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Social Media in Recruitment Services - Comms Point Recruitment Solutions


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Social Media in Recruitment Capabilities - Comms Point Recruitment Solutions.

Contact: Craig Milbourne
or call on 0845 618 0062 or 07916 337 710

Connect at:
You Tube Channel:
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Social Media in Recruitment Services - Comms Point Recruitment Solutions

  1. 1.   | Client Services – Social Media In RecruitmentSocial Media In Recruitment - Recruitment On Steroids!As a prospective client we want to give you a quick over view of our Social Media In RecruitmentCapabilities and how your business can benefit.The Social Media Revolution Background Trailblazing VisionIn the last 5 years or so there has Comms Point Recruitment Solutions Comms Point are setting newbeen an unparallel seismic channel were founded in 2009 by 2 Award standards in Recruitment. Usingshift in the way in which we Winning Directors with over 20 strategies for branding, marketingcommunicate personally, and in years of Consulting and Recruitment and hiring that even the mostbusiness. The Social Media experience between them. We cutting edge firms are unaware of.Revolution has occurred and provide permanent and contract There is a market opportunity wherespawned the youngest billionaires recruitment specialising in firms want to drive down theiron the planet, such as Mark Management Consulting. The Recruitment costs. In some casesZuckerberg (founder of Facebook). current MD and Co-Founder being and positions, using lessThere are now more customer and Craig Milbourne (having worked Recruitment Agencies. It is thisprospect touch points than ever with companies such as Dell, PwC, market for Direct hiring wherebefore. The beautiful thing is that it Devoteam). Craig has trained and Comms Point are targetting a newcan be accessed from anywhere, 24 been mentored in Social Media with Social Media in Recruitmenthours a day and it’s all for free. With one of the UK’s Top Internet Capability.only a little investment you can have Marketers Simon Coulson, whoa “Mayfair” virtual real estate attends strategy and businesspresence, on a back street corner Mastermind groups with Richardshop budget. It doesn’t matter how Branson at Necker Island.big or small we are. Anyone can rankfirst in Social Media!
  2. 2.  What Social Media do Comms Social Media in Recruitment - 24 x 7 – no restrictions onPoint use? 17 Instant Benefits advertising time or accessibility. Backlinks – The backlinks fromThere are literally 1,000’s of Social Automated Hiring – Syndicate Slideshare, Videos, Fan PagesMedia sites available. So to make life your Job specs, roles, corporate and LinkedIn groups all raiseeasier Comms Point has selected to branding across the Social your Website SEO Ranking inwork with the best 5: Media Platforms Google’s algorithms Speed – Instant message your Innovation – Stand out from1. LinkedIn – 120+ Million hiring to targeted audiences your Competition through being Users, with an average salary of Cost Reduction – Drive down a market leading Innovator. £67,000 (or $110,000 USD) costs through Direct (Sheep will always need a rd2. You Tube – 3 largest website, Applications shepherd) nd and 2 largest Search Engine. Buzz and Brand – get your Video – Harness the power of Cisco estimates that 80% of all Brand, Products, Services and Video and syndicate to 100+ Web Traffic will be Video by Values in front of 000,000’s Video sites in 1 Go! 2013. instantly! Build a ready made Power Tweets – Receive3. Twitter – 200+ Million Users. allegiance ready to apply! 1,000+ Click Thru Views from Micro blogging in seconds to Followers – Build an army of a single Tweet with only 2,000 vast numbers of interested company followers on LinkedIn, followers! followers. Candidate Reach on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube Auto Responders – Automate steroids! and Slideshare and create a message introductions and4. Facebook - 700+ Million personal resource pool. greetings to every single new Users. Viral news feeds and Segmentation – Segment your Follower! Crowd Conversion. followers in to Niches on Networking on Steroids!