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Overcoming Discouragement
Having faced discouragement myself this article is not some pie-in-the-
sky theory, but it is in...
opinions, but your help, as the Bible says, comes from the Lord who made
heaven and earth.
There is an entity that wants t...
4) Call and talk to a friend not to share all your bad news but to
encourage and uplift him or her.
5) Plan a party for re...
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Overcoming Discouragement Article


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Are you facing a tough situation? This article might contain the answer you need.

Published in: Spiritual
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Overcoming Discouragement Article

  1. 1. Overcoming Discouragement Having faced discouragement myself this article is not some pie-in-the- sky theory, but it is information that has helped others overcome discouragement. Depression and oppression are all too real for those facing such problems, and though knowledge and recognition of what needs to change is the initial step, it will in itself never be enough. Real wisdom through application needs to occur and not just mental assent. Hopefully, what follows will provide the keys to such application and any lingering lethargy can be faced and a step by step endeavor to overcome this problem can take place. A word of caution: If the problem being faced is extremely serious, it would probably be best to see a doctor. What are you telling yourself? All of us speak words to ourselves that either encourage us with impetus to move upward and onward, or to denigrate ourselves and tear us down. When you look in the mirror every morning, what do you say to yourself? Is it in essence “I am blessed” or is it “I am cursed”? Interestingly enough, your self-talk is partly a product of your environment and partly your own assessment of yourself. Sometimes it is positive and other times it is negative. Recognizing and identifying what many have called the self-talk in your life is an initial step to turning around discouragement. Tell yourself that there is hope no matter what negative circumstances you face and begin the process to a turnaround. Pinpointing the destructive self-criticism and cutting it off is a crucial first step in this process. Becoming upbeat and positive begins to transform the darkened thinking patterns you have wallowed in and creates new channels of thought. Stagnancy transforms into productive growth. Rely on God. Almost no one can make the necessary changes relying on your own strength. Most Alcohol Anonymous members acknowledge that you must call on a Higher Power. This power, though, needs to be specified to work deeply in your life. You connect to this Higher Power, or God, through faith in Jesus’ death for your sins and faith in his resurrection power. It is only in welcoming the Holy Spirit or what the New Testament Greek identifies as dunamis power that you can begin to strengthen your inner being to help fight off those negative attitudes and temptations. Remember that it is only God’s standard you need to be concerned about. Everyone will have
  2. 2. opinions, but your help, as the Bible says, comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. There is an entity that wants to destroy you; fighting off its negative, intrusive thoughts and temptations to despair are critical. The devil is that enemy, and his lying whispers must be confronted. The name of Jesus and the blood he shed for your sins are mighty defensive weapons that you can use in this fight. Cover your ears, your mind, your home and your life with the blood of Jesus and you will develop a protective shield that can come from nowhere else. I have even used this approach as a teacher in tough classrooms pleading the blood of Jesus over students’ chairs and the whole room. Doing this on a regular basis has freed me from those spirits of unruliness in the classroom and personally from oppression and depression. Another avenue of hope lies with friends and communities that encourage you. Like-minded upbeat Christian friends and churches can bring renewal and reinvigoration seldom found elsewhere. Spend time with positive friends and avoid those who constantly gripe and complain. In addition, worship and prayer sung and spoken in a community of believers, or even just with one other person, can help blast apart any lingering darkness and release the light of heaven into your life. The more you grow in faith, as you gather in the company of Christians, the more you can withstand any temptation to return to a place of little or no hope. Off and on for a number of years I worked in what many would label one of the most repressive countries in the world. In fact, twice while going through customs my Bible and other Christian materials were taken from me, and I was fined. Nevertheless, while I worked there, I found relief and even joy in reading the Bible(if I had one) and listening to Christian music. In one locale, my best friend was fired because of his faith, but in the midst of his predicament he taught me that trouble often brings transfer and with transfer usually comes promotion. Now he is on track to becoming the head of a university if he so chooses. His divine perspective and lack of bitterness in spite of how he was treated will possibly bring advancement. He is not stuck in a place of unforgiveness; he is ready for any opportunity God provides. Here is a practical list of ideas that may be helpful to those wallowing in the doldrums of life: 1) Watch an old favorite movie, preferably a comedy. 2) Remember in your mind some of the times and/or places that brought the most enjoyment. 3) Revive an old hobby you enjoy and do it on a regular basis.
  3. 3. 4) Call and talk to a friend not to share all your bad news but to encourage and uplift him or her. 5) Plan a party for relatives or friends or find some other opportunity to celebrate. 6) Read a favorite book again or listen to your favorite music. 7) Do something you have never done before. 8) Create your own list of ideas for overcoming discouragement. When you are content in spite of problems you may destroy any unrest that lurks nearby. There is great peace for those who thank the Lord for what they have. I have found some of the happiest people in the poorest lands. In Western society where striving for more and more possessions often rules lives, such contentment allows rest to permeate what may have once been envy and avarice. Allow the peace that can only come through knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord fill up any empty spaces that bring discontent. Such prevailing peace remains one of the greatest blessings available. Set goals. My last suggestion for overcoming discouragement is to get a vision for the future. The Bible says that people perish because of lack of vision. A vision to help others or develop and use your God-given talents can help bring the extraordinary out of the ordinary. It is through the development of your gifts that you become all God intends for you to be. When you act with unlimited potential and vision, life becomes full of surprises and opportunities. Craig Dressler is available for speaking engagements and can be reached at