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Is Creativity the Key to Connection - Future of Social Media Forum 2018


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I recently spoke at IBR Conferences Future of Social Media Strategy Forum in Sydney on May 31 and again on June 1 for a live podcast with Hot and Delicious.

I looked at the future, and present, of social media strategy and content from a perspective that is often undervalued - the value and role of creativity.

Read more about this talk:

Listen to the Podcast with Hot and Delicious:

Craig Mack is a social media and content strategist, Head of Social Media at Colloquial @ JWT, blogger, model and Ambassador for suicide prevention charity R U OK. With broad experience in social media, digital and content, from all client, agency and talent sides he has a unique view of and approach to social media. Whether developing strategy, building and engaging communities, creating content, running paid social campaigns, working with influencers or analysing data, thinking creatively and putting the audience first to deliver results, is the lens he looks through.

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Is Creativity the Key to Connection - Future of Social Media Forum 2018

  1. 1. If marketing is all art and science, is creativity the key to connection? Future of Social Media Strategy 2018
  2. 2. Clients, Collabs and Work HELLO!I’m Craig Mack Head of Social Media @ Colloquial ( Content and Social @ JWT Sydney) Social Media and Content Strategist Blogger / Influencer Model R U OK Day Ambassador Social Media Manager @ TEDxSydney Social Media Strategy @ The Pinnacle Foundation @craigontoast @craig mack e: e:
  3. 3. Clients, Collabs and Work
  4. 4. only on screen for about six minutes First queen eliminated Is a bit of a hot mess 2 words and less than 20s, leaving the runway after elimination thousands of tweets, gifs, and memes men and women shouting “Miss Vanjie!” at gay bars across the world Referenced in almost every S10 ep If you don’t take a risk, think with a bit of creativity, and do things differently you’ll disappear into the crowd when you want to stand out Being booked for more, and lining higher at gigs, than other queens Learnt what worked and what resonated with fans from 9 years of watching RuPauls Drag Race Currently on a world tour of her own Miss Vanjie – (Vanessa Vanjie) RuPaul’s Drag Race, S10. 2018
  5. 5. To stand out from the crowd (not disappear into it) just ask: What Would Miss Vanjie Do? #wwmvd  Be bold and take risks  Think with creativity  Do things differently   Be unique
  6. 6. @
  7. 7. creativity, uniqueness, nerve and talent We often seem to trade our for “getting it done”(which doesn’t always give us the best results) @craigontoast ( via RuPaul)
  8. 8. Social Media creates multi disciplinary conversations that connect people, brands and the world through sharing moments, stories, ideas, information and products anywhere, anytime. At its core, social media is simply a collection of communication platforms and channels. It’s up to us to bring them to life. Defining Social Media
  9. 9. Audience is King Bill Gates said Content is King way back in 1996 and while a LOT of things have changed and evolved since the 90’s, many advertisers and marketers still use this principle as the guiding light. When it comes to social media or any form of communication and strategy, I believe that the Audience is King and to really succeed we need to understand them, their needs and their interests and everything we do should serve them.
  10. 10. The best social media puts the audience first, has a purpose or message and achieves one (or more) of 5 things: Entertains Educates Informs Unites Grows @craigontoast
  11. 11. ++ = Science ( data) identify and understand unseen underlying patterns that bring out important insights and relationships to inform other decisions Art ( Content, Creative, Process etc) Message, method, type and style of communications to influence audience decisions Creativity ( Imagination and bravery) Uniqueness, surprise, personalisation, personality Connection ( Audience engagement and performance) Awareness, consideration, action, purchase loyalty, advocacy
  12. 12. SCIENCE (aka the data)
  13. 13. “data is very easy to misinterpret. And since everyone will have the same data, there’s a danger that everyone will end up with the same ideas and the same products.” - John Hegarty , founder of BBH (UK) Hegarty said this back in 2014, so you’d hope his beliefs about data have changed.
  14. 14. Data is the fuel of great performance, now and in the and future. Data science is the exploration of multisource data to identify and understand unseen underlying patterns that bring out important insights and relationships. Keyword analysis cluster analysis Social listening Customer personas Entity analysis Research and Reading Audience and Customer DataPerformance Interesting Insights SEO trends Gaps and opportunities Influencers Stories Product Process Audience behaviourChannels Develop Objectives Macro environment Micro environmentInspiration Ideas
  15. 15. Data is the fuel of great performance, now and in the and future. Data Science allows brands to innovate, communicate and be more creative to deliver products and services and meet objectives more effectively. Understand Audiences, Needs and Interests. Develop unique creative, content and campaigns that stand out. Maintain Relevance Drive stronger performance. Be Memorable
  16. 16. Art (aka the creative, content, process etc)
  17. 17. What’s the story or key message? How will it be told? What do you want your audience to feel? What do you want your audience to do?
