Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards ALegal Enterprise ? Who Is Robert Burks? Detailed Analysis Your Ex...
with with regard to ZeekRewards, stated credit with regard to driving repayment options  overseas , forecasted federal tra...
better business bureau ranking with regard to Rex opportunity group is actually "f ", as well as dontsucceed (at the time ...
the bidders POV. This can lead to some in order to imagine that generally there become shillbusinesses robots just to bet ...
methods to make , several involves enrolling men and women , rather than selling things. Theparticular "cash flow disclosu...
on to experience errors for a lot of weeks , at the time of stop involving this summer 2012 (discoverupdates below ).NOTE:...
entered. Exactly how else may they incorrectly keyed in 8-10.9% rather 2.89%?Q: Do you believe that ZeekRewards, keeping j...
not necessarily custom-made with regard to Zeekrewards. Its the same generic conformity coursewith mlmcompliancevt.nEt.Q: ...
depends on how hard you work and what outcomes youre capable of accomplish achievablefunction.In Zeek advantages , the mon...
items , whom do the same function. The variation is how significantly cash they compensated inthe program , not necessaril...
they certainly therefore. The truth that ZeekRewards started this particular "conformitymovements " within feb 2012 in ord...
involving Zeekler and Zeekrewards? rationally the answer then is "zero ".As the excess demands will not defeat component s...
analysis.A2. Does Zeek advantages come with an root creation that is actually genuine ? as well as justdeceptive undercove...
encouraged to "flip " his or her benefits as "reinvestment" to maintain the bucks inside theprogram rather than using agai...
There could possibly be additional problems with Zeekrewards.ZeekRewards could possibly be a good outlawed lotteryAs menti...
Q: i recognize i will certainly obtain a 1099 with regard to vip estimates over a “Constructive bill.”consequently , i wil...
Some ZeekRewards affiliates wish to withhold most bet acquisitions , including"reinvestments" as enterprise expenditure. t...
once-a-year earnings is actually 117 millionWhile these kinds of amounts are no doubt impressive (possibly to some degree ...
involving discussion board below.The "established " purpose offered by ZeekRewards is the fact that his or her present a p...
(in the past the queue had been misread as the event pricing $1000, the error has been fixed )Search involving Clemmons no...
all performing similar to dictators, we.e. "close upward as well as abandon "?Q: in the event the reason had been genuine ...
UPDATE: there are now reviews about myspace and ZeekSupport forum that both fellowmember sign up along with bet acquisitio...
However, ZCustomers has this particular worth it to read item in their faq :Q: do the particular prospects be aware that t...
regard to "Zonalibre1", that is panama , which were purportedly recharged simply by Zeek.In stop involving may possibly we...
accounts ) that shows NxPay® how you wish to send out the particular funds lodged.You *do* deposit funds in order to eWall...
do not spend Zeek using NxPay about to catch receiving payment using NxPay either, hintingthat Zeek (with regard to not kn...
UPDATE: youll find reviews its fixed right before this summer 4th.Getting reviews from Zeek that several that and machine ...
shows on the number of solved happenings via 04 in order to july 2012. Ahead of may possibly 2012there were several differ...
informed the particular audience in order to trust your pet , like a long time veteran on the market.They know what he is ...
have advised Zeek toward federal trade commission conformity simply by shifting his or her plasticcard processor chip over...
Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards A Legal Enterprise _ Who Is Robert Burks_ Detailed Analysis Your Ex E
Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards A Legal Enterprise _ Who Is Robert Burks_ Detailed Analysis Your Ex E
Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards A Legal Enterprise _ Who Is Robert Burks_ Detailed Analysis Your Ex E
Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards A Legal Enterprise _ Who Is Robert Burks_ Detailed Analysis Your Ex E
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Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards A Legal Enterprise _ Who Is Robert Burks_ Detailed Analysis Your Ex E


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Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards A Legal Enterprise _ Who Is Robert Burks_ Detailed Analysis Your Ex E

  1. 1. Inspecting Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Can Be Zeek Rewards ALegal Enterprise ? Who Is Robert Burks? Detailed Analysis Your ExEThere can be a a lot of open cash flow possibilities web all of them assure long-term lawful andworkable cash flow. One of the most the latest to get popular is called "ZeekRewards", managesimply by robert Burks involving "Rex opportunity group ".In this particular hub , i will go through the many publicly published information regarding robertBurks, Rex opportunity group , and Zeekler and Zeek advantages. I will individual the facts throughthe examination , and detail the source of data. That is to help you constitute your personal mind.I are not necessarily going to let you know what you should feel. In reality , we issue any person whodesire you to definitely feel a certain approach , about exactly why theyd need to do therefore. And iwould suggest you think about exactly why might any one would love you to consider a selectedapproach , rather than giving you data to help you constitute your personal mind.Instead, i will present a couple of questions that you *should* have requested before you joined upwith (if anyone already joined , it isnt past too far ought to today...)I are not necessarily going to sugarcoat the particular examination much like me not necessarilyselling anyone anything at all. If this particular results in as "damaging ", look at just how much"optimistic " propaganda you might have been around , and how significantly data they didnot let you know. think about that as you read this particular hub.NOTE: this particular hub is in chronological get. The most recent updates are at ab muscles stop.Latest updates :• 30-OCT-2012 phone delivered 1200 subpoenas in preparation involving clawbacks via folks who taken advantage of this particular Ponzi scheme• 27-SEP-2012 phone declared hed collateralized more than more than 200 zillion that is to be went back in order to victims , will continue to perform his job• 27-AUG-2012 phone appointed simply by the courtroom to seal along Zeek and give back cash in order to victims• 17-AUG-2012 ZEEK advantages power down simply by SEC• 04-AUG-2012 ZeekRewards father or mother organization statements to possess get in touch with new york credit union and "power down falsehoods " at the source• 03-AUG-2012 upcoming "qualifiers" and Zeebates anxieties affiliates• 02-AUG-2012 Rex opportunity group and ZeekRewards better business bureau ranking returning to F• 02-AUG-2012 reviews area concerning new york credit union caution users concerning Zeek getting perhaps fraudulent• 02-AUG-2012 Keith Laggos, network marketing expert in order to ZeekRewards, discovered hes a joint venture partner , along with consulting with regard to ZeekRewards, and posted advantageous posts over it about his magazine. After expose , he or she no longer conferred
  2. 2. with with regard to ZeekRewards, stated credit with regard to driving repayment options overseas , forecasted federal trade commission will certainly strike Zeek in under a year• 27-JUL-2012 expert whom stated to work for Zeek father or mother organization delivered takedown discover and knocked this particular hub offline , nevertheless did not telephone particularly exactly how this particular hub is actually violating trademarks and libel.• 27-JUL-2012 Randy Schroeder, network marketing veteran and go involving big network marketing , cell phone calls ZeekRewards the Ponzi plan , anticipates quick stop and tremendous grief in order to any one whom joinedAccording to a Zeek "instruction " site , Zeekler started its living within 03 this year as "FSCAuction".FSC was a a part of Rex opportunity group referred to as "no cost keep club ". Within july theparticular auction had been relabeled Zeekler, and then for a few months , it turned out often knownas an alternative auction under Rex opportunity group referred to as MyBidShack, nevertheless wasmade a separate auction within dec this year.NPros, however , had a different story. That stated that Zeekler did not begin until eventually theyacquired the atlanta cent Auctioneer referred to as iTicketBid, within september this year. ITicketBidhad a background involving failing to deliver stated things. Atlanta experienced ruled that centauctions must be certified by the state auction percentage and owned "Wavee" out of business at thetime of this summer this year.It would seem the simple truth is a variety of both the : Rex opportunity group do begin FSCAuctionswithin 04 this year (some remnants can still be available on myspace and such by means of yahooand google look for ), FSC auctions had been relabeled Zeekler within july this year , and some timethen it acquired as well as combined using MyBidShack. For a time are both living collectively , butdifferent workers comp strategies. Zeekler ordered iTicketBid within september this year andcombined that straight into Zeekler. Within dec this year both the individual internet sites (Zeekler andMyBidShack) tend to be combined once again once you get your affiliate plan and relaunched as justZeekler. MyBidShack continued to be active nevertheless is often a portal straight into Zeekler.If anyone look for MyBidShacks the dynamic naming service youll see its domain registrar isdefinitely Zeekler, managed simply by robert Burks, and gives exact same address as Zeekler andZeekRewards. What is actually interesting is actually MyBidShack had been owned in early next yearsimply by Darryl Douglas, that is today one of the leading a few with Zeekler.UPDATE: new york Auctioneer panel verifies that Rex opportunity group holds auction organizationpermit #9401, released within 03 2012. Zeekler operated for up to a pair of 365 day with noacquiring the appropriate auction permit.ZeekRewards statements to be described as a "advantages program " with regard to Zeekler, the"cent auction " site in which bidders purchase estimates , to get allocated to things. Zeekler andZeekRewards is often a a part of Rex opportunity group , that is manage simply by robert Burks, whomay have a fairly prolonged background within network marketing , occupying more than fourteen along time at the time of early 2012. However , his background had been barely pristine. The current
