Self improvement quick and easy


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This article discusses why self improvement does not work for most people. It also discusses the nine positive attributes that are automatically achieved when self improvement is approach from a positive perspective.

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Self improvement quick and easy

  1. 1. Self Improvement – Quick and EasyBy Ross CraftFor most people self improvement just doesn’t work. They buy selfimprovement books, records and video courses that promise to helpovercome the barriers that keeps the person from success, but while thecourse material might sound great, the personal flaw is elusive. The reasonself improvement doesn’t work for them is they are starting from the wrongpremise. Trying to find the personal flaw or personality defect that iskeeping you from achievement is actually a negative approach to achievingself improvement and it just does not work.Hi I am Ross Craft and I had a miracle in my life of recovering from twomedical death sentences and in the process learned what I am about to tellyou the hard way. I did not recover by trying to get rid of the blindness,heart disease and autoimmune disease. I only recovered when I took thepositive approach and forgot about disease and started concentrating onhealth. I started concentrating on getting healthy. I ate better food, I foundsupplements, and I concentrated my mind on positive ideas for health. Thatconcentration included meditation and visualization. In my visualizations, Isaw myself telling my family that I was well and heard what they had to say.I saw myself telling my doctor that I was well and his agreement. Thatsubtle difference changed my mental attitude and my mind bodycommunication. I had several medical specialists during my five year ordealand I later talked to three of them about my recovery. They all agreed thatchanging my mental attitude saved my life. (My story is related in the book“Learning to Dance in the Rain” available on Amazon).Since recovering, I have been researching and discovering what others havewritten about mental attitude and its effects on health, wealth, happinessand abundance in general. This article relates the self improvements thatcome automatically when you make up your mind to a definite majorpurpose to pursue in your life.One on the most fundamental characteristics of all successful individuals isthe fact that theyve decided on what Napoleon Hill, author of Think andGrow Rich, referred to as a definite major purpose. In addition to Hill’sobservation, a now famous twenty-seven year study was conducted ongraduates of a prestigious Ivy League school (Princeton). This study1
  2. 2. followed the lives and progress of all the graduates for twenty seven years.At the end of the study, the results of were published and it was found thatthe three percent of students who had written goals or as I would put it, achief major purpose, had more wealth and happiness than all the ninetyseven percent put together. They had decided early in life that theirendeavors in life would be about a major purpose. This was true eventhough everyone in the class or school for that matter was the cream of thecrop as far as intelligence was concerned.My definite major goal now, is to pass on what I learned and help as manypeople as I possibly can learn how to consciously create their own reality,via the books I write. All the outstanding people in history are identified withtheir major chief purpose. Bill Gates’, (founder of Microsoft) , definiteobjective was to make it possible for everyone to have a powerful laptop ordesktop computer sitting on their desk. Andrew Carnegies definite majorobjective, way back in the late 1800s, was to find a method to mass producesteel, making steel low-cost to the point that numerous merchandise we nowtake for granted might be made utilizing steel.Jacques Cousteaus definite objective was to educate people concerning thewonders of the sea. Napoleon Hills definite objective was to spread hisPhilosophy of Personal Achievement around the globe. Muhammad Alisdefinite main purpose was to be the best heavyweight boxer ever known.Thomas Edisons definite main objective was to see the whole world poweredby electrical energy.Hill noticed that all successful people the top 2% had a definite objective fortheir life, and that the other 98% of people were primarily like rudderlessships, not truly being aware of exactly where they wanted to go, not evencoming close to obtaining a definite main purpose. This is a tragedy, simplybecause as soon as you identify your definite main purpose, a lot ofwonderful self growth happens instantly and automatically, which Ill outlinein a moment. But first, I want to let you know a story about Napoleon Hill.You may be asking yourself why you should spend time focusing on orlearning about Napoleon Hill, and why he knew so much about achievement,so I need to let you know more about his story.Hill was born in 1886; He lost his mother at a really early age, which led tohis being a real problem child. He had a fascinating childhood. His father wasan itinerant preacher who usually left him alone without adult supervision,2