  18. 18. Creativity
  19. 19. "Creativity (n): a word people use when they want to sound smart talking about a really abstract subject. Me? I prefer to avoid abstractions.” CEO of Smart Blogger Jon Morrow THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE ( although Jon Morrow is not alone in his thinking)
  20. 20. A great campaign is only a great campaign if it’s effective, which is usually measured in numbers. The beautiful paradox is that, at the beating heart of many of the most truly effective campaigns is that wonderfully unquantifiable thing: creativity. Dan Brooke, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Channel 4 ( UK)
  21. 21. Creativity isn’t about making things bigger, louder, brighter and crazier with more and more ideas. Creativity isn’t about turning this… Into this….
  22. 22. Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward De Bono
  23. 23. The capacity to find and connect relationships between information, ideas, concepts, and processes that, at first glance, lack any similarity. Divergent thinking; The ability to come up with lots of different answers to the same question Often equated with insatiable curiosity as opposed to original creative ideas.
  24. 24. Fluency: the ability to produce a large number of ideas. Flexibility: the ability to create a wide variety of ideas based on different fields of knowledge. Originality: the ability to create innovative ideas. Development: the ability to improve our ideas, to make them more sophisticated. 4 Steps To Divergent Thinking
  25. 25. “Feeling is the new thinking” Tim Leberecht, TED Speaker, Marketing Strategist “Feeling is the new thinking, especially in this new age of big data and automation. Companies that will thrive will be those that prioritise creativity, individuality and above all, romance. Romance is everything you can’t quantify or explain – the belief that there is always a deeper meaning”
  26. 26. Creativity in Planning and Strategy Creativity in data analytics and application Creativity in creative and campaigns CASE STUDIES
  27. 27. Strategy Strategically creative
  28. 28. Shirtless selfies are a problem that affect all of us. You can help by commenting on shirtless selfies with #putashirton #putashirton
  29. 29. Fruit of the Loom could have run a traditional, direct response social and digital campaign targeting audiences with image, link and carousel posts featuring the product and linking back to the website. But they chose to be bold and think creatively about how to use their data and audience insights to bring the campaign to life in an entertaining way. The result stands out from competitors because it is entertaining, relatable for the audience, unique and memorable. #putashirton Audience For the campaign to resonate with their audience in a meaningful way - drive site traffic, store foot traffic and sales – it has to be relevant to them. Basing the campaign on Instagram, hashtags and selfies would have been based on their audiences behaviours. Campaign To be memorable and unique, instead of focusing on product the campaign was designed to entertain the audience. This first adds value for them in a surprising way, making them more open to listening to the secondary product messaging. Data and Insights The “ 1 shirtless pic posted every 7.3s” insight is, on its own, fairly odd and meaningless. Applied to clothing brand, it begins to have relevance. Social Listening identified hashtags that were relevant to both the insight, audience and campaign message.