  3. 3. better business bureau ranking with regard to Rex opportunity group is actually "f ", as well as dontsucceed (at the time of 07-MAY-2012). This is transformed in order to "zero ranking " at the time of14-JUL-2012, nevertheless the recheck with 01-AUG-2012 shows its returning to f once again.NOTE: Zeekler is not in operation with regard to 14-15 a long time. Rex opportunity group hasbeen in enterprise with regard to 14-15 a long time. Zeekler identify was only employedconsidering that july this year , and ZeekRewards considering that next year.What is actually Zeekler?Zeekler is often a cent auction site , in which men and women purchase estimates (because bothversions charge with regards to a dollar as well as much less ), they will post for a number of thingsupward with regard to businesses , making use of one particular bet at the same time. A finalparticular person to get a bet within "benefits " that. Chances are theyll pays for the item and alsohave that transported to them , as well as tend to "spend " that and get the difference between theparticular MSRP as well as the "bet cost ".Heres a sample auction : item with regard to bet is often a affordable android mobile phone tabletusing MSRP involving $100. The "leading 5 " auction indicates you should employ upward 5estimates to begin businesses. Each and every bet increases the cost of that simply by one particularcent. Let point out shipped to you that with 12.55 (getting a final particular person in order to post anoffer ), which will declare that 1250 estimates was submitted simply by several bidders , all of towhom furthermore compensated extra 5 estimates to join the task. Anyone probable spent twohundred estimates or more in order to acquire (most likely nearer to 300 ). As the winner , after thatyou can spend $12.55 , and delivery , as well as the item will certainly reach anyone in a few severalweeks.How significantly may Zeekler clear ? each and every bet is actually sixty five pence or so. If youllfind a hundred bidders , 1250 estimates might world wide web $812.5 about estimates on its own ,plus one more 5 estimates per prospective buyer (its really a leading 5 auction ) which will include325. nExt there is certainly $12.55 for the item alone. Overall earnings for starters item : $1150. Thisis not keeping track of the cost of working the whole thing or even the price of that , obviously. (aswell as delivery and handling )Lets believe you would spend two hundred estimates in order to acquire this particular item (a lttle biton the reduced side when overall estimates surpass a thousand ), thats $130, plus $12.55 for theitem , plus $10 within delivery and handling... You really compensated $152.55 with an item usingMSRP involving $100, while you "experienced " anyone compensated just 12.55. So we areemploying positive amounts (rather nominal amount of estimates ). That is therefore harmful , the ftcactually create a consumer alert specifically caution all people concerning cent auctions.There are a handful of anomalous designs. Many people are employing preposterous level ofestimates , such as more than 1400 estimates (highly valued with approximately $910) with regard to$100 money. And that is just one single particular person , not necessarily overall amount ofestimates (thats regarded as more than 5400 estimates ) that produces simply no impression through
  4. 4. the bidders POV. This can lead to some in order to imagine that generally there become shillbusinesses robots just to bet the prices , but theres zero substantiation.What is actually Zeek advantages ?ZeekRewards may be the "invitation just promoting split " involving Zeekler. It turned outstarted in past due this year (possibly as past due as jan next year ).ZeekRewards alone will not generate profits , in line with the established reason. Users are simplygiven the discuss in the profits (via Zeekler) with regard to doing a bit of marketing promotions andputting cash in the program by purchasing and "offering " estimates , and then for not taking profitsout of the program.ZeekReward users need to spend the regular monthly membership payment. Youll find "no costaffiliates ", but you are not necessarily qualified to apply for the money revealing.ZeekRewards compensation PlanIn just about any income opportunity , anyone carry out some pursuits for the organization , as well asin give back , you get taken care of executing that task. This is called the particular pay plan , anddecides the particular possibility as well as the legality in the enterprise.Regarding ZeekRewards, you get compensated six to eight ways , that is from their site under"receives a commission ". rAther than regurgitating his or her vocabulary , i will just let you know thaharsh truth :• ZAP percentage -- receives a commission if you relate folks who purchase "bet packages "• Retail keep -- sell stuff from a "store " and pants pocket profits• Retail items share (in the past known as earnings share ) -- article advertisings anywhere else , one particular each day , and ensure you possess men and women (whom compensated to join ) under anyone (discover modify below ), "give away " the particular estimates to select consumers , and you will get yourself a discuss in the "retail items share " (described as 50% involving everyday earnings as well as earnings ). EDIT: the requirement "possess men and women under anyone " had been taken out within 03 2012. Thanks in order to Georgi with regard to spotting this error.• Retail membership -- get percentage away from folks who "activated " in order to Zeek (we.e joined up with as affiliate )• Shopping Daisy -- make percentage by providing aside this particular buying web browser toolbar (furthermore recruits men and women , nevertheless at least that charge practically nothing )• Matrix percentage -- you additionally earn money from men and women under anyone... Whom compensated in the program by collecting estimates sometimes using their individual cash , as well as using proceeds extracted from retail items share discuss as spelled out previously mentioned.There are no stats as well as graph and or chart that clarifies just how much the averageaffiliate gained in the past via each of the six to eight methods to make. Out of the six to eight
  5. 5. methods to make , several involves enrolling men and women , rather than selling things. Theparticular "cash flow disclosure statement " unveiled within 03 2012 will not lose just about any mildwith this situation. However , the particular "average " getting of an affiliate , in accordance with his orher next year cash flow disclosure statement , is actually actually zero. Even though theyre saying tohave 15000 "active " affiliates in the united states , and paid out more than fifty eight.5 zillion.Based about study of various forum postings , folks are primarily considering the particular "retailitems share ", which works on the very odd program in order to estimate just how much earningsyoull be able to "discuss ", which we are going to clarify in the next part. nEvertheless generally ,your "discuss " in the earnings is primarily determined by how much cash you might havespent in the program and how prolonged you might be retaining that within and never usingagainst each other.(thanks to java with regard to nitpicking concerning "cent auction " as opposed to. "change auction ")Q: is actually ZeekRewards rewarding affiliates for the function they do , or for the money theyallocated to Zeek? (the first kind is often a job , rogues is an expense.)In ZeekRewards, in order to "discuss " inside the earnings share , you need to give away atleast ten estimates (we.e. You will need to purchase for them initial ), and article an ad eachand every one day. Anyone , obviously , have to be the having to pay affiliate as well. Prior toyou main difference in early 2012, youre necessary to possess at least a pair of having to payaffiliates under anyone (silver precious metal , gold , as well as precious stone , $10, $50, as well as$99 each month respectively) at the same time. This is taken out.For each and every bet you buy and give aside , anyone make one particular "vip ProfitPoint" in yourshare. At the end of each and every morning , ZeekRewards will certainly declare a profit discuss ,which averages concerning one particular.4%.Let us all believe you needed in the past obtained a thousand estimates , and therefore , acquired athousand vip items. One particular.4% involving a thousand is actually fourteen , therefore thats yourcurrent "earnings discuss " of the morning , $14. Youll be able to tend to spend most $14 aboutrepurchase involving estimates , that is included with your current overall (and that means you todayindividual 1014 items ). Or else you can pick 100% cashout, and that means you will certainly getfourteen money and $14 is actually included with your money equilibrium. Or else you can docombining no matter what portion you would like among repurchase and funds out and about.Each stage features a lifetime of 90 days , including the items gained about "earnings discuss ". If youordered a thousand estimates , but happened to be a thousand items , with stop involving morningone particular you will have 1014 items , a thousand that expires within fifth 89 nights , and fourteenexpires within 90 days (if you select total repurchase). Inside the on the other hand your current itemstend to be entitling you to definitely additional gives in the earnings.The repayment is often delivered simply by check out , with a insulate involving 20 nights plus flowtime. Even though ZeekRewards designed a drive to work with repayment processor chip such asAlertPay and Solidtrust spend starting 2012. Zeek have also additional NxPay. The 3 possess carried
