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Abulox soapbox


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Abulox soapbox

  1. 1. Microbial Control of Water in Heath Care Environments
  2. 2. Water Borne Microbes in Health Care Environments • Water borne microbes remain a significant concern within the health care environment and key problematic organisms are legionella species which can cause legionaries disease and pseudomonas aeruginosa which can cause skin and lung infections. • Pseudomonas infections are relatively common with around 4000 reported cases per year and recent deaths in babies have focused attention and resulted in greater guidance.
  3. 3. Water Treatment Biocide Requirements • Efficacy against all microbes • Biofilm removal and control • Easy to apply • Simple to measure • Low hazard classification • Cost effective product and equipment • Regulatory approvals • Broad compatibility • Good environmental profile
  4. 4. NHS Health Care Case Study • Building only 4 years old • Several hundred outlets, with some low/no usage, and low turnover of water • Legionella problems from day 1 • Flushing and high temperature pasteurisation did not eliminate the problem • Cold – Pseudomonas problems • Hot – Legionella and Pseudomonas problems
  5. 5. The Treatment • Dosing equipment installed by B & V Water Treatment • Shock dosed for 2 days • Down to maintenance dose after 48 hrs • Chemical and microbial monitoring
  6. 6. The Results Cold Pseudomonas species
  7. 7. The Results Hot
  8. 8. The Results Hot
  9. 9. NHS Hospital/B&V Technical Paper • Legionella completely eliminated by day 2 of treatment in all post flush samples and virtually eliminated in all pre flush samples
  10. 10. Outcome • Legionella eliminated from trial points • Pseudomonas species and TVCs reduced to zero • Abulox has brought the microbiological problems under control • B & V Water Treatment is servicing over 150 NHS Hospitals
  11. 11. Benefits Summary • High level of microbial control • Biofilm removal • Fast rate of kill and no resistance • Low use concentration • Simple to apply and measure • Stable solutions • Good safety and Environmental Profile • Regulatory Approvals • Cost effective control • Improved patient, visitors and staff safety