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Craig Orrock ppt CV

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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C:\Fakepath\Craig Orrock Ppt

  1. 1. Craig Orrock Project & Programme Management Professional
  2. 2. Professional Profile Entrepreneurial-minded professional – • specialist in business improvement, development and research • combines solid analytical & creative abilities with a rigorous and incisive, yet sensitive, approach to problem solving • strong background in management reporting and systems development & implementation • resourceful, prudent & discrete • sound inter-personal and communication skills • service-oriented, building cohesion, trust and mutually beneficial relations Chartered Management Accountant Honours Graduate in Business Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst Certified Professional Values Analyst Certified Attributes Index Analyst Search Engine Optimisation trained Google Analytics trained Craig Orrock Project Professional
  3. 3. Process Development 1 • Co-creation of industry-leading Maxiima© “customer journey” (operating standards) • Maxiima© contributed 40+% of revenue • Maxiima© drove the growth of company from £300k to £1.1m in sales turnover over 3 years • Craig Orrock Project Professional
  4. 4. Process Development 2 • Development of consulting products & processes • • Development of detailed process maps to clearly demonstrate the logic, flow & (inter) connection of & between processes Craig Orrock Project Professional
  5. 5. Process Development 3 • Creation of detailed process narratives describing – – underlying operating principles of the process – actions to be completed within the process – the desired effects to be achieved by the process – the particular practices necessary to achieving the aims of the process – links to & use of related forms & logistics Craig Orrock Project Professional
  6. 6. Operating Procedure Design 1 • Development of internal operating processes & procedures • Design of corresponding process maps & flowcharts • Creation of user-friendly operating instructions / user guides
  7. 7. Operating Procedure Design 2 • Creation of user-friendly operating instructions / user guides Craig Orrock Project Professional
  8. 8. Project Development 1 • Implemented & developed on-line store, generating 10% of total revenue • Designed automotive workshop management forms Craig Orrock Project Professional
  9. 9. Project Development 2 • Created “HMRC Tax on the Boardroom Agenda” analysis (publ. Hansard)
  10. 10. Project Development 3 • Complete customer base review for leading airline maintenance provider
  11. 11. Project Development 4 • Managed annual 360-Appraisal delivery for Institute of the Motor Industry
  12. 12. Project Analysis & Reporting 1 • Developed & produced Maxiima© Business Healthcheck analyses/reports
  13. 13. Project Analysis & Reporting 2 • Developed & produced Maxiima© Business Healthcheck staff summaries
  14. 14. Project Analysis & Reporting 3 • Developed & produced Maxiima© Business Healthcheck staff surveys
  15. 15. Project Analysis & Reporting 4 • Managed, co-ordinated & progressed successful ISO:9001 accreditation
  16. 16. Management Control (design & institution of routines) • Development & provision of management information routines • Implemented accounting software & budgetary control – to prompt forethought & contingency planning – to improve management control • Initiated & managed cash-flow forecasting format & process – to address instances of cash shortfall & overdraft • Instigated project costing – – as a prelude to bidding/proposal submission – to address and avoid project losses Craig Orrock Project Professional
  17. 17. Procurement Management (purchasing research, conference management) • Secured savings in company operating expenses – – reduced car lease costs (20%) – reduced mobile phone costs (40%) – improved terms for stationery for in-house use & web-shop – improved premiums for corporate & fleet insurance cover • Negotiated UK Master Distributorship for market-leading people & organisational development products • Arranged & managed distributor network & staff conferences – arranged conference facilities & negotiated terms – coordinated delegate invitations/bookings/communications – managed menus and entertainment provision • Managed staff recruitment & assessment processes – developed role descriptions & incument duties – screened candidates for job suitability Craig Orrock Project Professional
  18. 18. Created/Published • Tax on the Boardroom Agenda HM Revenue & Customs UK government Detailed analysis of replies of FTSE500 Taxation Managers, Company Secretaries & Financial Directors to HM Revenue & Customs taxation survey (published Hansard) • Maxiima After-Sales Manual Automotive Advantage UK customers Co-development of the business’s primary product offer & manual, including procedural steps, comprehensive process maps & narratives, and a detailed process audit/quality check & scoring regime covering complete after-sales customer journey • Full Customer Contact Review Derichebourg Group UK customers Detailed analysis of canvassing of some 400 business prospects on the client’s sales customer database – comprehensive review & update of contacts, plus full analysis of customer & business prospect feedback on Derichebourg Multiservices provision • Hyundai CV Sales Operations Manual Hyundai Motor Company Worldwide Review/edit & improvement of detailed Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Sales Operations Guide (for worldwide adoption); developed statistical reporting formats & guidance notes for users, developing & refining process maps & narratives; manual covers prospecting/sales processes, Customer Tender compilation, KPIs, and management • Hyundai CV AfterSales Operations Manual Hyundai Motor Company Worldwide Review/edit & improvement of detailed Hyundai Commercial Vehicle AfterSales Operations Guide (for worldwide adoption); developed statistical reporting formats & guidance notes for users, plus developing & refining process maps & narratives; manual covers operating processes, KPIs, reporting guidelines, and management • Internal Processes Manuals/Guides Automotive Advantage UK: internal Development & integration of internal processes (e.g. Operating Statistics reporting, Sales Order tracking, business plans, budgeting & forecasting, cash flow planning) Development of detailed user instructions & process maps for use in the execution & completion of internal processes (e.g. Contact Manager software guidance notes; Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, & accounting system guides) • Cost Inflation & Inflation Accounting Middlesex University First Class Honours • Inventory Accounting & Control Middlesex University First Class Honours Craig Orrock Project Professional
  19. 19. Curriculum Vitae
  20. 20. Contact Details • T: 07812 059156 • e: Craig Orrock Project Professional