John D John D John D John D John D Designate feedback coordinator to Specific deliverable sign-off Approval that were moving in the Jane D Jane D Jane D Jane D Jane D consolidate feedback and receive details on subsequent pages right direction and can proceed into John D John D John D John D John D all levels of approval the next iteration
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Design Brief
  23. 23. Sheeters
  24. 24.
  25. 25. A little kingdom I possess,where thoughts and feelingsdwell;and very hard the task I findof governing it well - Louisa May Alcott
  26. 26. “It‟s not just a gut reaction. It‟s not a judgment.It‟s a comparison of the designor idea you‟re evaluating against the goals and objectives the creator is trying to ” satisfy with it. - Aaron Irizarry and Adam Connor
  27. 27. Create alignment on3 Goals & Objectives …and then some
  28. 28. Kickoff Meeting
  29. 29. Project Overview: Mission StatementMission Statement for this EngagementWe will design a new Acme interaction model that is well-received, enablesseamless user adoption, and most importantly, increases productivity forthousands of Acme usersFor the sake of…Acme supports team members in the pursuit of better service to clients and greaterrevenue for Acme Corporation.How will the users lives be different?Acme users will sell more, better informed, convey greater confidence, and makesmoother handoffs.How will we accomplish this?We will focus on workflows, design for ease of use, regularly test with users, andwork collaboratively with the internal team.
  30. 30.
  31. 31.
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Design Strategy
  34. 34. Guiding Principles for Design During our discovery phase, we identified a number of opportunities to improve the Acme experience. We have organized these opportunities into 3 main themes, or guiding principles, that will help shape the new experience. Principle 1: Increase Productivity Principle 2: Optimize for Service Excellence Principle 3: Instill TrustAcme Design Strategy Presentation – page 7
  35. 35. Principle 1:Increase ProductivityHelp me work as efficiently as possible.“ How would I measure success? If I were to go out and visit Acme offices, Lorem Ipsum would be on most users’ ” desktops most of the time, because they prefer this tool that is helping them be more effective. - Jane Doe, Senior Manager, Important Group, Feb 2012Acme Design Strategy Presentation – page 8
  36. 36. Principle 1: Increase ProductivityManaging Lorem Ipsum SectionI want tools to review and managelorem ipsum so that I can focus onmy most valuable clients• I want granular control over which clients appear in lorem ipsum• I want advanced controls for searching, filtering, sorting, grouping, and pagination of lorem ipsum• I want predefined, targeted views of lorem ipsum that support my common use cases, and I want to customize these views as needed• When using search or lorem ipsum views, I want visibility into load time vs. data trade-offs• I want to edit directly in lorem ipsum table views without having to make additional clicks• I want to make updates to multiple items at once• I want to export and/or print lorem ipsum viewsAcme Design Strategy Presentation – page 10
  37. 37. Principle 1: Increase ProductivitySearchI want an easy way to find a singleclient or groups of clients based onspecific criteria• I want to quickly find a client• I want to search using advanced criteria, such as: • Clients added in last six months • Only clients in the lorem ipsum with more than $2 million in assets • Partial criteria like first name and city• I want to configure the sorting and grouping presentation for the resultsAcme Design Strategy Presentation – page 9
  38. 38. Attain “pre-approval”4 and develop allies before the meeting. #uxlead
  39. 39. GET THEM TO COMMIT“Do you have any concerns about thedirection?”“At the end of the last meeting, there weresome concerns about _____. How are youfeeling about that now?”“If we present this in two days, what do you thinkwill be _____‟s concerns?”
  40. 40. GET THEM TO PARTICIPATE And now Marissa‟s going to introduce this Thanks Craig. What next section. we‟re going to cover next is…
  41. 41. Are we ready for the meetingyet?! YES Finally!
  42. 42. Elevate the5 Conversation to Strategy
  43. 43. Set the Stage
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Eyes on the Prize“ We want to be perceived as forward-thinking and ” sophisticated…and, of course, we want to drive sales.“ How would I measure success? If I were to go out and visit our offices, this tool would be on most users‟ desktops most of the time; because they prefer it. Not „I have to use it‟, but rather „I choose to use it.‟ That would” success. be
  46. 46. Example:Wireframe Review(Simple Project)
  47. 47. Example:Wireframe Review(Complex Design Challenge, SmallTeam, Rapid Iterations)
  48. 48. Example:Site Map review(Complex Project)
  49. 49. Example:Detailed User Flows(Complex Project)
  50. 50. Example:Wireframe Review(Complex Project)
  51. 51. Tell the story of the designs with anarrative
  52. 52. Walking through the designs• Weave goals & objectives into the user narrative• Show each interaction step by step• Remind them how to give feedback• Guide feedback to goals and objectives• Advocate using goals & objectives• Pick your battles• Solve later
  53. 53. 1 Establish strong relationships Lead everyone through the story of the2 engagement Create alignment on Goals & Objectives3 …and then some Attain “pre-approval” and develop allies4 before the meeting5 Elevate the Conversation to Strategy
  54. 54. CRAIG