Google search with the 3 rs


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Google smarter, not harder, and make your results Relevant, Recent and Readable.

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Google search with the 3 rs

  1. 1. Google SmarterMake your results Relevant, Recent and Readable By Craig McDonald-Brown Image from behind-numbers-infographic.html
  2. 2. A needle in a haystack...A basic search forwhales gives about 42 million hits!Life is too short for results like that...
  3. 3. Name the DomainYou can narrow down your result by searching only in websites from a particular domain, like .com .org or .gov Type site:gov next to your searchquery and you will get fewer results. This page has websites from governments all over the world.
  4. 4. Make the world smaller Maybe we are only interesting in whales around New Zealand. We can limit the results by typing instead of just site:govYou can also click the ‘Pages from New Zealand’ button.Notice how the number of results is decreasing. We now mostly have results which are RELEVANT.
  5. 5. Keep it Recent A webpage which is ten years old may have information which is out of date. Having RECENT information will help your results to be more RELEVANT. Find ‘More search tools’ on the left hand side of your page.Let’s look only at information from the past year, and see if that narrows down our results.
  6. 6. Be specific It’s important to be clear about exactly what you are trying to find. If you arelooking for information abouthumpback whales, rather thanjust whales in general, put the phrase in “quotation marks”.By searching for New Zealand government websites abouthumpback whales in the past year, we have brought ourresults down from 40 million to just 36. The results are nowRELEVANT (mostly!) and RECENT.But are they READABLE??
  7. 7. Read with Ease Even though our results our RELEVANT and RECENT, some of these results look pretty hard to read. Luckily, Google lets you limit your search to a particular reading level, so you have more chance of finding information that is READABLE.Go to Advanced Search at the bottom of the page.Then find the ‘Reading Level’ section and select ‘Intermediate’.
  8. 8. A Realistic Result!We started with 40 million hits,and now we are down to just 6!This does not guarantee that all 6pages will give you what you are looking for, but it is a more REALISTIC place to start. We did this by following a fewsimple steps that made our results RELEVANT, RECENT and READABLE.