  3. 3. during the time he traveled to a variety of congregations. Hill didnt evenown a pair of shoes till he was twelve years old however he did own arevolver that he carried with him. He was also known as a wild child, aperson to steer clear of especially if didn’t want any trouble.Fortunately, his father remarried when Hill was in his early teenage yearsand when his father introduced his son to his new bride; he did so by saying,"This is my son, Napoleon, the meanest boy in the county," and then warnedher that he would probably just as soon smack her as look at her. His newstepmother took Napoleons chin in her hand, looked him straight in the eye,and said with a smile, "Theres absolutely nothing wrong with this boy. Hesjust incredibly smart and still hasn’t found an idea (definite major purpose)to which to apply his intelligence."Hill wrote that this was the very first time anybody had ever described hisabilities or prospective in a good way, and it changed his life. His step-mother played a big role in his life for a lot of years, which includes givinghim a typewriter and encouraging him to write, which eventually led to himbecoming the author of the best-selling book, after the Bible, in history.In 1908, Hill was a writer for a magazine referred to as The Golden RuleMagazine. Hill was sent to interview Andrew Carnegie, who at that time wasthought to be the richest man in the world, at Carnegies estate in upstateNew York. Hill believed he’d be there for probably an afternoon, butCarnegie took a liking to him and kept him there for three entire days.Carnegie was nearing the end of his career, and at that point was mainlyconcerned with the challenge of giving away most of his fortune. You maynot realize that Carnegie funded most of the public library system of theUnited States, and gave away many millions of dollars just before he died.His estate still continues to donate many millions even to this day.Throughout the three days Hill was with Carnegie, Carnegie described ingreat detail his dream of defining or explaining his philosophy of individualachievement and making it available to the general public, so that anyone,no matter what their circumstances, could attain anything at all they wantedin life. After describing this philosophy for three days, he told Hill that nowthat he had described his philosophy in great detail, he had a question forHill. According to Hill, this is, word for word, what Carnegie said to him:"You now have my idea of a new philosophy, and I wish to ask you aquestion in connection with it, which I want you to answer with a simple yes3
  4. 4. or no. The question is this: If I give you the opportunity to organize theworld’s first philosophy of individual achievement, and introduce you to menwho can and will collaborate with you in the work of organization, do youwant the opportunity, and will you follow through with it to completion if it isgiven to you?" He told Hill that it would likely take twenty years to completethe task.Imagine that you are twenty-one years old, sitting in front from the richestman on this planet, and he asks you such a question. What would you do?What Hill didnt know was that Carnegie had already asked exactly the samequestion to more than 250 other writers, several whom were considerablyolder and more accomplished than he was, and had been unsatisfied withtheir answer. He also didnt understand that Carnegie was timing him usinga stop watch he was holding under his desk to determine if, immediatelyafter hearing each of the facts of his philosophy for three full days, Hill couldmake a definite decision about it within one minute. One of Carnegiesbeliefs was that an individual who couldnt make a prompt choice when he orshe had all the facts couldn’t be trusted to follow through using theirdecision. Hill, the story goes, took specifically twenty-nine seconds to saythat, yes, he would grab the opportunity, and would finish it.Within the next two decades, Hill interviewed virtually every successfulperson within the United States of America, several of them with Carnegiesintroduction. A few of those he interviewed arent as well-known these daysas they had been 80-100 years ago, but youll recognize several names.They consist of Thomas Edison, Clarence Darrow, the great attorney, WilliamWrigley, Jr., Walter Chrysler, Henry Ford, James J. Hill, William JenningsBryan, John D. Rockefeller, F.W. Woolworth, Luther Burbank, the greatbotanist, and Alexander Graham Bell. Hill also interviewed, and was anadvisor to, Presidents Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, and FranklinRoosevelt. Hill wrote a number of Roosevelts famous Fireside Chats, and itwas Hill, who coined Roosevelts famous phrase, "We have nothing at all tofear but fear itself."Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich, he said, during the Great Depression, whilehe was an advisor to FDR, "to keep himself positive," he stated, although alot of people had been afraid.Something like thirty or forty million copies of Think and Grow Rich havebeen sold, making it the second very best-selling book of all time,4
