Task 7 -Presentation


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Task 7 -Presentation

  1. 1. Question: Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in theprogression from it to the full product?Task: Create a Prezi that takes your ‘reader’ on a journey from preliminary task to finishedthriller. Include images to illustrate your points.
  2. 2. Preliminary TaskJanuary 6th was filming for the preliminary task.-The filming style is not as thought out or well planned.-The sound in the preliminary task is mixed and doesnt flow.-We have now learnt about the importance of sound bridges as well as editing pace (whichwas too slow and long in the preliminary task).-We learnt that using lots of match-on-action shots are not very effective so we used lessof them in the final sequence
  3. 3. Preliminary Task -ProblemsJanuary 6th was filming for the preliminary task.-Our biggest problem with the preliminary task was time. We did not have much time forour preliminary task.-There was no non-diegetic sound in the sequence which wouldve made up for the silenceat various points in the sequence.-Was edited in a unusual aspect ratio.-The storyline was weak.
  4. 4. ConventionsDuring the planning process we studied the conventions of thriller films which helped us todecided on the elements that would eventually be in our final thriller.-We learnt about the construction of enigmas-Learnt about different types of thriller such as crime thrillers.-We looked at how different social groups are represented in thrillers.
  5. 5. Logo DesignsDuring the design phase of our logo designs, we learnt what made an appropriate logo tomake the introduction feel more professional.-Simple designs seemed to be more effective.-Bright colours or a limited colour pallete.-Animated logos were very effective and eye catching as well as appearing moreprofessional.
  6. 6. Initial IdeasIn the initial ideas phase, we decided to watch some examples of thriller intro sequences.-We watched some students examples of thriller intro sequences-We also had a look at blockbuster films intro sequences.We decided in our group that our focal point of the intro sequence would be to introducethe characters and that we would do so with one character being mysterious, allowing forconstruction of various enigmas.We also did a test shoot to help advance our ideas which we used to base our main/finalidea on.
  7. 7. Storyboarding.We decided to storyboard the basic idea of Apparition, which was about a person visiting agraveyard to place flowers besides a grave.-This idea was used in the final version of the Apparition intro sequence.-More detail was put into the final sequence such as the idea of the boy looking through awindow.-Other shots and props were added to the final sequence after reviewing the storyboard(such as the Pepsi can and looking around more rooms.
  8. 8. Test Shoot/Shot List/Planning The ShootsThe idea of doing a test shoot was so we would know what to expect when it came tofilming our final sequence. The shot list was so that we would know all the necessary shotsto put into the final sequence in order, this was very helpful-We used the shot list to pick a few basic shots and used them to make a basic test shoot.-The shot list helped us to decide when we would film each shoot.-The test shoot was very basic and missed a lot of key elements such as sound.Because we split the sequence into two shoots (one was the graveyard shoot and theother was the house shoot), we decided we needed to plan which one would be shot firstdue to availability of people on the shoots. -The house shoot was shot first.
  9. 9. Marketing and Final FilmTo market the film we created some posters that would feature in magazine or as bannerson the internet.-They may not appear as actual posters in cinemas due to what the budget for the overallfilm would be (it is not a blockbuster).Overall, I am pleased with how the film developed and progressed and I am satisfied withthe final outcome of the sequence. I think the weakest part of the sequence however, isthe shaky camera angles due to lack of certain equipment and time management but Ibelieve that time was managed as best as possible despite the many complications.