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TEACHING POSITIONS ABOUND    The teaching jobs listed on the web site abound. Some of the jobs areESL and English related ...
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Teaching Positions Abound


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While many teachers in the U.S. struggle to find a job, many overseas employers are clamoring for teachers.

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Teaching Positions Abound

  1. 1. TEACHING POSITIONS ABOUND The teaching jobs listed on the web site abound. Some of the jobs areESL and English related and others are for elementary school teachers.While most unemployed educators struggle to find a position, those who arenot afraid of adventure can leap into a cross-cultural experience. Worldwidejob listings that cry out for educators are added daily and not just in thespring and summer. Some of the teaching positions require specializedcredentials, but many only require a university degree and little or noexperience. It takes a tough person emotionally, physically and spiritually togo this route, but the rewards are usually very gratifying. (If you are aChristian, make sure you take a Bible, Christian music, books, etc. that youwill need to maintain your inner strength and take them covertly if you travelto an Islamic nation.) The avenue is wide open to gain teaching experiencefor the inexperienced and to earn a tax-free income of up to $70,000 a year(the last time I looked at the tax regulations). The salary in some countriesis paltry and more of a ministry, but in others it is comparable to earnings inthe U.S. At first, overcoming your fear of the unknown may be yourtoughest battle, but the rewards in the end are worth it. Personally, I spenttwo years teaching in Japan and five years teaching in Saudi Arabia, andeven though it was difficult at times I would not trade those experiences foranything. Intercultural understanding can seldom be had with short-livedrelationships. Here are two web sites that may open the door to a new adventure:1) Dave’s ESL Café or for secular positions listed under Job Center Home Page and the International Job Board2) Association of Christian Schools International or under Jobs and their Overseas Openings