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Curriculum Night


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Parent Night Presentation

Published in: Education
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Curriculum Night

  1. 1. Welcome Back! 2015-2016 School Year
  2. 2. Our Staff
  3. 3. Mrs. Tricker Mrs. Gatto Mrs. Chow Mrs. Brownlee
  4. 4. Mrs. Fee Mrs. Barratt-Fitzau Mr. Hornberg Mrs. Wanless
  5. 5. Mr. Burgess Ms. Saxon Mrs. Thornton Mr. Davies Mrs. Bell
  6. 6. Ms. Ahmad Ms. Berardinucci Ms. Komorski Mrs. McCartney
  7. 7. Mr. Meneses Mr. Ranque
  8. 8. Mrs. Murray Ms. Simpson Mr. Rich
  9. 9. Mr. Kollar Ms. GreenmanMrs. Trask Mrs. Brown
  10. 10. Mr. Andrews Mr. Patterson Mrs. Willock Mrs. Stevens
  11. 11. Mrs. Stewart Mrs. Borrelli
  12. 12. Mrs. Bell
  13. 13. Successes ! School Cold Write and Math Assessments: 78% of students are Exceeding/Fully Meeting in Writing 89% of students are Exceeding/Fully Meeting in Math FSA (2014) Grade 4 Reading 100% of students Meeting/Exceeding Expectations Writing 100% of students Meeting/Exceeding Expectations Numeracy 100% of students Meeting/Exceeding Expectations ! Grade 7 Reading 98% of students Meeting or Exceeding Expectations Writing 98% of students Meeting or Exceeding Expectations Numeracy 98% of students Meeting or Exceeding Expectations
  14. 14. Will an emphasis on cross-grade connections through whole school inquiry-based learning lead to a greater sense of community and connectedness for our students and a richer inquiry-based learning experience? Action Plan for Learning! 2015-2016 Inquiry: Exploring the Caulfeild Identity
  15. 15. Dare to go Further
  16. 16. SAMR Substitution / Augmentation / Modification/ Redefinition
  17. 17. Competencies
  18. 18. Character
  19. 19. Responsibility Empathy Perseverance and personal excellence in all we do.
  20. 20. Respect for Self Respect for Others Respect for the Environment
  21. 21. Staying in Touch about what is happening at school
  22. 22. @caulfeildschool
  23. 23. Zero Waste Challenge
  24. 24. Cross Country Kilometre Club After-School Activities Band BasketballVolleyball Ultimate Fencing School Play Field Hockey Touch Rugby Badminton Dance
  25. 25. CPAC
  26. 26. EducationWestVancouverED Saturday, September 26th, 2015, Kay Meek Theatre, West Vancouver. Tickets: $75 until June 30, 2015. $80 starting July 1, 2015. Speakers include: Ying Jie (Johnathan) Bi, Kristi Blakeway, Greg Cormier, Igor Gantsevich, Starleigh Grass, Jeff Hemmett, Duncan Knight, Susan Harris MacKay, Allison McNeill, Macy Meldrum, Lane Merrifield, Walter Mustapich & Jim Crescenzo, Ari Neufeld, Dave Redekopp, Will Richardson, Jeremy Shaki. @TEDxWestVanED TEDxWestVancouverED Going Beyond A is for Active. Find out why at
  27. 27. Help us to make your child’s wish come true…
  28. 28. Have a great year! 2015-2016 School Year