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Comms Point Recruitment Solutions - Client Services

Management Consulting and FTSE Recruitment Solutions.

Craig Milbourne
Comms Point Recruitment Solutions
Director – Management Consulting and FTSE Recruitment
57-60 Aldgate High Street EC3N 1AL
+44 (0)845 618 0062
+44 (0)791 633 7710

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Comms Point Recruitment Solutions - Client Services

  1. 1. | Client Services  Comms Point Recruitment Solutions – Client ServicesAs a prospective client we want to give you a quick over view of our Recruitment Capabilities andwhy the top firms use us.Background What were Our Goals? What Services do weComms Point Recruitment Solutions Our goals were very simple on provide?was founded in 2009 in the middle incorporation, we had 2 main goals We offer 4 Main Services to ourof one of the deepest recessions in when we formed in 2009: clients:modern times. We providepermanent and contract Recruitment a) To survive 1. Permanent - contingency basedSolutions to Management Consulting b) Prove we could do it. recruitment and headhunting.and FTSE companies. We were rd In 2011 we are now in our 3 Year 2. Contract/Interim – Fast turnfounded by x 2 Award Winning of successful trading. It’s fair to now arounds, Payroll candidate orDirectors with over 20 years of say “WE DID IT!” With up to 90% invoice margin.Consulting and Recruitment of start-ups failing within their first 5 3. Retained – Fixed Feeexperience between them. The years, we are delighted not to be one recruitment, budget withcurrent MD and Co-Founder being of them. Our vision now is to dedicated time, resource an 100%Craig Milbourne (having worked continue to expand and become a candidate ownership.with companies such as Dell, PwC, Top Tier Recruitment Supplier across 4. Social Media for RecruitmentDevoteam). the UK/Europe for Management Solutions – We can help you Consulting and FTSE firms. recruit DIRECT! We recognise the need to drive down recruitment costs in some areas, both agency and internal costs. Use the power of Social Media to extend your brand, create passive candidates, and maintain a healthy pipeline of interest in your business.
  2. 2. | Client Services  What are our Recruitment For example we train and are 2 Instant BusinessCapability specialisms? mentored directly by some of the Transforming Tips for Your brightest Business Entrepreneurs in Business:We specialise in Management the UK, people such as SimonConsulting calibre candidates to for Coulson that are part of Richard How to get an instant 15+Consulting an FTSE firms. Our key Branson’s mastermind group at Million Network on LinkedInlevels range from around £35K to Necker Island. st Rank on the 1 Page of LinkedIn£200K salaries (or equivalent Euros for your business keywords, oftenand Dollars). We place Junior This brings us nicely to our from 800,000 results!Consultants, all the way up to CxO’s 11 USP’sin: 20 years Experience CRM/Customer Management 20 Million LinkedIn network Marketing Consultants/Branding What is our “Super-Six” 40,000 Consulting Candidate Digital Transformation delivery model? Database Strategy/Innovation & Growth Voted UK’s No 1 Recruiter by Project Management Agility and fast response are key to Candidates Business Consultants – our leverage delivery. So that when Published Author of CV Guides, Transformation, Process, Change, we receive a large campaign, sudden Interview Guides, Organisational Design, Cost campaign or contract that needs 5 Coached 1,000’s with CV’s and Reduction. candidates interviewed the next interviews Technology Consultants morning, we can provide this. Directly placed 100’s of eCommerce/Web candidates At any one time we can draw on up Business Intelligence/Customer Testimonials on Video – to 20+ additional recruiters to meet Analytics candidates and clients delivery! (Although were prefer to Telecoms/Billing Mentored by top UK Business make sustained organic growth SAP Brains internally). Social Media and Digital SpecialistWhy are we different? We can provide Video Applications We use a combination of:We are different because not only dowe have former ManagementConsultants with Recruitment JV Recruitmentexperience in our team that have In House Staff Sister Companies Partnerspowerful industry insight andknowledge, but we leverage state ofthe art Multi-Channel Digital Leverage Social Leverage 20+ more 2x RPO’splatforms and use strategies that our Media Recruiters in totalcompetitors don’t even know exist.
  3. 3. | Client Services  Our Geographic Reach: The Use of Social Media in Slideshare RecruitmentCurrent countries where we have live Excellent for sharing information,roles: A topic hot on everyone’s lips. How presentations, documents, to use Social Media and Digital thought leadership. We can rankUK/Europe Rest of the World strategies. We are very innovative in slideshare articles in google, addUK Singapore this area. We can HELP you recruit them your LinkedIn profiles, DIRECT. We use strategies such as: syndicate them across SocialGermany UAE Media. Great to syndicate.Belgium USA You Tube FacebookSwitzerland Australia Promoting companies andFrance opportunities through Video. Build you Fans and Fan pages. Syndicating across 100+ Video Insert a Video or Sign Up to LIKEDenmark sites. Driving traffic to application your page. 500 fans = 65,000Austria landing pages and application Newsfeeds. On average each fan pages. Ranking You Tube videos has 130 friends that can all seeSweden higher tan websites in google, add when they join your page!Netherlands videos to your google maps pages. Brilliant for viral sharing. LinkedInLuxembourg Twitter Build 15+ Million Networks, st Rank on the 1 Page of LinkedIn We can grow targeted and for your business keywords, segmented lists in your niche. Optimise your profile, Great for branding and tweeting products/services and Company job specs and requirements and Page, Add links, presentations, ethically hi-jacking your Videos to your personal and competitors followers. We have company pages. Syndicate and built lists totally 30,000 followers publish your company in just over 3 months. Sending an information to dozens if groups Auto Responder to every unique with up to 300,000 members to twitter user that follows you, get your content seen and read by complete with Thank you targeted audiences. message and destination link. Superb for segmenting and fast and immediate niche list building.
  4. 4. | Client Services   SPECIAL OFFER Who have we worked with? Testimonials (New Clients): Our clients past and present include We are the only Recruitment 1) FREE - 1,000 Twitter Followers a range of companies: Company that we know of that has in your niche Candidates, Clients and MD’s on Big 4 – Such as Capgemini, Video providing testimonials for our 2) FREE - Publish your Corporate Accenture, E&Y recruitment. Please see the video Video to 100 + Video Sites Boutique Consultancies here: 3) 110% Guarantee available on Strategy & Innovation perm placements* (T&C’s apply) Consultancies FTSE 500 Companies Client and Candidate Testimonials Leading Corporates and Blue also available here on Slideshare. Chips Full Service Management Consultancies Large Systems Integrators Digital and eCommerce Agencies Large Telco’s Research and Analytics   Organisations Contact Craig Milbourne Director – Management Consulting and FTSE Recruitment +44 (0)845 618 0062 +44 (0)791 633 7710 Web:  Connect to me on LinkedIn xxx xxx Connect with Comms Point xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx© 2011 Comms Point Recruitment Solutions.No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Comms Point.