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Comms Point Recruitment Solutions - Candidate Services - Management Consulting Recruitment.

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Comms Point Recruitment Solutions - Candidate Services - Management Consulting

  1. 1.   | Candidate ServicesComms Point Recruitment Solutions – Candidate ServicesAs a professional Candidate we want to give you a quick over view of our RecruitmentCapabilities and Value Add to candidates.Background Candidate Services What are our Recruitment Capability specialisms?Comms Point Recruitment 1. Permanent RecruitmentSolutions were founded in 2009 in 2. Contract Recruitment 1. We specialise in Managementthe middle of one of the deepest 3. Interview Preparation Consulting Recruitment.recessions in modern times. We 4. CV and Cover Sheet Writing 2. 90% of our roles areprovide permanent and contract Templates Permanent positions.Recruitment Solutions to 5. Client specific You Tube VideoManagement Consulting Tutorials for Candidates we Our key levels range from aroundcompanies. We were founded by x represent £35K to £200K salaries (or2 Award Winning Directors with 6. Bounty Referral Schemes equivalent Euros and Dollars). Weover 20 years of Consulting and place Junior Consultants (2 yearsRecruitment experience between experience), all the way up tothem. The current MD and Co- 2 FREE Candidate CxO’s in:Founder being Craig Milbourne Interview Tutorials(having worked with companies ‐ CRM/Customer Managementsuch as Dell, PwC, Devoteam). ‐ Marketing 1. Consulting Competency Consultants/Branding Interview Tips Tutorial – ‐ Digital Transformation Click Here  ‐ Strategy/Innovation & Growth 2. Consulting Directors and ‐ Project Management Partners Interview Tips ‐ Business Consultants – Tutorial – Click Here  Transformation, Process, Change, Organisational Design, Cost Reduction. ‐ Technology Consultants ‐ eCommerce/Web ‐ Business Intelligence/Customer Analytics ‐ Telecoms/Billing ‐ SAP
  2. 2.  Who are Our Clients? Why Use Comms Point? - 10 5. We provide Video Tutorials, USP’s Guides and Preparation toOur clients past and present all our Candidate’s underinclude a range of companies: 1. 20 years Experience across the interview Management Team 6. We always provide your‐ Big 4 – Such as Capgemini, 2. 20 Million LinkedIn network feedback post interview back Accenture, E&Y to connect and leverage to our clients‐ Boutique Consultancies 3. Voted UK’s No 1 Recruiter by 7. Our goal is to provide an‐ Strategy & Innovation Candidates outcome/feedback on all Consultancies 4. Published Author of CV interviews‐ FTSE 500 Companies Guides, Interview Guides, 8. We get to know our clients‐ Leading Corporates and Blue 5. Coached 1,000’s with CV’s culture, interview style and Chips and Interviews hiring process very‐ Full Service Management 6. Directly placed 100’s of intimately for you to give Consultancies candidates you the best chance of‐ Large Systems Integrators 7. Testimonials on Video – success.‐ Digital and eCommerce candidates and clients Agencies 8. Mentored by top UK Business Your Commitment to Us:‐ Large Telco’s Brains In return we look for:‐ Research and Analytics 9. Social Media Specialists 1. To Build a 2 Way Organisations 10. We can provide Video relationship where we try Applications to clients too and achieve your motivations and goals 2. Your Commitment to attendWhy are we different? Our Candidate Charter interviews that we book onWe are different because not only your behalfdo we have former Management Our Promise to You: 3. Represent yourself andConsultants with Recruitment 1. We only send your CV to ourselves the best you canexperience in our team that have specific clients with your with our clientspowerful industry insight and specific prior approval 4. Invest time/effort inknowledge, but we leverage state of 2. We always disclose who our preparing for the interviewthe art Multi-Channel Digital client is to you prior to CV with our coaching (if itsplatforms and use strategies that send required)our competitors don’t even know 3. We confirm all CV 5. Keep us informed of yourexist. For example we train and are Applications to you in decision making timeframesmentored directly by some of the writing so that you have an with any other opportunitiesbrightest Business Entrepreneurs audit trail with date and you might have so that wein the UK, people such as Simon time stamp of your can keep setting expectationCoulson that are part of Richard representation through us with our clients to try andBranson’s mastermind group at 4. We will prepare you and complete process’s andNecker Island. coach you for all interviews reach an outcome around where applicable your timelines.
  3. 3.   Bounty Referral Scheme – 2 Instant Candidate Facebook - Chat and Minimum £1,000 LinkedIn Tips: engage with other consultants on our Face “Good People Know Other Good 1. How to get an instant 15+ Book Page – Click Here People” Million Network on LinkedIn st 2. Rank on the 1 Page of LinkedIn – Connect and We offer a generous candidate Network directly on bounty referral scheme. LinkedIn for your business keywords, often from 800,000 LinkedIn – Click Here ‐ £1,000 or 10% of our fee for results! LinkedIn Group - perm placements (whichever is Consulting Fast Track - Join higher) Our dynamic LinkedIn ‐ Referrals can be CV’s, names, The Use of Social Media in Consulting Community – numbers of Click Here Recruitment professionals/colleagues MBA School classmates that you You Tube – Follow Us on know, that we can then You Tube for Tips, Jobs, contact and engage in a job Tutorials and Industry application process. Information – Click Here Testimonials ‐ Send CV’s to Twitter – Follow us on We are the only Recruitment ‐ We will acknowledge and Twitter for the latest Jobs, Company that we know of that has confirm referrals by email Info, Events, and links to Candidates, Clients and MD’s on ‐ You retain ownership of all Industry Information – Click Video providing testimonials for applications for 12 months Here our recruitment. Pease see the from referral date video here: ‐ We pay you by cheque on Slideshare – Follow Us on successful invoice to our client Slideshare for the latest Job Client and Candidate Testimonials ‐ Refer 10 People – MAKE Description downloads and also available here on Slideshare. £10,000! presentation sharing – Click Here Contact Craig Milbourne Director – Management Consulting Recruitment +44 (0)845 618 0062 Web:© 2011 Comms Point Recruitment Solutions.No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Comms Point.