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Fractional and Whole ownership in Gordes,Provence, France

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Lenclos Pdf Brochure

  1. 1. The Domaine de l’Enclos offers the luxury of space and friendly services, breathing life into its vision of superlative comfort and high standards. A unique setting where the clocks have stopped The Luberon, soul of Provence Land of color and joie de vivre, of soft fragrances and radiant light, the Luberon is one of the most fascinating areas of Provence. Its sun-drenched countryside lulled by the wind tells an enchanting story, echoed in the heat of the stone walls on a late summer evening. « Provence conceals its mysteries behind their evidence ». Jean Giono Gordes the mysterious Ranked among the most beautiful villages of France, Gordes is a unique Provençal town. From the heights of it hilltop perch, it reveals one of the region’s most beautiful landscapes. Like a balcony over the Luberon, the castle and church of Gordes lay a soft shadow over the village’s narrow cobbled streets. Stones jealously guard the soul of this village with its steep slopes and millennial history. Hidden behind its high walls, surrounded by fruit orchards and oak forests, lavender fields and wine, Gordes resembles a Garden of Eden. Haven of peace, place of refuge, Gordes is an invitation to timelessness. It is here, in this magical setting, that AVENIO chose to build the new Domaine de l’Enclos.
  2. 2. Renew your lifestyle with our unique touch Discreet luxury The Domaine de l’Enclos is an oasis of elegance and in- nate charm. A showcase of breathtaking views, spectacu- lar light and natural beauty, the Luberon sets the tone for a paradise of the senses in Provence. Guaranteed peace of mind The peaceful natural surroundings of the Domaine de l’Enclos once tranquilized the souls of Cistercian monks. In addition to the “monastic” calm, guests receive full as- Captivating natural setting and innovative sistance and à la carte services when away from home, eco-friendly design while resident owners benefit from a wide range of perma- Out of respect for the unspoiled nature in the heart of nent hotel services. An idyllic setting for weaving dreams. the Luberon, the Domaine de l’Enclos is committed to protecting its natural heritage: Dry-stone construction for which Gordes is famous, A large park planted with native Provençal essences (live oaks, strawberry trees, tamarisk, olive trees, etc.), Landscaped gardens to enhance the breathtaking view, An avant-garde perspective on sustainable construction in which buildings are held to the very high THQE and BBC standards.* A first-class investment in the heart of timeless Provence By investing in the Domaine de l’Enclos, you invest in The exceptional hillside location of the Domaine de l’Enclos an exceptional residential hotel. From studios to 6-per- affords all units breathtaking views of the Luberon Moun- son villas, all properties feature large terraces and gardens. tain to the south and of the plain of Cavaillon to the west. Nestled on the heights of Gordes and overlooking the Calavon valley, the Domaine applies the latest processes Discover a new lifestyle in your home away from home in sustainable building, contemporary comfort and cus- in Provence. Take advantage of a full range of à la carte tomized services. For a peaceful setting steeped in local hospitality services – concierge, restaurant, heated pool, history and within close proximity to the Sénanque Abbey, catering, on-demand cook and spa – without the hassle the Domaine represents the ultimate in discreet luxury for of maintenance and seasonal adjustments normally associ- relaxing in an authentic and captivating natural setting. ated with an investment of this type. Invest in a property rich with history, which blends traditional architecture, environment-friendly design and a contemporary home-style experience. * Both certification standards are normative French standards applicable to new construction. For details on the BBC standard, see www.effinergie.org. For more information on the HQE and THQE standards, see www.ecie.fr.
  3. 3. An intelligent approach to combining investment performance with holiday comfort on your own property. Property ownership in the Domaine de l’Enclos is a unique investment opportunity in the Luberon which offers unparalleled benefits compared to a standard investment. You buy property with high heritage value in a world-renowned village classified as a national herit- age site only 25 miles from the Avignon TGV high-speed train station. You can opt for a formula which allows you to rent your property and live in it during selected periods of the year, with the greatest flexibility. Rents are guaranteed by a nine-year commercial lease. You are free of all the inconveniences related to property management and rentals. The hotel operating company is responsible for your return on investment as well as security and maintenance of your property and its environment. You invest in a location which is upscale and which has strong potential for further appreciation of its value. You purchase a new home which combines the charm of local culture (Gordes famous dry-stone walls and weathered tile roofing) and the comfort of contemporary luxury (modern design and premium amenities at the cutting edge of appliance innovation), all in a unique natural setting. You play an active role in a unique and visionary project to craft a new lifestyle while innovating with sustainable building techniques. Properties will be certified THQE (Très Haute Qualité Environmentale) and BBC (Bâtiment Basse Consommation – Low-energy building). For this, the Domaine de l’Enclos has partnered with EDF in a radically innovative project. You will take advantage of the numerous benefits of being a Domaine de l’Enclos property owner. Lyon Gare Tgv Aéroport (27 km) Avignon-Caumont (25 km) Sortie 24 CONDITIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE Avignon Sud Apt Sortie 25 PHOTOGRAPHE : CORINE BRISBOIS Cavaillon Vaison- Châteauneuf- la-Romaine du-Pape Arles M t Ventoux La Camargue AVIGNON Gordes Apt Manosque Aéroport Luberon de Marseille-Provence Cavaillon (75 km) Marseille Arles Aix-en-Provence MARSEILLE CONCEPTION & DESIGN : Route de Sénanque - 84220 Gordes immo@domainedelenclos.com - www.domainedelenclos.com
  4. 4. ÷ Villa de l’Enclos : outside view Exclusive luxury residences hidden in the heart of Provence The Domaine de l’Enclos offers different types of residences, ranging from studios to villas for up to 6 people. Each residence is exclusive and offers a view of stunning natural beauty. Investors in the Domaine de l’Enclos not only acquire a luxury residence, but they also acquire exclusive access to premium amenities: Large terraces and landscaped gardens from which to enjoy scented evenings amid the oaks and olive trees, Large windows or manicured lawns for relaxing, Large private pool secluded with terraces and spa, Underground parking for each unit, limiting the visual presence of vehicles as well as traffic in the Domaine. Choose the type of accommodation that best suits your needs.