  6. 6. on to experience errors for a lot of weeks , at the time of stop involving this summer 2012 (discoverupdates below ).NOTE: no cost affiliates could get "bonus points ", that is generally an easy method for the items tokeep if you select in order to transform your current items straight into vip items simply by replacingyour current account after.Q: in which really does the money come from ? will they come from the consumers anyonepurportedly will certainly generate ? as well as is it through the estimates you purchased ?According in order to ZeekRewards, the particular everyday earnings discuss is actuallyworked out with a amazing method making use of numbers which are enterprise techniquesand will do not be unveiled. however , the telephone number might vary from 2.9% all the way up totwo.0%, with an regular of a single.4% as well as one particular.5%. To place that straight into pointof view , a mentioned scam prosecuted by the SEC and us all key support , "advertising surf everyday", supplied "rebate " involving 1% about mondays to fridays and 2.5% about weekends.Furthermore, within 04 , once they declared excluding of countless countries (discover below ), therewere several failures involving Zeekler for about fourteen hours. Yet the earnings discuss forthe interruption nights continue being essentially unrevised. Many pundits possess asked how isthis particular "earnings discuss " actually worked out. Burks possess in the past stated this method isoften a amazing enterprise key and will do not be discovered. Pundits about multiple internet sitesrecharged that its a great deal more probable that Burks just constructed the particular amounts inhis go with no regard in order to fact.Many users and pundits possess created spreadsheets in order to style theoretical earningsaccording to expense quantity , earnings discuss rates , reinvestment quantity , etc. Models show ifthe particular "earnings discuss " is actually larger than one particular.1% 100% reinvestment wouldjust barely offset just about any expiring items. Thus, its possible to withdraw "earnings " so longas the common earnings discuss surpass one particular.1%.Q: how is Zeek creating well beyond one particular.1% earnings according to overall level ofvip earnings items , that is probable inside the many thousands nowadays ?Based on the ZeekRewards next year cash flow disclosure statement , making use of amount ofaffiliates at intervals of degree , and regular salary of this kind of people , the overall payout in orderto users within next year is actually approximated to get fifty eight.5 zillion money. Whichequates to get $160,000 earnings every day contributed.UPDATE: in the long run involving may possibly 2012, ZeekReward put in one day earningsdiscuss involving 8-10.9%, next quickly posted the correction they had a "guide decimal stagemisplacement". This can be a total offer from their media site :A guide decimal location error happened tonite whenever starting the particular RPP. Alterations willprobably be created to most company accounts afflicted immediately. Most unaffected companyaccounts will certainly manage usually. Many thanks , Zeek.Clearly, the particular everyday earnings discuss is just not worked out , but , manually
  7. 7. entered. Exactly how else may they incorrectly keyed in 8-10.9% rather 2.89%?Q: Do you believe that ZeekRewards, keeping just one or two hundred auctions each day , isactually getting more than $320,000 (and increasing ) every day , most likely above 300 ,000everyday now? (bear in mind , they discuss "approximately 50% involving everyday earnings ") Andmay consistently make increase this kind of in order to outpace stage development in theparticular near future ?ZeekRewards started functioning within next year , possibly at once stated a good return(return on investment ) involving guaranteed 125%. This had been marketed on multilple websites simply by its affiliates. That most changed in early 2012, whenever ZeekRewards employedan attorney plus a network marketing expert (between several other men and women ) toensure his or her business is agreeable effortlessly suitable laws. rIght after several weeks ,plan bring up to date had been pushed in the market to most affiliates :STOP referring to ZEEKREWARDS as expense IMMEDIATELYAll us all primarily based users are needed to spend $10 for any "conformity package deal " andconfirm that they recognize these kinds of limits , as well as his or her account will probably befinished quickly.There is also misc alterations , but that is the one that afflicted probably the most users. Hundreds ,possibly a huge number of facebook videos and internet sites , posts , and postings , promotingZeekRewards faded practically immediately.ZeekRewards employed many prominent law firms and attorneys along with networkmarketing pro Laggos to test with regard to conformity. One attorney at law is actually GeraldNehra involving Nehra and Waak. Mr. Nehra is an network marketing pro , getting dished up as goinvolving Amways lawful split with regard to 10 years prior to making that his primary enterprise asboth expert and network marketing law firm and is also well known on the market. However , GeraldNehra has also been known for filing a good affidavit (after checking out advertising surfeveryday with regard to conformity ) informing the government the courtroom that"advertising surf everyday " is just not the Ponzi plan , one thing the federal the courtroomcould not agree using. advertising surf everyday had been prosecuted and power down simply byfederal trade commission within 08 and 55 zillion money forfeited and paid back in order to individualswithin next year.UPDATE: its been delivered to my own interest that network marketing pro Keith Laggos, who hadbeen employed simply by Zeek as expert , furthermore filed a good amicus simple to the courtinforming the particular decide that ASD is just not the Ponzi. Clearly , he or she had beenwrong at the same time. you should furthermore discover media bring up to date at the endwhenever Laggos had been found advertising something else and immediately no longer consultswith regard to Zeek.UPDATE: conformity package deal had been ultimately posted at the time of 07-MAY-2012, and firstimpulse simply by users is actually blended , as it is a normal network marketing conformity course ,
  8. 8. not necessarily custom-made with regard to Zeekrewards. Its the same generic conformity coursewith mlmcompliancevt.nEt.Q: what exactly had been the particular network marketing conformity course meant to train ?that ZeekRewards is just not a great investment ? the actual structure decides perhaps thebusiness is a great investment using use of the particular Howey test. Same goes with theparticular conformity course supposed to proper the unawareness by the affiliates , or topropagate the mirage?In 04 2012, ZeekRewards easily finished many intercontinental affiliates. To date ,ZeekRewards refused to list out the particular countries which are afflicted , as well as theamount of affiliates have been afflicted. however , simply by comparing the country listing beforeand after the progres , six to eight countries have been found to be absent inside the last optionversion. ZeekRewards are yet to established their email list involving banned countries , notspelled out exactly why this is carried out.Speculations have been uncontrolled , using no less than one network marketing advocate taking achance this revolved around federal trade commission caution concerning cent auctions (except thismakes zero impression as federal trade commission is an united states firm dealing with united stateslaw , why prohibit intercontinental affiliates ?) one particular Zeekreward assist response stated that isdue to measures and procedures via those countries , not necessarily ZeekRewards. Memberswithin those countries will probably be just paid back his or her regular monthly account feesand first bet acquisitions. Most vip items gained tend to be misplaced.One few days after , about ZeekRewardNews, Paul Burks, top dog , stated that countries whichwere banned have been done to conform to us all section involving Treasury, business officeinvolving unusual asset manage (OFAC) whom maintains a report on sanctions. Burks justreferred to "banned countries " and supplied zero specifics.Request in order to OFAC with regard to remark and study involving OFAC report on supportssignifies that youll find presently zero supports against those six to eight countries that willbring about blanket prohibit of people six to eight countries.ZeekRewards presently doesnt have a remark as well as clarifications, bringing about outcrybetween some other intercontinental affiliates , both in and out of the afflicted countries. In additionthere are reviews on what the organization is merely employing a no cost google30mail address inorder to procedure refunds, and is also very slow or maybe flat out not necessarily answering andadjusting queries. nEvertheless , is not established. More and more whining through the afflictedcountries are actually users for more than per year and is also shown to possess important vip stagebills.Q: clearly the particular robert Burks reason is just not in line with specifics. Why had beenthat supplied ? the thing that was the real story ?In an authentic enterprise in places you benefit the bucks , your current compensation usually