  30. 30. Because Airbnb was not an official sponsor of the 2016 Academy Awards themselves, it was not allowed to advertise or even mention the Oscars directly. So, how do you create a campaign that connects with the audience of an event that you can’t participate in? The company’s answer was to create its own conversation around the Oscar awards with #LiveInTheMovies
  31. 31. Case Study 3 R U OK travelled 14,000 km, visited 30 communities and showed countless Australians that they have what it takes to Ask – R U OK? Conversation Convoy: Audience All Australians, however a specific focus on: - Men living in regional and remote Australia aged 45-60 -Women aged 34 - 54 - 3 - 8 year olds - 18 - 24 year olds Campaign Content was developed to: - Deliver messages to different audiences on different channels in relevant and meaningful ways. A one size fits all is not appropriate for the varying groups. - Bring the conversation convoy to life and amplify the campaign activity on social
  32. 32. Regional and remote video series: (Targeting me in regional and remote Australia aged 45-60) Conversation Heroes You've got what it takes videos: (Women aged 34 - 54) Children's music video: (3-8 year olds) Thanks for Asking podcast (Women aged 25 -34):
  33. 33. National awareness results: Post-campaign recognition grew significantly from 71% in 2016 to 78% in 2017 Total social media results: Audience increased by 12 million to 76,597,231 Website: How to Ask page visits increased to 141K (up from 38K in 2016) *our focus for this campaign SnapChat filter and video ads: Overall one of Australia’s best performing Geofilters! 7,066,698 Views. More than 1 in 2 Snapchatters in Australia were exposed to the filter Users chose to turn their personal moments into an R U OK? moment: the filter was used 204K times, generating 5k hours of playtime Smashed estimate with 2.3M swipes (Snapchat estimated 1M - 1.6M) National video ads (11-18 Sept): 1.6M impressions 10K swipe ups (optimised) 124K video views (2 secs, 11% completion rate) Facebook: 957,000 interactions on R U OK?Day 1,631,400 over campaign period (1 August - 17 September) 1,209,500 unique users interacted with campaign ALEC ( Facebook Messenger Bot): 6000 uses 6.5 minutes average interaction 11.5K Messages sent by ALEC on R U OK?Day 20% users completed the default flow YouTube: 92K views up from 38K 121K mins watch time up from 60K mins Podcast: 20,000 downloads, peaking at 6,500 on R U OK?Day
  34. 34. To promote the movie DeadPool 2 20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds learned from the hugely successful campaign for the first movie, leaning into what worked and expanding ever so slightly into newer, less familiar areas. Excite fans: • Self referential content, building on moments from the first movie and DeadPool’s history and character. • Movie trailers Audiences: • Large focus on video as YouTube is a platform of choice for younger audiences and Millennials. • Unique, surprising and strange partnerships to tap into a broad range of diverse audiences Content and Tone of Voice: • All content was in the unique DeadPool TOV. • The unmistakable tone makes the content memorable and stand out, love or hate it • Unique content for varying audiences and channels
  35. 35. Data powered creativity Data
  36. 36. Based on the insight that everyone hates You Tube pre-roll ads, Burger King created a campaign that integrated the ads into the viewers experience. Instead of interrupting viewers, the ads used the insight to Integrate with and add to the experience with humor, making them much more dynamic, relevant and engaging. 64 unique pre roll videos, each one based on what the viewer was about to watch.
  37. 37. Spotify Data Campaign Spotify used rich data about users listening habits to tell unique, funny stories and inspire optimistic goal setting for 2018.
  38. 38. Spotify Data CampaignUsing data in this unique and creative way: o Uncovers unexpected, funny, relatable stories – because all data is rich with stories. o Highlights Spotify’s artists and music catalogue o Showcases Spotify’s data and insights capabilities to attract advertisers
  39. 39. Insights: o Instagrammers spend 30 percent more time listening to music weekly. o They also spend two times more on music tickets and merchandise when compared to the rest of the population. o Everyone hates ads and skips them. Brand: Bacardi is a brand with a long history of and commitment to supporting and developing music experiences and festivals. Campaign: Bacardi used Instagram Stories to bring their passion for music to life, with an audience that shares it, in a unique, relevant, entertaining, fresh way. Bacardi Instagram Stories DIY DJ
  40. 40. o The Interactive DJ allows users to play DJ decks by leveraging the skip ad feature of Instagram Stories. o DJ Campaign was only live on Stories for 24 hours, leveraging the trend of ephemeral content to create exclusivity. 200K+ Interactions with the DJ Decks. 383% increase in followers on Instagram. 11M+ Media Impressions First Instagram Hack to repurpose native ad and platform features and functionality. Bacardi Instagram Stories DIY DJ
  41. 41. Creative, Content and Campaigns
  42. 42. 'The Cadbury Live Egg Hunt’. A live, interactive, 360 Facebook video one hour live post on Thursday 15 March 7-8pm The first person to spot an egg and comment was rewarded with real Cadbury chocolates for Easter 220,000 hunters around Australia. over 70,000 comments launches-the-cadbury-l.html
  43. 43. Case Study 2 Divergent Thinking and creative approaches can be applied in all areas of a business Medical Republic is one example: A group of like minded doctors, journos and ‘old world’ publishers who are modernising communications for doctors. Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive, or only considered in terms of campaigns or large scale brand and marketing activities. They understand doctors are people first and use humour, a more casual tone and unexpected, quirky but relevant images to humanise and personalise their content and engage their audiences. Medical Republic are a unique voice in the medical industry, and their creative rule breaking approach makes it easy for them to stand out and be recognised
  44. 44. Case Study 2
  45. 45. Community Management Creativity isn’t just for content and strategy. 64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media More and more brands are stepping out of the traditional careful corporate, voices to be braver and more creative with their approach to Community Management.
