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HTAVC14 Creating content with iBook Author


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This is the workshop presentation given by Clare Rafferty and Lucy Moore at the HTAV annual 2014 conference. The workshop was on creating content with IBookAuthor

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HTAVC14 Creating content with iBook Author

  1. 1. Creating with iBook Author Clare Rafferty and Lucy Moore
  2. 2. iBooks
  3. 3. Choosing a Template NB: Ensure you choose a template that can be used in landscape as widgets come out really small and other formatting is not as nice in
  4. 4. Carefully plan your pages
  5. 5. Size does matter
  6. 6. Copyright
  7. 7. Remember design features
  8. 8. Sections
  9. 9. Pages
  10. 10. Add a glossary
  11. 11. Add interactive elements to your book - widgets are key Create interactive elements using widgets in iBook Author or ..
  12. 12. Widgets within the software of iBook author * Once you insert your widget you can move and resize the widget to where you want on the page
  13. 13. Instant Alpha Remove the background or unwanted elements from a photo You use the Instant Alpha tool to make parts of a photo transparent. This feature is useful for removing an unwanted background or colors. You’ll get the best results removing solid colors with clear boundaries. To remove areas that are less distinct, select a smaller area and repeat the process. Select the photo. Choose Format > Image > Instant Alpha. Click the color you want to make transparent, and drag slowly over it. As you drag, the selection grows to include the contiguous area that uses similar colors. You can control how much of the photo is selected by dragging less or more. To remove all instances of the color from the photo, hold down the Option key while you drag. click return to make selection transparent ( works in Keynote and pages also )
  14. 14. From this to this with Alpha
  15. 15. The inspector is your friend
  16. 16. Inspector
  17. 17. Have multiple inspector windows
  18. 18. Use Pages to make book creation easy
  19. 19. Widget - Gallery
  20. 20. Widget - Video
  21. 21. Widget - Keynote presentations
  22. 22. Widget - 3D images
  23. 23. Widget - Interactive images
  24. 24. Widget - Review interactions
  25. 25. Widget - HTML content
  26. 26. Sharing
  27. 27. PublishingYou can submit your book for publication on the iBooks Store, or export it in a variety of formats and distribute it yourself. Before you can publish to the iBooks Store, you need to do the following - assuming you have an apple id : Sign up for a Free or Paid Books Account. You can sign up during the publishing process (after you click Publish). Signing up for an account is free. Free Books Account: If you are going to offer only books for free, create a Free Books Account. If you create a Free Books Account and decide to sell books, you need to create a Paid Books Account. Paid Books Account: To sell books on the iBooks Store, you need a Paid Books Account (you can still offer books for free if you like). With a Paid Books Account, you need to provide banking and tax information so that you can receive payments for the books you sell on the iBooks Store. After you create your Paid Books Account, sign in and activate your contract. Download iTunes Producer, the application you use to deliver your book to the iBooks Store. You can download iTunes Producer for free as part of the publishing process. Create a sample book (required with a Paid Books Account) for customers to view for free before deciding to purchase your book. During the publishing process, iBooks Author can create a sample based on one of your book’s chapters. Or, you can create a sample manually. After iBooks Author creates your book file for you, make sure the file is no larger than 2 GB (the iBooks Store file size limit). Also, note the following: Readers using a 3G connection can’t download books larger than 20 MB. If you create your sample book manually, make sure you keep the size of your sample book smaller than 20 MB. The larger the book, the longer it takes to download, and the more storage it uses. Movies in particular can be very large. For best results, keep your book file smaller than 1 GB.