  9. 9. depends on how hard you work and what outcomes youre capable of accomplish achievablefunction.In Zeek advantages , the money revealing program stimulates those who have small good balance tonot necessarily withdrawn hardly any money , even though those who have large stage bills maywithdraw lots of cash. quite simply , about to catch getting rewarded for the level of functionyou need to do , but for sum of money you place in the program and retaining that generallythere , and then for enrolling individuals that do the same.Assuming one particular.5% compound everyday , and 100% repurchase, a hundred items willbecome 244 items within two months. However , that is most "virtual development ". Zero actual cashhas attained your pocket. rAther , you might have compensated within at least 100+10+10 money inthe program. If you spend the following 1 month (prior to initial a hundred items expire ) performing100% drawback , youll be able to bring concerning three.5 money every day (progressively reducing). Which should necessarily mean you will make again your current $100 plus a extra therefore it isthe zero-sum video game. If you participate in a longer term video game you could possibly actuallymake some dough.This items to three fundamental difficulties :1. They point out this is not a great investment , whenever it really works just like a good investment2. Business style will not make any impression , as ZeekReward is often a natural decline heart without acquire (its good out and about cash , nevertheless doesnt have a cash flow to complement , since it needs to acquire cash in on Zeekler)3. People whom put in just a little cash benefits essentially practically nothing , folks who put in a lot of cash (and enable the bucks in order to compound for over 90 days ) benefits plenty of moneyFirst problem... this quite definitely seems like a great investment , even with each and everyeffort by it to never make reference to alone as an expense. in reality , within feb and 03 2012,the modern conformity staff with ZeekRewards had a crackdown about most affiliates requiring themto pack up just about any mention of ZeekRewards as "expense ". They perhaps shaped thevolunteer "Zeek squad " to look after non-compliant affiliates.Second problem... This business style will not make any impression. ZeekRewards, if its indeedspending a lot of $$$ towards the affiliates , exactly what are they getting away from theparticular affiliates ? there is a ) account fees , b ) publishing involving advertisings , and h )recruitment. The 3 possess difficulties.If you have to pay to join a plan , next receives a commission simply by enrolling individuals thatfurthermore spend to join , that which you possess is often a pyramid plan. This is very clear viafederal trade commission prior rulings. (discover federal trade commission as opposed to. Koscot,)developing a no cost affiliate degree is irrelevant.Paying people to article advertisings is fine , nevertheless why might Zeek spend somebody whoexperienced a lot more items (we.e. Put a higher price in the program ) a higher price ,whenever they do the same level of are somebody who experienced much less items ? thosewho have 10000 items tend to be compensated a hundred periods over those who have a hundred
  10. 10. items , whom do the same function. The variation is how significantly cash they compensated inthe program , not necessarily the things they do for the organization. Clearly , the particularadvertising location is not the genuine profit to ZeekRewards.Finally, if you study the machine , you may recognize that probably the most "items " a joint venturepartner has , the harder that affiliate positive aspects. And how *do* you get a lot more items ? simplyby performing certain things :• Put cash in the program (purchase estimates with regard to free offer )• Keep the bucks within program (repurchase estimates whenever possible ), acquire practically nothing outThe a lot more you need to do these things , the greater you might be purportedly rewarded throughthis particular "earnings discuss " factor. This is an expense. Sort of search they persist its not atall a great investment ? What kind of expense that just stimulates people to keep putting profit , anddont acquire just about any out and about ?At the very least one particular fellow member thought this earnings revealing is just with regard toinserting advertisements. However , this makes zero impression. The particular planning price withregard to having to pay anyone to article advertisings about cl and such is often a simply 55 penceper advertising. ZeekRewards will not release overall paid out however the price is determined by theamount of items you might have. If you should only possess ten items , then yourecompensated pennies. For those who have 10000 items , you might be compensated ahundred and fifty. Money (if one particular.5% earnings discuss ). Both with regard toperforming the same function everyday.Furthermore, inside the intercontinental debate previously mentioned , the particularintercontinental users , many of to whom are actually using ZeekRewards for more than peryear , is merely getting back the bucks they put within (fees each month and estimatesobtained ). All the work carried out during that year ? entirely useless.When anyone include both the specifics collectively , finish is actually inevitable :ZeekRewards is just not after your work , nevertheless is merely after your dollars. Tasks are agood afterthought.Furthermore, people that have been currently within , and also have amassed a lot of vip items, will probably be getting almost all of the earnings. Past due joiners are receiving essentiallypractically nothing.-----Q: exactly why might they assert theyre not a great investment , once they want your dollars ?In the usa , it really is outlawed to make available upward expense legal agreements availablefor sale towards the general public with no registration with all the securities and swappercentage (securities and exchange commissions ), the government fiscal regulatory firm. A lotof companies , including Ponzi schemes , have been looked into by the securities and exchangecommissions and charged with selling "unregistered securities ", and then for hiding the truth that
  11. 11. they certainly therefore. The truth that ZeekRewards started this particular "conformitymovements " within feb 2012 in order to talk cease mentioning alone as an expense wouldsuggest it could be interpreted as an expense commitment in certain situations. Would it begenuinely a great investment commitment even though ?According in order to American Universitys course about fiscal regulations (pdf report ), the federaltest about what is often a "fiscal commitment " has several elements (proven within securities andexchange commissions as opposed to. Howey, often known as the particular "Howey test "):1. investment involving money2. in a standard enterprise3. w/ expectation involving profits4. solely through the efforts involving othersAs you buy bet via Zeek, industry that with regard to vip Profitpoints, next count on earnings discuss ,it appears that Zeekrewards at least conforms in order to elements one particular , a couple of , andthree. And so the major real question is component some... rEally does the excess demands , suchas "article one particular advertising every day " negate component some ?While the rigorous meaning in the phrase "solely " would seem to guide the career that this additionaldemands ZeekRewards means its not at all a great investment commitment , until recently thefederal tennis courts possess ruled that "solely " is actually viewed rather often. Usually , componentsome is often a test on what significantly manage do the particular participant possess more thanday-to-day functions.The next portion of the particular Howey test , “to become extracted solely through the effortsinvolving other people ,” requires an examination in the amount of manage kept by the investor.Tennis courts will certainly analyze the particular investor’s engagement inside the day-to-dayfunctions as well as supervision decisions in the company to discover perhaps the expense isdependent solely on the efforts involving others. The following , the particular tennis courts caremore about chemical more than form. one particular : in the event that securities and exchange commissions as opposed to.Glenn Turner enterprises , Turner contended that participant have to generate in order to getreturning , therefore the particular give back is just not "solely " via efforts involving some other. Alegal court turned down the particular argument. The particular "efforts " within component some tendto be regarded as important managing decisions that has an effect on the success of the particularplan , and enrolling is just not such a choice.Example a couple of : in the event that securities and exchange commissions as opposed to.Advertising surf everyday , Boudwin, go involving ASD, and his attorney at law contended thatbecause they demand individuals in order to click advertisings , to find the profits , the particular giveback is just not "solely " through the efforts involving other people. A legal court turned down theparticular argument for the similar purpose.Is publishing involving advertisings "crucial function " essential for failure or success
