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Ict science 2013


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ICT in Science

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ict science 2013

  1. 1. Workshop details Presented by: * Elyse Macdonald and Clare Rafferty * We teach in iPad 1:1 classrooms @ yr 7 and 8 * On Twitter @craff2008 * Clare’s Blog: *This presentation can be found @ titled: ICTScience 2013 (without the video material and student images :)
  2. 2. Powerful resources, engaging tools There is an app for that.....
  3. 3. Apps for Creativity Teachers focus on task rather than app Rubrics guide students and support learning and assessment Create Collaborate Celebrate Cooperate Challenge Communicate Share
  4. 4. Sketch Nation studio – create your own games
  5. 5. Minecraft Test hypothesis around Gravity, Circuits, Sustainability, effects of environmental destruction, Learn about Survival,
  6. 6. Created by Andrew Hansen used with permission
  7. 7. Sounds and music Cryptic clues Images
  8. 8. BrainPoP UK
  9. 9. Other apps to check out
  10. 10. skitch
  11. 11. Popplet lite
  12. 12. Simple Mind + Idea Sketch
  13. 13. Educreations Show Me
  14. 14. GarageBand create rap songs Creative Book Builder
  15. 15. Snap Guide
  16. 16. Toontastic PuppetPals HD Photocard Corkulous ProPocket Screen Chomp Sketchbook express 8mm HD Glow draw Educreations Strip designer SmartNote Nearpod SnapGuide Pic Collage Haiku Deck
  17. 17. record booth Discovr Apps MyStory popplet lite songify ABC iview BrainPOP UK sock puppets school a to z Book creator Creative Book Builder Hokusai soundcloud Chirp
  18. 18. Websites to discover - Paid apps gone free or reduced in price....
  19. 19. Image By Brian Metcalfe under Creative Commons: The Best Teachers Image licensed under Creative Commons by Michael Mistretta: