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Lustre purelight acne findings pdf


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Lustre Pure Light acne treatment asked nearly 600 adult women in the UK for their thoughts on how adult acne impacted on their lives.

Many replied that despite no longer being teens, it was still a considerable issue for them, with many saying they would cancel nights out or other events due to bad acne.

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Lustre purelight acne findings pdf

  1. 1. Skincare The research for Ambicare was carried out between: 21 / 12 / 2011 and 05 / 01 / 2012 Sample: 584 UK Acne SufferersTEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  2. 2. Ques%on  Two How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  3. 3. Ques%on  Two How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  4. 4. Ques%on  Two  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  5. 5. Ques%on  Two  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  6. 6. Ques%on  Two  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  7. 7. Ques%on  Two  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  8. 8. Ques%on  Two  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  9. 9. Ques%on  Two  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary How  bad  do  you  feel  your  acne  is?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  10. 10. Ques%on  Three How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  11. 11. Ques%on  Three How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  12. 12. Ques%on  Three  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  13. 13. Ques%on  Three  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  14. 14. Ques%on  Three  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  15. 15. Ques%on  Three  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  16. 16. Ques%on  Three  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  17. 17. Ques%on  Three  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary How  does  your  acne  make  you  feel?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  18. 18. Ques%on  Four Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  19. 19. Ques%on  Four   Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  20. 20. Ques%on  Four  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  21. 21. Ques%on  Four  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  22. 22. Ques%on  Four  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  23. 23. Ques%on  Four  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  24. 24. Ques%on  Four  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  25. 25. Ques%on  Four  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Do  you  feel  that  your  acne  has  had  an  effect  on  any  of  the  following?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  26. 26. Ques%on  Five Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  27. 27. Ques%on  Five   Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  28. 28. Ques%on  Five  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  29. 29. Ques%on  Five  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  30. 30. Ques%on  Five  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  31. 31. Ques%on  Five  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  32. 32. Ques%on  Five  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  33. 33. Ques%on  Five  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Have  you  tried  any  of  the  following  treatments  to  help  control  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  34. 34. Ques%on  Six Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  35. 35. Ques%on  Six   Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  36. 36. Ques%on  Six  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  37. 37. Ques%on  Six Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  38. 38. Ques%on  Six Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  39. 39. Ques%on  Six Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  40. 40. Ques%on  Six Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  41. 41. Ques%on  Six Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Are  you  worried  about  the  risk  of  side  effects  and  the  long  term  health   implicaMons  related  to  some  current  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  42. 42. Ques%on  Seven Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  43. 43. Ques%on  Seven   Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  44. 44. Ques%on  Seven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  45. 45. Ques%on  Seven Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  46. 46. Ques%on  Seven Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  47. 47. Ques%on  Seven Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  48. 48. Ques%on  Seven Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  49. 49. Ques%on  Seven Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Where  would  you  go  to  receive  advice  about  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  50. 50. Ques%on  Eight Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  51. 51. Ques%on  Eight   Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  52. 52. Ques%on  Eight  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  53. 53. Ques%on  Eight Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  54. 54. Ques%on  Eight Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  55. 55. Ques%on  Eight Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  56. 56. Ques%on  Eight Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  57. 57. Ques%on  Eight Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Thinking  about  the  average  month  how  much  have  you  spent  on  treatment   for  your  acne?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  58. 58. Ques%on  Nine Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  59. 59. Ques%on  Nine   Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  60. 60. Ques%on  Nine  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  61. 61. Ques%on  Nine Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  62. 62. Ques%on  Nine Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  63. 63. Ques%on  Nine Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  64. 64. Ques%on  Nine Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  65. 65. Ques%on  Nine Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Which  of  the  below  best  describes  how  you  feel  about  your  experience  of   acne  treatments  to  date?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  66. 66. Ques%on  Ten Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  67. 67. Ques%on  Ten   Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  68. 68. Ques%on  Ten  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  69. 69. Ques%on  Ten Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  70. 70. Ques%on  Ten Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  71. 71. Ques%on  Ten Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  72. 72. Ques%on  Ten Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  73. 73. Ques%on  Ten Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary Have  you  heard  about  light  based  acne  treatments?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  74. 74. Ques%on  Eleven   If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  75. 75. Ques%on  Eleven   If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  76. 76. Ques%on  Eleven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  77. 77. Ques%on  Eleven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Age If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  78. 78. Ques%on  Eleven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  79. 79. Ques%on  Eleven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Region If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  80. 80. Ques%on  Eleven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL:
  81. 81. Ques%on  Eleven  Cross  Tabula%on  With  Salary If  a  new  light  based  acne  device  with  no  side  effects  came  onto  the  market   would  you  be  interested  in  using  it?TEL:  0207  251  9960EMAIL: