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Crafitti Overview Share

  1. 1. crafting innovation together Strategy Value Decisions Ideas Productivity Crafitti Consulting Crafting Innovation Together crafting innovation together Inventions Networks Learning Complexity Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 4, 2009 1
  2. 2. Crafitti Consulting: Background crafting innovation together • Crafitti is an innovation research and consulting firm and facilitates innovation in business, science and technology contexts • Crafitti is a young firm (started in June last year) and is currently incubated at the NSR centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at IIM Bangalore • Navneet Bhushan and Karthikeyan Iyer, the founding directors of the firm, have close to 30 years of collective industry experience and have been focused on researching crafting innovation together and facilitating innovation in diverse enterprise contexts over the past decade • Crafitti’s frameworks are a distillation of this experience and provide a potent platform to accelerate innovation in contexts as diverse as building innovative business strategies, conceptualizing and designing new breakthrough products and services, designing technological alternatives, intellectual property portfolio management, process innovation and embedding innovation DNA in organizations. Confidential June 4, 2009 2
  3. 3. Key Spheres of Influence crafting innovation together Embedding Innovation Enabling open DNA , Technology and innovation, Technology Industry & business strategy, and business evolution Ecosystem process productivity and research value generation, IPR advisory services, Patent analysis and portfolio Organization management crafting innovation together Idea generation, People Problem solving, Lean Thinking, Decision making Systems Thinking, Continuous learning Value Crafting, Design Thinking, Inventive Thinking, Decision Crafting Confidential June 4, 2009 3
  4. 4. 9 arms of our Innovation Landscape crafting innovation together Strategy Value Decisions Ideas Productivity Inventions crafting innovation together Networks Learning Complexity Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 4, 2009 4
  5. 5. Lean Inventive Systems Thinking – Crafitti’s umbrella framework for innovative thinking crafting innovation together In addition to Analytical and Logical Thinking . . . Inventive Thinking (inventive triggers, laws of evolution, scenario building, focus on function) Systems Thinking Lean Thinking (holistic approach, (Value maximization, global optima, experimentation, expanded and learning approach, crafting innovation together connected system elegance) context) LIST (Lean Inventive Systems Thinking) Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 4, 2009 5
  6. 6. Our areas of Innovation R&D and Application (an evolving map) crafting innovation together Innovation DNA in Organizations Robustness Scaling Technological Structured Alternatives strategy problem for patent definition Efficiency New Solution Co-creation Mind- Conceptualization Product IP Valuation mapping IT Value Consensus Performance architecture Opportunity building Brainstorming Finding Evolution IP Portfolio Reliability Business crafting innovation together Scenario trends Management Ideation Alignment building and Process Intellectual Creativity Decision Value Problem Property Innovation Product and Business Engineering Solving Crafting Strategy Strategy Grass-roots Innovation Body of Innovation Research Innovation Knowledge Network Experience Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 4, 2009 6
  7. 7. What does Crafitti bring crafting innovation together • Structured and scientific approach to innovation • Proven methodologies, techniques, frameworks and tools for global innovation needs • Innovative business strategies for new ventures – including a unique “invest in the client” model crafting innovation together • Research orientation on “Innovation Science”, feeding new and relevant inputs into emerging technology and business needs • Holistic offering uniquely positioned to synergize technology, business strategy, people capabilities and intellectual property • Rich combination of diverse practical experience in different facets of innovation in a variety of domains Confidential June 4, 2009 7
  8. 8. Directors’ Profile crafting innovation together M.Tech. Computer Science, M.Sc. Software Science, B.Sc. Physics, Diploma Intellectual Property Rights Law, Diploma Patent Information Authored more than forty papers in various journals, and a book on strategic decision making. Close to two decades of experience spanning myriad fields like Navneet Bhushan defense research, innovation consulting, intellectual property management, decision engineering and productivity and value management crafting innovation together Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law Authored several articles and papers on creativity, product and process innovation, intellectual property and value engineering in various journals Close to a decade of industry experience with impetus on grassroots Karthikeyan Iyer consulting on product and process innovation, business and technology strategy and intellectual property management. Confidential June 4, 2009 8