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Webinar Next Practices


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Go beyond mere best practices into the realm of NEXT practices! Improve your webinar results - engagement, satisfaction, attendance and participation - by implementing these before-webinar tips. Part 1 of 2. Part 2 covers during and after the webinar tips.

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Webinar Next Practices

  1. 1. ebinar NEXT PRACTICESTiffani FreyCraft, Creative
  2. 2.  Goals Agenda, Pt 1 BEFORE THE WEBINAR  Promotion  Registration Form  Confirmation  Reminders  The Presentation  Handouts  Practice©2012 Tiffani Frey
  3. 3. trade VALUE for TIME©2012 Tiffani Frey
  4. 4. DELIVER on your PROMISE©2012 Tiffani Frey
  5. 5. keep it MOVING©2012 Tiffani Frey
  6. 6. answer every QUESTION©2012 Tiffani Frey
  7. 7. BEFORE THE WEBINAR set your GOALS©2012 Tiffani Frey
  8. 8. goals are tangible numbers that can be measured reported on tracked improved©2012 Tiffani Frey
  10. 10. GoToWebinar reports on Number of attendees Attendance rate Attentiveness Poll response rate Survey response rate Duration Interest rating©2012 Tiffani Frey
  11. 11. PROMOTION BEFORE THE WEBINAR©2012 Tiffani Frey
  12. 12. touches 3 weeks 2 weeks 1 week 1 day©2012 Tiffani Frey
  13. 13. The closer you get to the webinar, the more urgent your messaging should get.©2012 Tiffani Frey
  14. 14. Advertising Social media Email Mail Website Associations Industry publications©2012 Tiffani Frey
  16. 16. Ask the QUESTIONS that let you see your attendees©2012 Tiffani Frey
  17. 17. Ask the QUESTIONS that get you information you can use How did you hear about this webinar? On a scale of 1-5 (5 being highest), rate your familiarity with company/product. Would you like to receive our newsletter? What is your biggest challenge in terms of X? What product do you currently use/are considering?©2012 Tiffani Frey
  18. 18. BEFORE THE WEBINAR EMAILS©2012 Tiffani Frey
  19. 19. Confirmations System requirements Outlook reminder Customize message©2012 Tiffani Frey
  20. 20. Reminders 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour Include link to download handouts Customize message Send personal email©2012 Tiffani Frey
  21. 21. Hello! I hope youre as excited as I am for tonights webinar, “Webinar Next Practices.“ Bring your most challenging questions; Im here to help! Attached is a worksheet Ive put together to help you take notes and remember the most important parts of my presentation. I suggest you print it out and have it ready to go when we start. Ill see you online in about an hour!©2012 Tiffani Frey
  23. 23. one thought per slide©2012 Tiffani Frey
  24. 24. 2:1 ratio©2012 Tiffani Frey
  25. 25. 2:1 ratio©2012 Tiffani Frey
  26. 26. 100pt 50pt 40pt 30pt 20pt 10pt©2012 Tiffani Frey
  27. 27. 7 6 5 4 3 2 1©2012 Tiffani Frey No man’s land
  28. 28. NO video or animation©2012 Tiffani Frey
  29. 29. PPTS is your friend©2012 Tiffani Frey
  30. 30. BEFORE THE WEBINAR HANDOUTS©2012 Tiffani Frey
  31. 31. Variety of Worksheet questions Important points Keepsake©2012 Tiffani Frey
  32. 32. Summary Takeaway Contact info Slides?©2012 Tiffani Frey
  33. 33. BEFORE THE WEBINAR PRACTICE©2012 Tiffani Frey
  34. 34. Get to know GoToWebinar Recording Launching polls Hand raise function Questions/chat Changing presenters Drawing tools Sharing mouse control©2012 Tiffani Frey
  35. 35. Practice until you can do it in your sleep©2012 Tiffani Frey
  36. 36. hank you Tiffani Frey Craft, Creative Marketing @tiffanifrey©2012 Tiffani Frey