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Research 2.0


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There are loads of great tools available to help make research easier and more efficient. In this presentation I look at a few of them that can make a huge difference.

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Research 2.0

  1. 1. There is loads of technology to support research…and it can make it a whole lot easier
  2. 2. Firstly you need to find the previous research…forget libraries…there’s Google Scholar
  3. 3. Once u’ve found ur article…save to your computer (in an appropriate place)
  4. 4. Now…rather than lose it…let Mendley help you keep track of it, reference it and more…
  5. 5. From the Mendeley site you can download the client (Mac and PC). It has loads of features but is awesome for organising, tagging, writing notes and referencing
  6. 6. The paper I downloaded is automatically brought into Mendeley. Under Settings you can specify the folders to be “watched”
  7. 7. Mendeley automatically tries to figure out the title, authors etc.
  8. 8. If they are wrong simply edit the title…and hit “Search by Title”
  9. 9. Mendeley (most times) will get the correct details and put them automatically in for you
  10. 10. Your paper is now correctly referenced…and ready to be used
  11. 11. Next up is reading the paper and keeping track of the ideas, concepts, quotes, etc.
  12. 12. Mendeley has a facility for highlighting which is great!
  13. 13. You can even add notes to the text
  14. 14. Or you can write general notes about the paper overall. The notes and general notes can all be viewed together
  15. 15. Tags are automatically supplied by Mendeley but you can add your own tags and keywords
  16. 16. Another great feature is the ability to categorize the paper. Create categories and drag the paper into one or more categories. These categories can also be shared so others can see what you have added
  17. 17. Another great feature is the ability to “Favorite” articles.
  18. 18. Now we want to start writing from these articles…
  19. 19. My approach is to summarize the article in Word
  20. 20. I then take each of the concept areas in the summary and create smaller “Topic” documents. These are populated from many articles.
  21. 21. http://dropbox.kli.hkHere’s a little trick. Using DropBox – which is great for backups and synchronizing your work – I get a shareable link for each Topic Summary See
  22. 22. The link will allow me – or anyone – if they know the link to see the contents of this topic summary
  23. 23. www.mindmeister.comNext up is the mindmeister app. It’s a great visual way of organising your research. Simply create a mindmap
  24. 24. And the cool part…for each element of the mind map you can link it to the shareable link of the Topic Summary
  25. 25. So that means that I can easily arrange how concepts are connects – plus I can click and get to the actual Topic Summary on my computer
  26. 26. And there we have it…. See if you want extra bonus storage!
  27. 27. Back to Mendeley – There is another great part to it…it allows you to connect with other researchers!
  28. 28. Your desktop Mendeley works in conjunction with the Web version
  29. 29. By synchronizing the two you can see your library online and offline
  30. 30. BUT…You can also see what others have added or read in lots of categories
  31. 31. You can even subscribe to categories library categories that people create
  32. 32. Mendeley lets you connect with other researchers in your area – simply search for them
  33. 33. You can search by name or by their discipline
  34. 34. Mendeley has millions of articles
  35. 35. Last up…Keep a Journal…There are many spaces you can use - I like
  36. 36. It’s a neat, simple environment that easily allows you to capture your research journal
  37. 37. You can easily see all your journal entries…print them…and even ask it to remind you to make an entry!
  38. 38. There are lots of tools – these are just some…use them, they will simplify your research…why do things in the “more complicated” way?