  12. 12. involving Zeekler and Zeekrewards? rationally the answer then is "zero ".As the excess demands will not defeat component some "effort involving other people ",Zeekler meets all elements of "expense commitment " and "securities ", and therefore ,ZeekRewards may possibly in reality become responsible for selling unregistered securities.ZeekRewards purportedly experienced employed former-SEC law firms with regard to conformity ,therefore , observation previously mentioned is merely appropriate for the existing structure , at thetime of 04 2012. Whenever they adjust his or her structure , a new examination will probably becarried out.Q: exactly why might ZeekRewards persist theyre not a great investment , perhaps employedlaw firms and consultants instructing therefore , when theyre , in accordance withgovernment explanation , a great investment ?Many folks have wondered no matter whether ZeekRewards is often a Ponzi plan , as it is spendingpractically usurious costs (one particular.5% everyday with regard to 90 days !) to resolve that , weshould instead initial determine exactly what is the Ponzi plan.“A ‘Ponzi scheme’ generally details the plan in which previous people tend to be compensatedthrough the investments involving new people in lieu of via just about any root enterprise worry , priorto the plan ceases to draw in new people as well as the pyramid collapses.” Eberhard versus. Marcu,530 f.3d images 122, 132 and.several (2d Cir. 08 )Noted network marketing law firm Gerald Nehra (among those employed simply by ZeekRewardswith regard to conformity ) employed the following a few criterias in his pro account given in theparticular advertising surf everyday case.1. the assure of an return on investment in order to induce the particular participant to place cash in the program ;2. the lack of just about any root genuine product or service as well as asset enough in order to support the particular stated payouts ; and3. the demand for an ongoing movement of latest investors/participants to fund the particular payoutsDo these kinds of a few conditions match ZeekRewards?A1. really does Zeek advantages assure return on investment ? before 2012 they sure did,whenever Zeek advantages actually guaranteed 125% return (which , as an aside , can also be thetelephone number used in advertising surf everyday ) After the particular conformity evaluation ,the saying "expense " disappeared via most promoting. However , the essential structure did notadjust. You put profit to buy estimates , that you just give them away in order to industry withregard to vip items , so you make give back about vip items. Therefore , its still performingsuch as an expense.Furthermore, examination (discover previously mentioned "is actually Zeekrewards a greatinvestment ?") signifies that ZeekRewards conforms towards the 4-element "Howey test " thatdecides no matter whether one thing can be viewed a good "expense commitment ". A easyplease note "no expense " may not be enough to avoid a good securities and exchange commissions
  13. 13. analysis.A2. Does Zeek advantages come with an root creation that is actually genuine ? as well as justdeceptive undercover dress ? controversial. Zeekler does have the best item : estimates. youshould purchase estimates to get allocated to the particular "cent auctions ". Indeed , in a verydifferent paper , Mr. Nehra suggested that this item will need to have "inbuilt worth " thatpeople might purchase that for the individual sake , instead of just in order to be involved.However, affiliates dont buy estimates for the estimates. Theyre buying free offer estimates(not necessarily retail estimates ) to have vip items , and earnings tend to be gained about vipitems , not necessarily estimates. that is therefore , folks who enroll in ZeekRewards arent afterthe estimates for his or her inbuilt worth. That this estimates can be used within cent auctions iscompletely unforseen for the individuals. Indeed, the state story would be that the estimates tendto be "given away ".A3. really does Zeek advantages demand steady influx of latest users to provide payout inorder to previous users ? controversial People could be purchasing estimates confident involvingprofitable things , which will supply Zeekler a profit to get distributed to users involving ZeekRewards.However, people are using estimates very curiously. The instances in which men and womenemployed similar to 1400 estimates (worth $900) in order to acquire $100 within money areactually very regular. folks who employ estimates to bet may not do that (will not make anyimpression ). However , folks who dont really need the particular estimates might do that , as is alsonot necessarily after profitable that , nevertheless just to eliminate the particular estimates to allowthem to purchase a lot more , industry these with regard to vip items , and acquire the particular giveback through the vip items. The real real question is , exist adequate retail consumers whompurchase estimates to provide that much earnings towards the ZeekRewards affiliates ? as well asinclude the ZeekRewards affiliates creating the benefits them selves by collecting those free offerestimates , therefore having to pay them selves ?Mr. Nehra spelled out in his affidavit and account that generally there must be the dividingcollection among "users " and "consumers ", plus a Ponzi wouldve almost no distinctionamong users and consumers. Generally , the particular users tend to be having to pay one another ,rather than revealing "profits " via consumers , and therefore , demand continuous influx of latestusers , not necessarily consumers.Zeekrewards will not release stats on what many having to pay consumers (whom justpurchase estimates ) that arent users involving ZeekRewards.. Therefore , it really is notpossible to express no matter whether Zeekler actually have important amount of genuineconsumers providing genuine earnings to get contributed one of the ZeekReward members,instead of just ZeekReward users putting cash in the program as estimates that is used in elderlyusers (those that have a lot more vip items ). However , the particular anomalous bet actions wouldseem to point why these bidders arent consumers (no ones that foolish ), but users as well as shillcompany accounts managed simply by users.In most Ponzi schemes , any kind of drawback is actually discouraged , and individuals are
  14. 14. encouraged to "flip " his or her benefits as "reinvestment" to maintain the bucks inside theprogram rather than using against each other. ZeekRewards features a built-in system involving"90 day expiry " in order to inspire you to definitely maintain your profit for around twomonths , and if at all possible longer. Additionally , that suggests 80/20 repurchase, thereforeretaining 80% in the payout inside the program. Thats identical to roll-over.Furthermore, Ponzi schemes possess a few a lot more qualities : atypically constant earnings ,secrecy, and phony product/business. ZeekRewards has got the atypically constant earnings andsecrecy (as spelled out previously mentioned ), and its method is a lttle bit on the questionable side ,because "double use capability. Therefore it has a couple of.5 from three indicators.There isnt any substantiation that you have important number of people get retail estimateswhen comparing the amount of estimates affiliates ordered , and still purchase daily asrepurchase, therefore creating the benefits within Zeekler which are getting contributedsimply by ZeekRewards. Affiliates find the estimates in order to "participate in ", we.e. Share in thebenefits , nevertheless as its the particular estimates that creates the benefits (and repurchaseinvolving a lot more estimates everyday ), the particular affiliates tend to be basically having topay them selves by collecting estimates and creating the benefits to get contributed , nextdiscuss the benefits. Which make it the Ponzi plan.It can also be worth it to read to remember that ZeekRewards is actually seriously inhabited simply byrefugees from a Ponzi plan referred to as "advertising surf everyday " happened to run simply byAndy Bowdoin. Between widely identified users that belonged in order to are both further down.• Terralyn Hoy• Todd Disner• Dwight Owen Schweitzer• Jerry Napier• Trudy GilmondDisner and Schweitzer possess filed legal action contrary to the govt with regard toprosecuting the particular ASD Ponzi scheme, professing wrongful requested by prosecutionand several other malfeasance. The others are actually defined as leading earners with Zeeksimply by ZeekRewards, and/or serving as "staff " with regard to Zeek within online forumsand/or work their particular internet sites selling Zeek.One a lot more item involving note : dawn Wright-Olivares, CMO involving Zeek, is an affiliate by thetake care of involving HippieDiva. nObody kjnow for sure the amount of vip items really does shepossess , nevertheless shes been generally there since commencing.-----Q: how come ZeekRewards resemble the Ponzi plan via several sides ?Q: what are the several elements , similar to estimates , earnings discuss , etc ? is it realearnings revealing mechanisms , or maybe obfuscation and undercover dress ?Q: how come ZeekRewards appear just like advertising surf everyday , the charged Ponzi plan?