  46. 46. As new boundaries in personality and boldness are tested and adopted it’s no longer enough to sound like a branded script on social media. Brands need to sound human and real. In this example Virgin Trains (UK) demonstrate a boldness that only a few years ago brands would have been too fearful of negative impact and PR to clapback to consumers in this way. Many brands still are, although consumers expect more now.
  47. 47. US Burger Chain Wendy’s could have easily ignored the tweet from Carter Wilson, but they chose to respond in the same cheeky tone as the question. Wilson saw a challenge and when he reached Wendy’s tongue in cheek 18M RT goal, Wendy’s graciously stuck to their word and gave him a year of free nuggets. There was no need for Wendy’s to respond to Wilson, but they have a unique approach to social that often rewards them in unusual ways like this.
  48. 48. Trends
  49. 49. Diversity and Inclusion Representation is a growing issue for brands and advertisers. It’s more of a basic need than a trend Diversity and Inclusion isn’t: o showing off how well we can do representation o proudly promoting when we do it or o getting in or showing up for a trending moment. It is simply including and considering different groups of people in our everyday decision making – whether we’re pitching, briefing or hiring.
  50. 50. “If you do not intentionally, deliberately & proactively include; you will unintentionally exclude” Sally-Ann Williams; Engineering Community & Outreach Manager, Google Australia From pitching to planning, briefing, designing, casting, defining audiences, media buying and hiring, including everyone should be the norm. Able bodied, disabled, straight, gay, trans, men, women, young, old, families, singles, culturally diverse, indigenous Australian and so much more -education-way-future-changing-ratio
  51. 51. Voice 30% of browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020 Voice is already gaining traction and sooner than we know it will have huge implications for brands and marketers. Search Need to create identities for when consumers can't see the products or services Brand Develop a unique "voice" audio signature that makes their brands instantly recognizable. Shoppable Voice is essentially already live through some brands.
  52. 52. Domino’s UK – Voice Ordering with Alexa Only two months after launching voice ordering through Amazon Alexa in the UK, one in five customers who can order a pizza with one click through the pizza chain’s online Easy Orders option has asked Amazon Alexa instead. Nick Dutch, Head of digital for Domino’s UK.
  53. 53. “Consumers caneasily skip, mute or blockTV and digital ads, but attendinganevent or absorbingan experience is a decision. Inmany cases, it also constitutes a purchase —evenif the currency istime or the sort of behavioral and demographic data marketers crave.” The immersive brand Events aren’t just for trade The line between traditional and experiential is best when it is blurred. With traditional experiential marketing the experience is limited to those who attend.Now technology is both enabling a level of immersion and storytelling that’s never before seen and it’s enabling people to spread their experiences through shareable highly personalised content that drives the reach and impact of that experience.
  54. 54. New models are emerging to bring Virtual Reality content to a mass audience. Subscription programming (David Attenborough with SkyTVin the UK) is a path opening up for educational content. Movie Trailers - such as the VRversion for “Isle of Dogs” are entertaining enough to make you reach for your VRGoggles are deep content experiences that engage. Mini documentaries,such as “Space Explorers” made for VRare impressive,because they literally immerse you in another world and create meaningful moments with consumers. Virtual Reality Made for an audience of one,accessible to the masses
  56. 56. Fake Melbourne Campaign Rework Brief Divergent Thinking In action: brief response
  57. 57. Fake Melbourne Campaign ReworkBriefDivergent Thinking Brand: Wayne Estate Wines Product: New Product Launch – Pre mix White Sangria Objectives: Awareness, Product Sampling Audience: Aspirational Lifestyle Women 20 - 35 Interests: Music & Festivals ( Dance, Pop, Commercial, R&B), Outdoor Events, Entertaining @ Home, Fashion, Races, Active Social Life, Experiences not things, parties ( hosting and attending), Travel, Getaway. Insights: Likely to have purchased similar products in the past, Likes to be seen to be in the know / ahead of the game ( status), See’s themselves as the trend watcher and setter in her social groups, Party planner
  58. 58. Response: Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories Product, Lifestyle and aspirational video first content published and amplified across Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories Influencer Marketing: Storytelling: Sponsored Content piece with 1 popular lifestyle blogger ( 80K Subscribers or 100K monthly visits) Amplification: Up to 20 relevant Instagram Influencers to spread the word Sampling: Partner with local outdoor cinema for sampling activation during the product launch phase.
  59. 59. Response: Divergent Thinking Insights: music, entertainment, trend watcher, experiences not things Strategy ( Awareness): Partner with Listen Up Music Australia to write and release track with a relevant musician in their community. Fund an award in the Listen Up Songwriters Festival. Create a powerful story to amplify on all other channels Establish authentic connection that aligns to audience interests to demonstrate relevance and credibility and extend reach. Insights: music, entertainment, trend watcher Strategy ( Awareness): Curate a branded sponsored playlist or session with Spotify. Providing new music to love demonstrates an understanding of, and interest in, the audience. Through the art of association the brand will be linked to the tracks long into the future, which can create longer term awareness or preference Insights: travel and getaway, experiences not things, active social life, product affiliation. Strategy (Sampling) Partner with AirBnB and home owners to place product in the fridge before the arrival of guests at a property. Thank you note with social links and hashtags to be included This surprise and delight strategy places the product directly in the hands of the desired audience at a time when they are likely to drink it most, a weekend getaway or holiday. Align booking audiences with target audiences to ensure relevance Insights: experiences not things, active social life, entertainment product affiliation. Strategy (Sampling) Partner with AirTasker to have Taskers give relevant job bookers product on arrival. Thank you note with social links and hashtags to be included This surprise and delight strategy places the product directly in the hands of the desired audience at a time when they are likely to drink it most, a weekend getaway or holiday. Example Relevant Taskers: DJ;s, singers, helpers etc booked for house parties, Movers booked to move house or furniture,
  60. 60. Fake Melbourne Campaign ReworkBrief Divergent Thinking In action: brief response The two example brief responses provided here highlight two very different ways to approach audiences, ideation, strategy, planning, content and media. The campaign, audience and objectives are themselves reasonably standard, but how we think about and bring them to life doesn’t have to be. Response 1 an easily recognisable content and social led campaign. Audiences are targeted by age and interests, content is repurposed across channels, events and influencers engaged DIVERGENT THINKING A little divergent thinking changes and opens up what we see, which changes what we believe we’re capable of doing and achieving. go rogue, challenge thinking habits, break patterns, find bravery, take risks, stand out. Response 2 – is however more divergent and unexpected. Interests, insights, life moments, business objectives (sampling), risk, opportunity, learning, surprise, and challenge fuel creativity and inform decisions. There is nothing wrong with this campaign, it’s a solid approach and would like deliver some good results. It is just missing some deeper creative thinking. Thinking that could drive great results by standing out from the crowd with uniquness..
  61. 61. Building, Brick by BrickWhat can you do?
  62. 62. Challenge: Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward De Bono
  63. 63. Find and connect relationships between information, ideas, concepts, and processes that, at first glance, lack any similarity. Divergent thinking Come up with lots of different answers to the same question
  64. 64. 1.Do we have a tight grip on who we are selling to, what they are worth and the business opportunity? Ben Rhodes, Group Marketing Director, Royal Mail ( UK) When I think about great marketing, I think about five things: 5. Are we able to link acquisition to repurchase activity and ensure customer behaviour becomes embedded? 2. Do we have a media plan that reaches as many of these customers as we can with impact, and at a frequency that will ensure recognition? 3. Will we surprise, delight and engage customers in unexpected, fresh and desirable ways and are we leveraging a sense of the familiar to help us achieve this? 4. Does our message work from the top of the funnel right down to trial and purchase – deploying hard working performance media alongside awareness building activity?
  65. 65. THANK YOU! I’m Craig Mack Head of Social Media @ Colloquial Social Media and Content Strategist Blogger / Influencer Model R U OK Day Ambassador Social Media Manager @ TEDxSydney Social Media Strategy @ The Pinnacle Foundation @craigontoast e: e: @craig mack
  66. 66. Appendix
  67. 67. Creativity results/#2ed651d1618b Divergent Thinking Study: When_it_Works_and_When_it_Doesn%27t_p_106-111
  68. 68. garage-incubator it/#16f692e131c3 marketing-in-2018/ Data
  69. 69. CaseStudies Miss Vanjie DeadPool 2 blu-ray-stunt/
  70. 70. CaseStudies Bacardi InstaStory Fruit of the Loom instagram-putashirton/
  71. 71. CaseStudies Burger King Spotify well/ the-holidays/ data-and-artists