  5. 5. Les Bergeries: studios and duplex The Domaine has two independent sheepfolds. Large studios and two-room units, including a number of duplexes, with private gardens, balconies and terraces preserve the original concept of dry-stone masonry and weathered tiles. In the evening, wooden shutters will bid farewell to the lingering sunset. 26 to 60 m² (280-650 sq. ft.), terraces and gardens from 15-60 m² (160-650 sq.ft.) Furnished Les Terrasses de l’Enclos Large apartments overlook the park surrounded by tamarisks, oaks and olive trees and offer magnificent views of the Gordes village promontory and of the Luberon. Two bedrooms on the upper floor, a large furnished living room and a fully-equipped kitchen with the most recent appliances, two half-baths and bathroom. Private gardens. 70 to 100m² (750-1050 sq. ft.), gardens up to 180m² (1950 sq. ft.). Furnished. Les Villas de l’Enclos Only nine independent villas will be located in the Domaine. Massive and mysterious like traditional bories, each has double facings, to the south and west and each is designed to preserve summer freshness and the pleasures of hospitality. Each bedroom is equipped with a private shower and/or bath. Vast living rooms and kitchen, large upstairs bedrooms, refined decoration… A true home away from home. 124 m² (1350 sq.ft.) of living space, terraces and gardens approximately 50m² (540 sq.ft.). Furnished (including outdoor furniture). Villas are located on the periphery of the property in order to preserve their independence and their views.
  6. 6. ÷ Terrasse de l’Enclos : inside view Premium finishes with character contemporary comfort & sustainable building The residences of the Domaine de l’Enclos were designed respecting three objectives: Preserve the architectural heritage of Gordes, respecting traditional facades and dry-stone construction techniques. This represents a major aspect of the local and Provençal identity. The architectural firm (AZIMUT) designed the ground plan so that all homes would be optimally situated to enjoy views of the Luberon, the Durance Valley and the Alpilles. CONDITIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE Provide first-class finishes to ensure unparalleled comfort, including tradi- tional parquet or stone floors, high-end appliances, programming and remote control systems, luxury fittings, etc. Integrate environment-friendly (including low-energy) building processes. 3D : MATHIEU REY CONCEPTION & DESIGN : Route de Sénanque - 84220 Gordes immo@domainedelenclos.com - www.domainedelenclos.com
  7. 7. Types of acquisition opportunity, security & comfort The Domaine de l’Enclos is a certified French Résidence de Tourisme **** qualifying purchasers as investors in “ furnished rentals ”. As such buyers are entitled to: Rent the property year-round with the help of an operating company, Generate profits from their investment, Receive lease secured rentals Avoid almost all property charges (all except the hotel service staff in the case of personal holidays spent on property), Recover value added taxes (VAT) of 19.6% (in other words, the acquisition is tax-free), Benefit from the tax advantages associated with the purchase of new, furnished premises while also benefiting from the builder’s legal guarantees. These tax benefits include (for people paying their taxes in France): • those stipulated in the Loi Scellier which govern the purchase of furnished “tourism residences”, • those reserved for furnished professional (LMP) or non-professional renters (LMNP). Enjoy your property any time during the year, even if your princi- pal objective is rental income. All units will be acquired according to one of three formulas for acquistion (see back of this document), as required and depending on desired investment criteria. In all cases a nine-year fixed lease arrangement for a furnished apartment is established with the operator who will, during that time, handle all property management issues, including tourism marketing and owner visits. An owner when in residence has access to all services and amenities inherent to property ownership, including parking.
  8. 8. Types of acquisition flexible & tailored to your needs 01_“ opportunity ” Annual cash rent of 4% net of VAT on the net (before tax) purchase price of the unit Rental in kind: occupancy for a minimum of 10 nights per year in a comparable unit except between July 13 and August 16. 02_“ leisure ” Annual cash rent of 2% net of VAT, on the unit’s net (pre-tax) purchase price Rental in kind: occupancy for 30 nights per year in a comparable unit, including a maximum of 7 nights in July and August (Very High Season). 03_“ extended stay ” No cash return(s) Maximum stay 140 nights per year. Owner occupancy is not subject to calendar limitations and includes unlimited occupancy over July and August subject to a limit of 30 consecutive days at any given time. CONDITIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE The owner is not responsible for maintenance charges or for operating expenses whether for the Domain, the apartment or the villa. The owner is however, responsible for property taxes. Cash rents will be paid quarterly and in arrears, and in any event, no later than 10 months after the due date. The annual indexation of rents will be based on the Indice de reférence PHOTOGRAPHE : CORINE BRISBOIS des loyers (IRL)* with a ceiling of 70% of the indice. * The Indice de Référence des Loyers (IRL) is a quarterly statistic published by the Institut National de Statistique et des Etudes Economiques, INSEE. CONCEPTION & DESIGN : Route de Sénanque - 84220 Gordes immo@domainedelenclos.com - www.domainedelenclos.com