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Google+ presentation at the Nevada County Online Business Strategies Meetup Sept 27


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This is the Google+ "What is it" presentation I made to the Nevada County Online Business Strategies Group Meetup in September 2011. Brenda Horton emcee'd and Marlon Jefferson from was there to give away beautiful leather cases and bags to two lucky recipients!

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Google+ presentation at the Nevada County Online Business Strategies Meetup Sept 27

  1. 1. GOOGLE+Nevada County Online Business Strategies Group Meetup September 27, 2011
  2. 2. TIPS FOR TODAY• I’ll take questions any time - interrupt if necessary...I talk a lot.• I’m not an expert - I only play one at work!• Box on the left is resource link on, a URL shortener service Use it like this:
  3. 3. otuafjVideo SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION 2011 music: fatboy slim,1999
  4. 4. oubfJaFree PDF
  6. 6. LET’S FIX THAT...nNqI2DFree PDF
  7. 7. fZnhyUFree PDF 32 experts weigh in
  10. 10. WHAT IS IT?
  11. 11. GOOGLE+ INTROofMOK4 Video
  12. 12. FEATURES• Social stream like Facebook & Twitter combined• Status updates: posting websites, videos, photos, commentary• Hangouts like or Skype Group Chat• Games like Farmville, Mafia wars• Search your stream, Google+• .....And Circles.
  13. 13. CIRCLESrrqcoW Video
  14. 14. Other Google Services STREAM My streamI’ve addedAdded me
  16. 16. HANGOUT • Hangout is similar to Skype group chat • You start a Hangout and invite either individuals, or entire circles • Google on Circles privacy and visibility:mYEog7 “Since the hangout youre in is visible by the circles of the other hangout participants, people you dont know may learn that youre hanging out.”G+ Help • Invite through Circles for public hangouts • Invite each person individually for private hangouts
  17. 17. TELL YOUR STORY• You ALL have a unique story about yourself, your life, your business• Use the tools to tell that story• Keep it real, authentic, genuine. Don’t be someone you’re not.• Marlon was in a line at an Apple store in Van Nuys....• His handmade Leather bag - it fit the iPad• Demand grew, he had his business, and his story...
  18. 18. WHAT IS A STORY? pgoUB9 C + AQ = Story 2 Webinar S Character + Active Quest / Stakes2 = Storyfrom Michael JorgensenEmmy award-winning documentary filmmakerCinematic Storytelling webinar on
  19. 19. BREAKING NEWS• Google+ WILL be open for businesses very shortly• Not to worry, not a land grab like Twitter• Verification will roll out to people gradually, celebrities first
  20. 20. PREDICTIONSI believe Google+ for Business will include: • Measurement tools on a dashboard - clicks, Circle adds, follows • Ability to target your Circles demographically • Ability to upload your contact list from a database file • Unlimited audiences for Hangouts (now limited to 25?)
  21. 21. Next time.....craigburgessvideo - Storytelling for Businesscraigbphoto Thanks to our sponsor/in/craigburgess Copper River Bag Co.craig_burgess/channel/craig3r
  22. 22. Thank you!