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Trainers – Learning Development Innovation - 50K to 75K


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Trainers – Learning Development Innovation - 50K to 75K.

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Trainers – Learning Development Innovation - 50K to 75K

  1. 1. Trainers – Learning Development<br />Innovation Pioneers <br />Branding, Strategy, Product Launch, Marketing – London <br />Global Leader in Strategic Innovation. A company that thrives on a different approach with unique methods of engaging and challenging the status quo. A more creative and innovative mindset to traditional strategy, marketing and business consulting. A broader approach beyond methodology really framing the issue to deliver high impact!   Exciting and innovative projects include:<br /><ul><li>Launching a new international beer across 22 countries
  2. 2. Defining the future of NEWS and a major companies role within it
  3. 3. A Coffee market breakthrough</li></ul>Service Practices:<br /><ul><li>Brand, Product and Service Innovation
  4. 4. People Innovation
  5. 5. Business Innovation.</li></ul>Role – Trainers – Learning Development<br /><ul><li>Improve the Innovation Capability of clients through workshops, speeches and large scale capability programmes
  6. 6. Delivering courses
  7. 7. Understand Insight, Marketing and Consumers
  8. 8. Unblock and energise growth
  9. 9. Understand brands and what makes them interesting
  10. 10. Understand the customers viewpoint</li></ul>Your Character<br />Could be:<br /><ul><li>Engaging, fun and great self awareness
  11. 11. Ability to change the energy in a room – a relaxed collaborative environment
  12. 12. Skill to unblock your audience
  13. 13. Travel circa 90 days a year client site
  14. 14. Confident on your feet in front of groups
  15. 15. Charisma and presence
  16. 16. Great story teller
  17. 17. Be able to improvise and not take yourself too seriously
  18. 18. Mindset – provoke alternative thinking, but understand the difficulty in extracting this from organisations
  19. 19. Positive can do mindset
  20. 20. Challenge the norm and crave “Change”</li></ul>Your Background:<br /><ul><li>6 – 8 years business environment experience
  21. 21. Branding or Marketing or consulting or HR or Media
  22. 22. Commercial understanding - Understand how business works and how they make money </li></ul>Sectors:<br /><ul><li>Most relevant are Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals/Health Care, Financial services
  23. 23. Other sectors also considered</li></ul>Other Skills<br /><ul><li>2nd language is useful (not essential)
  24. 24. Travel at short notice</li></ul>Benefits:<br /><ul><li>Energetic and vibrant culture
  25. 25. Fun offices and people
  26. 26. 200+ like minded individuals across New York, Shanghai and the  UK</li></ul>To be considered, please e-mail your CV in word format to:<br />To be considered, please URGENTLY e-mail your Word doc CV  to Craig Milbourne at: <br /><br />or call on 0845 618 0062 or 07916 337 710.<br />Connect at:<br />Twitter:         <br />You Tube Channel: <br />Facebook Page:<br />Linkedin:        <br />Testimonial:  <br />