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Software based systems are increasingly ubiquitous, evolving at a breakneck pace, driven by innovative products and services and in the process becoming more and more complex.
Complex systems hide inefficiencies, risks and wastes. Overcoming this complexity requires new non-linear approaches to design, implement and maintain these systems.
While software continues to play an increasingly important role in innovation, protecting and exploiting the value embedded in software IP has proved to be difficult.
The workshop stitches together Crafitti’s experiments, experiential learning and future outlook on two key aspects of software innovation—patents and processes.

March 18, 2010: Software Patents
Implications, Strategy and Valuation

March 19, 2010: Making IT Flow
Applying Lean Inventive Systems Thinking to Software Product Design and Knowledge Work

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Crafitti Events: March 2010

  1. 1. INNOVATION IGNITION IN MARCH 2010: Mark your calendar! Workshop on ‘Software Innovation – Patents and processes’ at Bangalore Mar 18: Software Patents: Implications, Strategy and Valuation Mar 19: Making IT Flow: Applying Lean Inventive Systems Thinking to Software Product Development and Knowledge Work Register online at: http://software- Download complete brochure at CRAFITTI CONSULTING
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