  5. 5. immediately after the Bible, and not a single word of marketing has everbeen used to sell the book. I highly advise you get a copy of Think and GrowRich, and any other book by Napoleon Hill, and read them as many times asyou can, if you’re at all considering individual achievement. Other books ofhis that are highly recommended reading are The Master Key to Riches,Grow Rich with Peace of Mind, and Success Through a Positive MentalAttitude, which he wrote with W. Clement Stone, who, by the way, was oneof Jack Canfields (Chicken Soup for the Soul) mentors. Ive read Think andGrow Rich more than 10 times, and many other successful folks I know haveread it several times as well.At any rate, at the end of twenty years, Hill published a set of books referredto as The Law of Success, which you are able to still get, based on the largenumber of interviews along with the relationships he created using the mostsuccessful people of his day. He stated that he actually utilized 621 of theinterviews in making his philosophy of success. The Law of Success outlinedsixteen principles of success he had learned from these successful people,plus a couple of years later he added a seventeenth principle.I tell this story at great length simply because I really want you tounderstand that Hills ideas arent something he just made up. They camefrom the actual expertise from the highest achieving, make-it-happen peopleon this planet. Since Hill first published these ideas, millions of people haveemployed them to become successful, and its said that Napoleon Hill and hisphilosophy have developed many more millionaires than anyone else inhistory.So, with that background, lets examine the first of Hills principles, that ofDefiniteness of Purpose. What Hill was actually noticing in each of thesuccessful individuals he studied was that every single one of them haddecided on a thing, some purpose, upon which to focus their mind. Your firststep to self improvement is to start looking for a definite purpose to startfocusing your mind on. Hill stated that adopting a definite major purposewas the beginning point of all achievement. (Although at the time I didn’trealize it, my decision to get well was my chief major purpose in life. Beforethat decision, I was visiting a never ending list of medical specialists and justtrying not to be sick.)When you decide on your major life’s purpose, it doesnt mean you need towant to develop a transcontinental railroad or invent the personal computer5
  6. 6. or have some large purpose. Your definite major purpose should be whatyou want to do, big or little. Its your life and you should do what youdesire. I would like to add, that what you happen to be capable ofundertaking is many times greater than you probably think it truly is. And,when all is said and done it actually isnt any tougher to accomplishsomething big than to do something small.Its all a matter of what you want to do with your time. To decide on doingsomething really big, you may pay a bigger price tag that would mean youcouldnt do something else with the time and resources youd use inachieving your goal. Individuals who do something large do so due to thefact they feel a good deal of passion about doing it, so it doesnt feel like asacrifice to them. I work a lot of hours, but I adore what I do, and wouldrather do what I do than something else. I understand that Bob Proctor (starof the movie The Secret), for instance, feels the exact way, even though hescontinuously busy operating on his definite major purpose.Hill noticed that there are a number of very effective advantages which youinstantly gain whenever you adopt a definite purpose in life that is to say,when you focus your thoughts on something you genuinely want and takeaction to acquire it.1. The very first of these benefits is that you quickly begin to create severalpositive and really valuable qualities, such as self reliance, individualinitiative, imagination, enthusiasm, self-discipline, and concentration ofeffort.In the event you’ve ever wondered why particular individuals appear to havethese qualities, and others dont, you now know. Those that have thesequalities have adopted a definite goal. Theyve decided to focus theirthoughts on the attainment of a definite purpose, and as quickly as they do,all kinds of inner resources immediately become available. Know this,whenever you focus your mind on something it is easier to concentrate youraction of carrying it out which makes what you concentrate on take place inreality.This is partly how that occurs: you mind becomes clearer, you feel selfsufficient, your imagination comes alive, and also you get enthusiasm andself discipline and are able to see yourself with your goal accomplished. Youare able to visualize the end result because you now know what the goal is.6
