What Are The Keys To Destiny?


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What Are The Keys To Destiny?

  1. 1. What Are The Keys To Destiny? As the Israelites marched into the Promised Land, God had a specified order for each tribe as they moved forward. This order tied to the meaning behind the name of each tribe reveals keys which each of us needs to incorporate into our life to reach our destiny. For example, Levi, which means connect, was the foundation stone of God’s plan. This tribe was placed at the center protected by all the other tribes as Israel advanced. Similarly, our connections to God through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection need to be centrally located and protected. Our life needs to revolve around Bible study, church attendance and other divine connections without which we can get lost in trivial pursuits and waste our time and life. Create a rearguard! Most everyone knows that Judah means praise and was out front but few know that Naphtali, which means warfare, was placed last. With this order God identifies warfare at the rearguard as critical in reaching destiny. The need for prayer covering while new territory is being taken cannot be emphasized enough. Without that prayer covering new territory may be taken but the cost in what is lost may be very high. Refuting any lies that rise up against us and creating peace at our expanding borders ought to be the goal. Besides the meaning behind the names of each tribe there were gemstones given by God to all of the tribes. For example, Judah’s gemstone is the emerald, one the most expensive gemstones. However, emeralds are easily damaged, and in and of itself praise and worship is not enough. We need daily grounding in the Bible and other divine connections to maintain a strong, vibrant faith. We need a day set aside to reconnect with the creator of the universe in order to be revived, renewed and reinvigorated and to get a new vision of where to heard next. In addition, the beryl, a type of emerald, is the gemstone for Asher. Asher, which means joy, goes hand in hand with praise and worship. Amazingly, beryl is what nuclear power plants use to keep the potentially lethal power in check. When our life gets very busy, praise and joy together can slow us down until we can be refueled. Overall, the meaning behind the names of each tribe along with their gemstones provides a fascinating glimpse into what God identifies as the keys to destiny. Understanding, praying over these areas and walking them out can possibly open doors that would otherwise remain closed. When we apply that knowledge, the goal of reaching our personal Promised Land will then ultimately remain within reach. Without that wisdom we may miss out on opportunities in our path. Craig Dressler, the author, has written several Christian fiction and nonfiction books and is available for speaking engagements and can be reached at cwdupm@yahoo.com.