  15. 15. There could possibly be additional problems with Zeekrewards.ZeekRewards could possibly be a good outlawed lotteryAs mentioned previously , some Zeekler cent auctions tend to be with regard to $100 money. Thisparticular increases probable lawful debts since it could be considered a good "outlawed lottery ". Inthe united states , just governments may manage lotteries in places you purchase to be able toacquire. Private lotteries tend to be outlawed.What is regarded as the lottery ? a few elements:1. Prizes2. Winners picked simply by Chance3. ConsiderationSo considerably , the particular cent auction genre , in places you purchase estimates to learn , havenot been challenged in the courtroom becoming a lottery , because they put up that invariably winnersarent picked simply by probability , as one should use some kind of a skill to discover whether or notto post an offer you arent for the item. However , with automatic businesses , really does such aexpertise actually occur ? could you perhaps point out that someone shelling out 1410estimates (with $0.sixty five each and every ) with regard to $100 money actually have justabout any expertise within businesses ?Keep in your mind that declares possess power down conserving strategies that features a lotterythat come with that (its really a "zero decline lottery ", in places you maintain your cash anyoneparticipate in , as you just make much less attention ), even though it is apparently a fantastic solutionto fix the low financial savings price involving people in america. What will they do in order to centauctions , whether or not this at any time appeals to his or her interest ?Q: cent auctions tend to be lawful , but harmful , according to the federal trade commission.However , is actually auctioning away from cash lawful ?Zeekler estimates as enterprise expenditure may not be the entire storyZeekRewards acquired Kaplan, the particular levy advisor , to express that in case you orderedestimates and presented them , the particular estimates could possibly be levy deductible. While thatcould possibly be genuine , how would you record those vip items that you will get if you presentedaside the particular estimates ? is it cash flow ? asset ? some other ?They arent asset as is also worth practically nothing on their own. You cannot industry these formoney. Its only a number a place within Zeeks computer.They arent cash flow as you havent actually received hardly any money. It isnt dividend as well asattention because they assert its "no expense ".If that you do not record these , then you definitely acquired a huge world wide web declineunderstanding that may possibly bring about a good review.So what do anyone record it ?ZeekRewards appointment using levy pro Howard Kaplan presented a very puzzling reply :
  16. 16. Q: i recognize i will certainly obtain a 1099 with regard to vip estimates over a “Constructive bill.”consequently , i will be able to withhold via my own 1099 the particular items that expire as anexpense…Correct?A: lets assume that anyone work like a only proprietorship, your current Zeek business is reportableabout plan h. Discover element we , collection a couple of.A form "1099" is ready with a enterprise in order to "companies and non-employees" as proof of cashflow. A "useful bill " is often a type of cash flow which has not necessarily been recentlyactually received , but still must be reported, such as stock options. The solution manage tosignify no matter what had been requested does work : vip estimates are viewed cash flow. However, it is just not vip estimates which are cash flow , nevertheless "earnings discuss " every day.A theoretical illustration , if a hundred vip bet purchase about jan one particular , 80% reinvestment,one particular.4% regular earnings discuss , show that with stop of the year , the particular sharewere left with more than 5700 earnings discuss (just 1100 is in money ), and over twenty five hundreditems "terminated ". Just what exactly does one record as cash flow , and what as costs , and what assome other ?Profit involving 5700 is obviously cash flow , while you just received 1100 within money , gettingreinvested the remaining.Membership fees must be expenditure (ten each month is actually one hundred twenty )What concerning... Terminated items , like the particular Q&the ?Checking the particular irs paperwork shows there is no record with regard to "collection a couple of "about established irs recommendations with regard to plan h on what it ought to be done. Look forinvolving irs site signifies that there exists a "assistance " that collection a couple of is just not to useexcept in case there is "earnings and allowances ". Seeking the particular irs site says "earnings andallowances " are just used for price of concessions and earnings away from revenue tariff of actualproducts. As vip estimates arent items marketed simply by affiliate with regard to earnings ,very easy seem appropriate to list out "terminated items " on line a couple of involving plan hwhatsoever as "allowances " to get lower away from your income. in this circumstance , youshould only ordered a hundred estimates. You will never withhold twenty five hundred. How reallydoes the particular terminated items get , if you cant rely that under "allowances ", and it is noexpenditure ?Also, are you genuinely released ahead for those who have just received 1100, neverthelesshave to record cash flow about 5700? if your income bracket is actually 25%, your current incometax about 5700 is actually 1425... That is over the bucks you really pocketed (1100).Even if you withhold the particular twenty five hundred terminated items (if your current discount isactually permitted , which we do not know but ), which means your "net income " is actually 3200,levy is actually $800, which means your "world wide web " earnings are just $300 (after levy ).Anyone compensated levy about $3200, while you just acquired $1100 straight into your pocket. Ifyour current income tax bracket is actually higher , this scenario will probably be morepainful.