- Have5. Slideshare – 50 Million Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook a 15+ Million Network in monthly visitors. Alexa 250 and Slideshare and dominate minutes, Post to hundreds of Traffic Ranking. Share slides, your Niche. thousands of segmented Group documents and videos. The Fan Economy - Leverage Members. – Your followers become your FREE To KEEP You own yourMy Social Media Statistics loyal Brand Champions. accounts.(as of August 2011 for Craig Milbourne): Promoting your brand for you. Viral Sharing - FREE30,000+ Twitter followers across REFERRALS – Sharing through Social Media Recruitmentvarious niche accounts Retweets, Postings, Blogs, Packages40,000+ You Tube Video views LinkedIn Groups Videos,across various accounts We offer 3 Ready Made Social Media LIKE’s, +1’s, Slide sharing.20,000+ Slideshare Views (in 1 in Recruitment Packages as well as Crowd Conversion – 500month) bespoke POA: st Facebook Fan Page followers10,000+ 1 Tier Linkedin with 130 friends on average = Budget - £249/monthConnections 65,000 Newsfeeds! Grow Premium - £499/month17 Million+ LinkedIn Network 12,000 Twitter Followers in a Platinum - £999/month year!
  3. 3.  Features Budget Package - £249 Premium Package - £499 Platinum Package - £999 (Entry Level/Small (Medium Business) (Corporate/Multi Office) Business)Videos Created 1 3 5Video Optimisation 1 3 5Video Syndication 30 sites = 30 Video 50 Sites (150 Video 100+ Sites (500+ Video Submissions Submissions) Submissions)Setup YouTube Account Just Account Themed background Themed BackgroundAdditional backlinks No Yes YesLinkedIn User 50 Connections 100 Connections 300 ConnectionsLinkedIn Company Page Registered Configured ConfiguredLinkedIn Group 1 2 3Group Weekly Message Yes - 1 Yes - 2 Yes -3Open Profile with 500+ Yes Yes YesConnectionsNewsfeeds (research and Yes – Up to 5 Yes – Up to 10 Yes – Up to 20setup for niche)Facebook LIKE Box Yes Yes YesFacebook Optin No Yes YesGraphics Basic Medium AdvancedStatus Updates 30 50 75Grow contacts 100 Month 200 Month 350 monthContent No Pictures Articles and VideosDaily Management No Yes YesFacebook Groups No 1 2Vanity URL for Page name Yes Yes Yes100+ Fans on setup Yes Yes YesTwitter Setup 1 Account 2 Accounts 3 AccountsAutoresponder message Yes Yes YesFollowers per account 500 month 750 month 1000 monthTweets configured (you 30 50 75provide)Newsfeeds No Up to 3 Up to 5Google Maps Yes - Basic Yes – Pictures + Vid Added Yes Pic +Vid + CommentsSlideshare Account - Upload 5 Files 10 Files 15 FilesOptimise with backlinks 5 Files 10 Files 15 FilesSyndicate/Share 5 Files 10 Files 15 FilesExtrasBasic Reports Yes Yes YesConnect Slideshare, Twitter, Yes Yes YesLinkedIn, Facebook, youTubeBacklinks Site Site + Channel Site + Channel + Videos, Video responses you your Videos from other accountsIndex Search Engines No 100 200Facebook PPC POA POA POAEmail Marketing POA POA POA*please note prices and package elements may vary from published in line with overheads and according to Social Platformlimitations. Please check with us.
  4. 4.   2 Instant Business Transforming Tips for Your Testimonials Company: We are the only Recruitment Company that we know of How to get an instant 15+ Million Network on that has Candidates, Clients and MD’s on Video providing LinkedIn testimonials for our recruitment. Pease see the video here: st Rank on the 1 Page of LinkedIn for your business keywords, often from 800,000 results! Client and Candidate Testimonials also available here on Slideshare. Contact Craig Milbourne Director – Social Media in Recruitment +44 (0)845 618 0062 +44 (0)791 633 7710 Twitter: You Tube: Linkedin: Web: © 2011 Comms Point Recruitment Solutions.No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Comms Point.