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YALSA Write2Xpress presentation at ALA July 13 2009


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President’s Program Creativity Counts: Nurturing Teens' Talents at Libraries Large and Small

The 2009 YALSA President's Program will feature speakers who are sure to inspire the audience to engage teens' creative juices at their libraries. Whatever the medium, creativity can and should be nurtured and advocated by librarians who work with teens. This program will highlight the realistic potential of all types of libraries, both big and small.

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YALSA Write2Xpress presentation at ALA July 13 2009

  1. 1. Presented by Elise C. Cole Teen Services Librarian Oakville Public Library
  2. 2.  Oakville, Ontario, Canada – Located just outside of Toronto on Lake Ontario – Population of 165,613 (2006 Census)
  3. 3.  Number of youth (13-19) living in Oakville, has grown 23% between 2001 and 2006 (just over 17,000)  Youth account for over 10% of the population!  Library statistics indicate that 14% of all registered library patrons are between the ages of 12-19
  4. 4.  Our Kids Network Bulletin No. 4, 2007
  5. 5.  Teen Services at OPL: A Brief History – Grew out of Youth Online (YO!) – Fuelled by the numbers we saw earlier – Increased focus on serving this age group in Ontario – Borrowers ages 12-19  10,134 have borrowed items in the last three years  13,714 have borrowed items in the past five years (2008)
  6. 6. – Our Kids Network and Town of Oakville studies – Youth identified as an important sector and is included in the Library’s Strategic and Business Plans 2007-2011:  “Staff will promote library services to the teen audience by designing and presenting programs to meet their unique needs”
  7. 7.  SWOT Analysis of Strategic Plan (2009) = a Teen Services Business Plan – Highlights:  develop and implement a gaming strategy for all branches  develop a high calibre teen volunteer program  increase and diversify teen workshop offerings  deliver system-wide training to provide tips for serving and advocating on behalf of teen patrons
  8. 8.  Teen Advisory Group (TAG) created in 2003 – TAG provided us with the input regarding their desire to have a writing contest – Teen Services asked to develop event for Oakville Public Library Month – Write To Express was born! (2005)
  9. 9.  How is this all organized? – In Spring, TAG decides on photo or phrase for theme  For 2009, they chose to return to a photograph – TAG Coordinator then selects about 40 photos for consideration  Narrowed down to 7, and voting began! – Marketing then creates posters – Awards event speaker confirmed
  10. 10.
  11. 11.  Judges are contacted and asked to participate  Awards Event date, time and location are set  Judges packages are prepared  Advertising materials sent out to schools, put on website, posted in branches
  12. 12.  Contest closes  Entries sent to Judges with judging packages  Postcards mailed to participants inviting them to awards event  RSVP list compiled  TAG members volunteer for Awards event – Set up, pick up food and flowers, MCs, introductions of Judges and Guest Speaker
  13. 13.  Money Matters: – Prizes are donated gift cards to Oakville Place Mall – Budget comes from Friends of the Oakville Public Library  2008: Received $2000 Spent: $803  2007: Received $2000 Spent: $1274
  14. 14.  Planning a writing contest or need other program ideas? – YALSA, Blog and Mailing lists    esourcesb/websitesmailing.cfm esp YA-YAAC – Google News/Blog alert for Teen programs  and click on News Alerts
  15. 15.  More ideas…. – PUBYAC  – SLJTeen (School Library Journal)  Subscribe @ nl1 – Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)  – Conferences, of course!   
  16. 16. Slides will be available at: Or, contact me at