  17. 17. Some ZeekRewards affiliates wish to withhold most bet acquisitions , including"reinvestments" as enterprise expenditure. this makes a tad bit more impression. Utilizing thesame amounts as previously mentioned , 5700 items acquired that year , 1100 within money , and4600 as reinvestment/ estimates repurchase. And that means you tend to be professing the company"produced " 5700 nevertheless "costs " tend to be 4600 with regard to "world wide web " earningsinvolving 1100, with regard to levy legal responsibility involving two hundred seventy five (25%income tax bracket )There is but one a lot more likelihood : reward costs. However , reward costs tend not to sign up for"new " consumers , and furthermore , gift expenditure write offs tend to be limited to $25 per particularperson. if you cant prove the amount of individuals have been your current estimates provided to ,your current discount may not be permitted. And when most of your organization expenditure includesreward write offs , which exceeds your income , youll likely bring about a good review.Seems the best longterm option is to use "enterprise expenditure " discount. Just what exactly is thenext step with all the twenty five hundred terminated items ? if you withhold *that* at the same time ,you choose -1400 net income , while you actually pocketed 1100. Clearly , that cannot be right.Apparently , the particular twenty five hundred terminated items is not taken. It is just misplaced.IRS rules do understand : youll find "acquisitions ", there tend to be "costs ". The particular"established " collection via Zeekrewards would be that the estimates anyone acquisitions tend to be"costs " because they are given away as advertising and therefore is important as direct enterpriseexpenditure. That will embark on collection 8-10 of your levy give back as costs. Bear in mind , getpaperwork in the event you acquired audited.Q: exactly why had been the particular levy suggestions therefore puzzling ? exactly why cannot Zeeks levy pro just supply clear suggestions about what is deductible and what just isnt?In 03 next year ZeekRewards posted "cash flow disclosure statement " with regard to next year , andsome worth it to read amounts surfaced. With regard to conformity motives , i am not sayingpermitted to link to that , but its easily found if you seek out "ZeekRewards cash flow disclosurestatement " online. Here are some illustrates with regard to 2011• Total amount of active users is actually 15318• Calculating the total cash flow simply by his or her regular discovered overall payout to get $58.5 million• Average everyday payout is actually $160000 to everyone users (previously mentioned divide simply by 365)• As ZeekRewards shell out 1 / 2 of earnings , therefore overall earnings is actually 320000 DAILY• 15318 is actually 23.99% involving overall users , therefore overall users is actually 63852• average payout per fellow member turns out to be about $170• Yet the best compensated affiliate gained 700000 (yes , thats 800 1000 money )• Zeek statements to hand out 50 percent his or her earnings in order to users , therefore Zeek major
  18. 18. once-a-year earnings is actually 117 millionWhile these kinds of amounts are no doubt impressive (possibly to some degree much lessimpressive compared to anyone imagine ), there are many anomalies.• ZeekRewards doesnt perform like a business that gained fifty eight zillion within next year. Site difficulties , auction difficulties , machine failures , etc are very regular. Customer service was described by some as dreadful.• This *huge* difference among cheapest compensated (actually zero ) and maximum compensated (700000) affiliates would suggest that unless you have a huge network involving down lines and/or huge number involving vip items , you might have tiny potential for getting large cash flow within ZR. Assisting ZR to trade estimates actually will not make you wealthy.• Do you actually think they are producing $320,000 everyday within major earnings ?• Roughly 75% involving users arent "active ", which may show users whom joined up with next leave. This might advise a huge churn price , as folks are quitting to get exchanged simply by clean users (and his or her bet acquisitions ).Q: the particular "regular " cash flow per affiliate with regard to next year is actually $170 withregard to entire year... Why are so many men and women professing they provided "countlessnumbers "? in which include the most these ?Q: when those people leave , what produced these people joined up with , next haltedcontributing (and therefore considered not necessarily "active ")? publishing one particularadvertising every day cannot be effort...Q: will certainly ZeekRewards still article fantastic profits (most likely more than 400000everyday today ), as some other cent auctions internet sites tend to be achieving the usa ?During the particular commemorative morning end of the week (stop involving may possibly2012), ZeekRewards produced a comment desires most affiliates in order to deposit his or herinspections as is also shifting banks. And just about any inspections not necessarily lodgedsimply by july initial , 2012 is regarded as VOID. The particular new standard bank wasntnamed.There just about any reason about exactly why they cant abandon adequate cash to pay forthe particular inspections.A after bring up to date stated the loan credit card processor chip is in Hong Kong. It can alsobe not necessarily named. And that most affiliates will probably be compensated inside theireWallets, not necessarily checks. Even though there is talk that ZR was going to head to"eWallets" last 03 2012, the particular "exactly why " wasnt pointed out.This bring about uncontrolled conjecture one of the affiliates , along with many assertions via someother affiliates that supplied zero responses other than "rely upon Zeek". Questions regarding whatstandard bank is actually Zeek making use of had been often yelled along simply by some otheraffiliates with all the unsupported claims : "how come you want to know ? do you need to give them acall concerning Zeek? contact Zeek if you wish to find out concerning Zeek!" discover screen grab
  19. 19. involving discussion board below.The "established " purpose offered by ZeekRewards is the fact that his or her present a pair offinance institutions cannot take care of them. Pundits involving ZeekRewards talk about youll findplenty involving some other us all finance institutions within new york that will take care ofany kind of fair transactions, and speculated that this purpose to move repayment processorchip out of the land is always to prevent us all law, similar to Full tilt poker Ponzi plan do untileventually these were power down within 2011. The particular pundits furthermore speculated thatpossibly ZeekRewards had been reported PNG by the a pair of banks that experiencedemployed , and also this "cannot take care of " is simply public realtions spin, nevertheless thisparticular experienced no substantiation and therefore is not considered reliable. However , it doesclarify exactly why Zeek cannot abandon adequate profit the particular accounts to pay for theparticular inspections.Q: how come Zeek therefore vehemently attempting to keep his or her banks identity the key?UPDATE: Zeek assist is actually apparently furthermore excluding speculations on the standard bank, along with other users taking the side involving Zeek within not necessarily answering what standardbank had been Zeek making use of. Here is a screen grab of their assist panel , with all the some"taken out comments " underlined :Update: Zeek assist panel is actually indicating that a the latest "instruction contact " informed Zeekaffiliates to simply accept fees via mexico. (that clearly cannot be northern Korea...)NOTE: ZeekRewards emblem had been taken out per ask for.Compared towards the previous "you should accept fees via ZonaLibre1" (that is certainly panama )that is even more confusing.Q: how is actually ZeekRewards plastic card processor chip ? did not ZeekRewardsNewspoint out Hong Kong in the past ?End involving may possibly 2012 Zeek posted a day-to-day earnings discuss (RPP) involving 8-10.9%, next easily declared they designed a decimal stage files admittance mistake and willrecalculate everyones items.This bring about pundits indicating this just verifies conjecture that this earnings discuss is just notworked out , nevertheless manually entered (via what ?). You should discover "is actually Zeekadvantages spending a lot of ?" part previously mentioned to see total point of view.Zeek affiliates tend to be credit reporting that this red rug event prices keep working upward and up.On ZeekRewardNews, case charge had been noted to get $25. And they are retaining the precisearea the key , because they assert the particular locale had been overwhelmed by callers.However, Zeek affiliates record that instead of a more than 200 attendee event , Zeek widened casefor about a thousand seats , and is also apparently asking extra $$$ if you wish to dine and tremblehands with all the Zeek execs similar to Burks and dawn etc.
