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ilearn, icreate, ishare....ipad apps 2012


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This is a presentation on iPad apps we use @ RSC

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ilearn, icreate, ishare....ipad apps 2012

  1. 1. iLearn, iCreate, iShare....iPad ...appsElyse Gill, Kimberley Hall and Clare RaffertyE Learning Team @ Ringwood Secondary College
  2. 2. • Puppet pals and Sock Puppets – are puppet/movie creation apps. Students can choose characters and settings and record their voices while moving the characters around to create a puppet movie. This could be used to create a story, explain a concept, re-tell an event or an experiment or for primary student to show their research findings. You can save your puppet shows as a movie file and then email them. You could also have students pair and share or work in groups to share and evaluate each others movies – perhaps with a "3,2,1" (3 things I liked, 2 things that could be improved on and 1 thing to add or change).
  3. 3. • Photocard - this is an app where students can create postcards to email to you or anyone! Students can use their own photos, images from other aps or those already in the program. They could use this app to tell you about their expectations for your subject, their thoughts about a topic, their strengths and weakness etc .. They could also use this to app to explain their understanding of a concept or as revision material to explain to a grandparent or friend what they have been doing and what connections to their learning they have made.
  4. 4. • Corkulous – a virtual cork board where students can organise and brainstorm thoughts using tools such as; text, images, web links and labels. Then they can share via email or export as an image or PDF document. Individual boards can be as long and as wide as the student desires. Students can have as many boards as they want.
  5. 5. • 2 Screens - This app allows you to view the iPad screen through a projector. You can display the internet, a whiteboard and also any documents you have been emailed.
  6. 6. • StoryKit and Book Creator - Provides the tools to create a story book. Students can narrate as well as type text in to create a book using photos stored on your Photos app. You will need to have the pictures available on the Photos app to use in the story. StoryKit also provides a simple drawing tool that can be used to draw a picture while creating the story.• v=RSWQkUS4kXk&feature=player_embedded#at=307
  7. 7. • Smartnote - electronic notebooks, but more than a note taking app. Sketch out your idea using drawing tools, take notes using text or voice record your thoughts. It also contains a built-in calculator, venn diagrams, music notes and more. Export as: pdf, html, email page or save and upload to Dropbox.• A great basic functionality is that it allows you to open and edit (highlight, circle, draw over, type in) any PDF documents.
  8. 8. MindMash - a brainstorming and note-taking application. Itallows you to create a page of information that includes:combining and manipulating text, images and drawings.
  9. 9. • Toontastic - Create an animated story with structure - use the Story Arc to select a scene, conflict, challenge, climax and resoultion.• Draw your own scenes, characters or use the collection included.• Create your animation by moving characters around onscreen and telling your story through play.
  10. 10. Strip designer – this is a comic creation app. With thisapp, students can create and then email a comic strip orstrips to anyone. They could use this app to create astory about a concept or skill, teach someone else howto do something, create a how to, explain a concept,show their research, apply their knowledge, design asolution to problem or pose a question and answer it.
  11. 11. SketchBook Express -An awesome drawing app - you can sketch, add in an image or text - create a diagram to explain something and addannotations! you can then save to your photos and use inanother app for a project, story, presentation, revisionmaterials, etc.
  12. 12. Bamboo Paper - provides you with the ability to createvirtual notebooks for your iPad, letting you share yourideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches ordoodles.You could:– map out math and science equations,-compose music,-create arts and crafts projects,-create concept maps,-plan out ideas for any project,-make notes from class or while on the go-create revision materials-Communicate with charts and graphs, collaborate duringbrainstorming sessions, sketch a design while on the goShare your ideas – send an individual page or an entirebook by e-mail.Present your thoughts to a group – connect your iPad to aprojector to show off your sketches and ideas to othersduring class
  13. 13. Turn your iPad into your personal interactivewhiteboard!- ShowMe allows you to record voice-overwhiteboard tutorials and share them online.It’s a radically intuitive app that anyone willfind extremely easy to use, regardless of ageor background.- Voice-record- Multiple brush colors- Pause and erase- Import images- Unlimited lesson length- Free to upload to to shareyour recordings with your class- Easyembedding for sharing anywhere.- Screenchomp and Explain Everything -very similar functionality, slightly more user-friendly.
  14. 14. Caster free / Quickvoice: allowyou to record your voice andcreate a podcast for yourself,your class or teacher to listen to.It can be emailed and thereforeshared with the class or teacher.Use for revision material,thoughts on an issue, pretendingto create an interview withsomeone or the inventor/writerof something or screen playabout a topic of choice. Youcould also just compileinstruction on how to dosomething.
  15. 15. Create Front PageNews - Create the front pageof a news for any subject.Add headlines, images andwrite articles, then email apdf version to anyone.
  16. 16. Photo apps• The students or teacher could choose a photo and think about the time it was taken, its place in history, get them to think about what happened in the lead up to the photo being taken?• What happened after the image was taken?• Have the students use their senses what do they see, hear, smell, taste and feel etc• Students could then break into groups and discuss their image or create a piece of writing or a recording audio or video of their ideas.• You can use this app for creative writing, reflective writing, historical writing, issues based work, story telling, research etc
  17. 17. • The Guardian eyewitness app gives you a rich photo each day – it showcases the world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs, providing a daily, visual reflection of global events.
  18. 18. • Fotopedia Heritage - celebrates the beauty of our world. To get started click "here", you then will get an image. You can also click on the globe and get a map which shows you where the images are from. You can click on the dots to view the images from that country and if you click on the "i" you can get information about the image.
  19. 19. • Rough Guides World Lens - This is another rich photography app. It does take a little while to download all the photos when you first download it, but it is well worthwhile. Click on the line of squares to see all the images• Click on this icon to get a world map identifying where the images were taken.
  20. 20. Rorys Story Cubes - gives students new story startersat the roll of electronic dice.
  21. 21. Sonic Pics Lite - Add titles,images then voice record astory or explanation etc,save and then create andexport your presentation asa video.Note: The Lite version whichis free allows you to add 3images and add 10 minutesof recording.
  22. 22. Mental Case Classroom Edition -Flashcards PUMPED UP! You can use voice and pictures,not justwords and definitions. Test student knowledge in different ways
  23. 23. StoryBoards - Storyboards lets you create your movies storyboard yourself, without theneed for any drawing ability.Thanks to the hundreds of characters and props included in the app, youll be able toquickly compose the shots of your next movie, through an intuitive and feature-rich touchinterface. The characters and props are located inside the Library. Tap anywhere in adrawing to open it, or tap the Library button on the right of the toolbar. The free versionlets you create up to 2 storyboards of 10 drawings.
  24. 24. gFlash+ - create flashcards and share them with anyone, downloadcard sets from the gWhiz Catalog, have flashcards with images, foreignlanguage characters, and customize text. Then you can study a cardset or take a quiz to test your knowledge. Great for revision, reflection,homework, etc.