  7. 7. 2. The second benefit of adopting a definite objective and focusing yourmind on it really is that it encourages you to specialize and it attracts to youthe specialized information you need to attain your purpose. When youconcentrate on something you want, your thoughts sends out a type of radarthat attracts you to the information youll need that will help you get whatyou desire.Lets say that your goal is to be a wonderful mother or father. As soon asyou adopt that purpose, your mind begins to demonstrate self reliance. Youstart taking a personal initiative to be a far better mother/father, in otherwords, you develop motivation. Your imagination comes alive, and appearsto effortlessly produce options to difficulties. You create enthusiasm for whatyou’re doing, and you enjoy it more. You develop self discipline, andperforming whatever must be done no longer appears like work. You alsocreate concentration of effort, and dont get distracted by other uses of thetime and resources. And, you start to notice all of the resources ofinformation about the best way you can be a better father.If, on the other hand, your purpose could be to develop a thriving company,exactly the same qualities will come to you as soon as you adopt thecreation of the company as your purpose, however they will provideinformation and ideas that will help you develop the organization as opposedto turn into a much better parent. And, naturally, it is possible to apply thesequalities to different smaller targets. Please don’t assume that you need tobe so focused that you cant do other things in your life.3. The third benefit of adopting a definite goal is the fact that it induces youto budget your time and money and plan your day-to-day affairs in such away that results in the attainment of your goal. You could even stop wastingyour time watching The Survivor Series and American Idol and actually dowhat will genuinely make you into a millionaire or anything else you sochoose to be.4. The fourth advantage is that focusing your thoughts on a definite purposemakes your mind much more alert to opportunities associated to your goaland gives you the courage to act on those opportunities once they appear.When I decided to go into the house rehabbing business, I remember how Ifelt about buying my first house. Since I had a definite purpose and mythoughts were focused on attaining it, I had the courage to go ahead andtake action even though I have to admit I was afraid.7
  8. 8. 5. The fifth advantage of obtaining a definite objective and focusing yourmind on it is that it develops the capacity to reach decisions swiftly andfirmly. Effective individuals make choices as quickly as sufficient facts areoffered and adjust them slowly, if ever. The reason theyre able to makesuch decisions is their thoughts are centered on what they want.As you read this, I hope youre noticing that several of the qualities youveprobably wanted to possess come, in accordance with Hills analysis, just byadopting a definite purpose and focusing your mind on the attainment ofthat goal.6. The sixth benefit of adopting a definite goal is that doing this so inspiresthe cooperation of other individuals and attracts their favorable interest. Thiscan be one of the keys to getting more resources and more pull that will helpyou. This can be how I got my buddy and other investors to invest with mein my house rehabbing company as I needed them along the way. I had nomore pull than you do with such men and women when I started, but mydefiniteness of purpose somehow attracted these as well as other men andwomen to assist me, again and again, as I built my organization. Theidentical thing will occur to you as you adopt a definite goal. Youll attractthe favorable focus and cooperation of other individuals.7. The seventh benefit definiteness of purpose, according to Hill also bringsto you the Twelve Great Riches of Life, which are a good mental attitude,sound physical health, harmony in human relationships, freedom fromworry, the hope of achievement, the capacity for faith, a willingness to shareones blessings, a labor of love, an open mind on all subjects, self-discipline,the capacity to understand folks, and financial freedom.8. The eighth advantage, according to Hill, is that definiteness of purposeprepares our mind for faith, which makes our thoughts positive, and freesour minds from fear, doubt, discouragement, indecision, and is possible to develop the faith you need, and once you feel this way,absolutely nothing can stop you.9. Lastly, the ninth benefit is that definiteness of purpose provides you withan effective awareness and safeguards you from the influences of failureawareness. Your mind become sold on succeeding and refuses to accept thepossibility of failure.8
  9. 9. I dont know about you, but I believe this is quite an impressive list ofadvantages, just for adopting a definite purpose and focusing your mind onattaining it. Its more or less a list of most, if not all, the things an individualcould want in life. So, now it is time for you to adopt a definite purpose, andbegin to work on attaining it so youll be able to see for yourself exactly howthis operates.Reviews on indicate people who like this article will also like“How Winners Win-Visualization the Secret Key” published on Amazon at