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More tips on using technology to improve your health at


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Learn tips how to reactivate your DNA for health at

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More tips on using technology to improve your health at

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here: ====I recently visited my Cardiologists office for a checkup, which went fine, andfound the following article by Dr. James OKeefe M. D. I think youwill like it because helps explain how I recovered my health. New research has shown that yourmind can effect your DNA.New breakthrough technology has made it possible to reawaken your DNA withoutall the physical effort. I believe that I was able to get my bodys rebuilding itself back on to theoriginal blueprint contained in my DNA thru visualizing while in the meditativestate. Dr. OKeefe recognizes that attitude is important and I was able tochange mine.Rejuvenate Your Life By Activating Your Genes"Tough times dont last but tough people do" Robert SchullerIn your genes, and I am not referring to your Levis, you have DNA lying dormant that, whenactivated, can rejuvenate your body and reinvigorate your life. Nature equipped you before youwere born with a set of unimaginably complex and intelligent instructions in the form of DNA.Contained within this blueprint is everything you need to take you to new levels of vitality andhealth.All of your ancient ancestors had one thing in common--they were survivors who overcamedaunting obstacles and hardships in their natural world. Your DNA is a legacy passed down to youfrom thousands of generations of fittest individuals. You have the best of their collective genes, allmeticulously spelled out within the DNA of your genome.Yours is a bloodline of courageous souls who conquered tough times by growing tougherthemselves. Their hardiness lives on in you, but you will never see it fully manifest while justcoasting along on the path of least resistance. No, if you want to grow stronger, you will have topush yourself physically, like your ancestors did. Additionally, if you want to become morevigorous and resilient you will have to consume fewer calories and more nutritious and naturalfoods. Finally, you have to avoid the victim mentality; and exchange any passive, self obsessed,depressed, pessimistic, and fatalistic attitudes for a hopeful, helpful, can-do, upbeat and energeticoutlook. Dont settle for a life dragging around feeling tired, broken, weak, ill, or overwhelmed.Unbeknownst to you, deep within your being you already have what it takes to restore vigoroushealth and well-being. This generic destiny can crystallize into reality when immerse yourself inconditions that more closely simulate the natural human existence of your ancestors. Throughyour action and attitudes you can speak to your genes and call forth those seeds that are codedfor strength and wellness lying dormant within you.A weak, wilting , and sickly cactus struggling to survive in the mild and rainy climate and the richsoil of the Pacific Northwest will automatically begin to thrive when transplanted back to its nativeArizona desert. The parched desert with its unrelenting sunlight is a climate that would kill mostlife, but because these are conditions for which it is genetically designed the cactus not onlysurvives, it thrives. This environment resonates with the cactuss genetic identity, therebyawakening dormant genes. Soon the plant regains its luster, resiliency, and vigor as it prospersagain in its natural home. Nothing in the world will revitalize a life form-plant or animal--as well asreturning it to its natural environment and diet.
  2. 2. Like the cactus each one of us has powers of self-healing and renewal lying latent within ourchromosomes. Youare living in an unnatural world under conditions that are foreign to yourgenetic heritage and this bewilders your genes and causes them to malfunction. A cushy, inactivelifestyle with a glut of nutritionally barren calories signals our genes to lapse into the decay mode,predisposing to lethargy and disease. Rich, high-calorie foods and temporary reprieves fromstrenuous physical work were rare and unexpected windfalls for our ancestors. Today, theseluxurious conditions, which were once uncommon treats, dominate the day-to-day life of mostAmericans. As a species, we have had insufficient time to genetically adapt to these modernaffluent living conditions, sometimes referred to as affluenza. Thus, most people can neitherresist their instincts to eat too much and exercise too little, nor physically cope with the corrosivehealth effects of these behaviors. To be sure, we are becoming victims of our own success.Getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself by reconnecting with the natural worldwill automatically revitalize you health. When you engage in an environment that includes vigorousphysical activity and fresh air, naturally nutritious, low-calorie whole foods, and an attitude ofoptimism, belonging, and purpose, those previously dormant and quiescent genes revive andreboot. These are the conditions that signal to your genes that spring has arrived, and it is time tokick-start your cells back into the thrive mode, which leads to growth and regeneration.Exercise has a particularly potent effect on activating these hibernating genes that can rejuvenateyour mind and body. Daily moderate to heavy physical exertion has been estimated tosubstantially change the function of almost half of the 27,000 genes in the human genome. Thismeans that a consistent regimen of daily exercise will literally rebuild a whole new you. You havefar more strength and resiliency within you than you realize. You have been pre-programmed to beable to rise to new levels of strength, vigor, endurance, and health. Rebuild yourself from theinside out by channeling your ancient ancestors and reactivating your genes.James H. OKeefe M. D.New research has shown that your mind can effect your DNA. I believe that I was able to get mybodys rebuilding itself back on to the original blueprint contained in my DNA thru visualizing whilein the meditative state. Dr. OKeefe recognizes that attitude is important and I was able to changemine.Ross Craft ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here: ====