  20. 20. (in the past the queue had been misread as the event pricing $1000, the error has been fixed )Search involving Clemmons north carolina signifies that youll find just a pair of suitable sites withinClemmons: trip resort express , and VIllage resort event Center. The particular Holiday resort expressfeatures a 550 sq feet food place that may be suitable. Some users possess noted whos isapparently used in prior red rug occasions.Apparently video cameras and other taking products are prohibited at the red rug event ,according to the "established " may possibly event business presentation.Q: the amount of really does the particular red rug event genuinely charge ? just how much inorder to tremble hands using robert Burks, dawn , etc ?Q: exactly why a great deal secrecy? (zero photographic camera , zero specific address , andso forth.)An established sales rep involving ZeekRewards is actually informing affiliates aboutestablished discussion board they should cease communicating with them , if they have torequest this kind of concerns they need to abandon the organization.The just the latest show i may imagine thats related is how Bernie "most significant us all Ponzi plan "Madoff reportedly informed folks who requested lots of inquiries to leave.The business person is constantly on the test your pet — that’s his fashion , as his accountancy firmmay state. He or she pokes and prods until eventually he or she becomes responses.Abruptly, mr. Madoff becomes more solid. “Listen,” he states. “You request a great deal of concerns.Among the finest to produce something clear : effortlessly because of regard , once you commit ,anyone can’t contact us. You’ll take care of somebody else.”The business person huge smiles — his accountancy firm understands the particular remark hasclose the doorway about just about any chance for an offer. Possibly that’s what mr. Madoff meant.As almost as much ast he or she requires this particular man’s money , he or she cannot afford thisparticular relentless curiosity. rIght after a lot more pleasantries, they climb , swap handshakes andwalk toward the particular double goblet doorways bringing about the particular elevators.Consider the particular concerns by yourself :Q: is actually asking "would you Zeek standard bank using " an acceptable issue ? or even ,why dont you ? if thats the case , what is Zeek hiding ?Q: how come an official Zeek sales rep , about discussion board , declare that concerns arenttolerated ?UPDATE: a reason has appeared just lately , through unofficial channels , that Zeek is actually hidingthe particular identity of their new standard bank as their previous finance institutions have beengetting cell phone calls via hostile affiliates who would like to know exactly why his or her check outsent to Zeek had not been posted inside their Zeek accounts. This particular both responses someconcerns , nevertheless generate brand new ones , if this sounds like genuine.Q: in the event the reason had been genuine (discover previously mentioned ), its clearly theassist trouble with Zeek, in order that they must resolve the particular assist issue. Are they
  21. 21. all performing similar to dictators, we.e. "close upward as well as abandon "?Q: in the event the reason had been genuine (discover previously mentioned ), next his or herassert concerning his or her finance institutions cannot "take care of these " is actually publicrealtions spin. These were "politely requested " in order to standard bank anywhere else. Howcome they not necessarily admit therefore , but rather , experimented with whitewash yoursituation ?When ZeekRewards ask for that you article advertisings in promoting Zeekler, clearly , you might bemeant to work hard at it and article in a very position in which they are anticipated to become gothrough simply by people who are actually fascinating within reading this kind of stuff.Would the ZeekReward "supporter site " qualify as this kind of ? certainly not necessarily ! men andwomen generally there already know concerning Zeekler!How with regards to a remark area of the blog ? certainly not necessarily ! does one see thecomments when you go to some hit-or-miss site for the advertisings ?So why is a fellow member referred to as joe Chapman (whoever prolonged background withinnetwork marketing i will not necessarily enter the following ), opened the Zeekrewards supporter site(in which its certainly getting folks who be familiar with Zeekler and ZeekRewards), and is alsostimulating other members to post his or her advertising in his comments part ? who will be meant togo through these kinds of advertisings ?UPDATE: i have been informed with a dependable origin that this site is gone. However , ivenot received phrase about fate involving mr. Chapman, no matter whether he or she continuedto be the Zeek affiliate.The concerns below continued to be even though.Some concerns so that you can consider...• Does Zeek actually *check* in the event the advertisings tend to be posted ?• Do they care concerning in which the advertisings tend to be posted ? it could just be in certain hit-or-miss remark a place , similar to with this mans Zeek fansite! (and even your personal no cost blog )• Do you want to work for a business in which its users tend to be violating at least the particular character , or even your body in the function , and stimulating other people to take action ?• If Zeek wont value the particular advertisings getting posted , next what *are* anyone receiving payment about ?In july 4th 2012 "leadership contact " hosted simply by dawn Oliveiras, with concerning the 18moment indicate she pointed out that seven hundred affiliates within mt had been afflicted , with nospecifying the challenge , only that Zeek has "hoops to jump through ", about how precisely theyjumped over the hoops, flaming or else , within new york and theyre going to accomplish that withinmt at the same time.
  22. 22. UPDATE: there are now reviews about myspace and ZeekSupport forum that both fellowmember sign up along with bet acquisitions within mt are actually stopped simply by Zeek,zero motives got at the time of 10-JUN-2012.Considering that Zeek is actually headquartered within new york , nevertheless experienced justlately forgotten both the finance institutions (Zeek boasts banks can not take care of these any further) within new york and transferred a good unspecified standard bank (within not known location ), oneparticular speculates no matter whether this particular unspecified problem (as well as difficulties )could possibly be associated with legal issues. Look at that mt is one of the initial declares to go tocourt FHTM like a pyramid plan , this may be a good worth it to read advancement.Q: is actually ZeekRewards experiencing difficulity within mt ? if thats the case , what type ofdifficulties ? is it legal problems ? and are they all getting therefore secretive concerning thisproblem ?Previously ZeekRewardss discussion board can be obtained with regard to general public see.However , started this particular wednesday 13-JUN-2012 they are going "private ", we.e. JustZeekRewards fellow member may login and see the problems and/or article these. That is his or herstory :On wednesday july 13 , 2012 this particular group will probably be experiencing move.With this particular migration from a general public group to a private group weve got some caveatsthat will happen , the many content material in this existing group will certainly migrate more than.How really does hiding your unclean clothes via general public see supply "better support "? veryeasy.It furthermore hides most problems getting sustained simply by affiliates via probable affiliates ,therefore generating the particular false impression that things are great , until eventually that affiliatehappens upon a difficulty and had been forwarded to the particular discussion board.ZeekRewards has already been popular for not tolerating dissent. Established sales rep of thediscussion board posted information that whoever keep communicating with them should closeupward as well as abandon Zeek. (discover previously mentioned ).The ZeekRewardsNews site can also be notable with regard to hiding great majority in the comments, as the screen grab shows. From sixty five comments , just half a dozen tend to be proven. And alsothis is normal of just about most topics on websites.This is incredibly usual for most ZeekRewardsNews site : just pleasing as well as neutral commentstend to be posted. Most "damaging ", "crucial ", as well as "asking yourself " comments tend to beconcealed.Q: what else is it hiding via general public see ?Currently, ZeekRewards no longer supplies brings , but rather , relates most affiliates whomrequires brings about give away some estimates in order to , to make contact with andpurchase brings via ZCustomers
  23. 23. However, ZCustomers has this particular worth it to read item in their faq :Q: do the particular prospects be aware that they are getting signed up for Zeekler auctions ?A: zero. They tend to be informed concerning the Zeekler once they get his or her initial e-mailvia Zeekler using information regarding how to use his or her no cost estimates. they onlyknow they are going to get at least 25 no cost estimates.This "customer " steer anyone purportedly acquired doesnt know what s/he has registered. But theyinclude your current "customer listing " using company accounts and account details and suchcurrently made.Q: whom made these , whenever they dont know theyve registered ?Q: you may not count on this kind of "brings " to buy just about any estimates after seekingyour current no cost estimates ?Tracing the owners at the rear of ZCustomers says they will often actually be ZeekRewards users ,but theyre saying theyre not associated with Zeekler as well as ZeekRewards.Q: is it really worth $2.double zero each and every if you buy in several two hundred ?UPDATE: somebody professing to get Bessoni, who owns ZCustomers, posted a pair ofcomments with BehindMLM that declines just about any wrongdoing, stated to resolveconcerns , next in no way reappeared.Recently a neighborhood tv station in order to Zeekler do the message about cent auction industryand usually pictured Zeek in a very optimistic mild. However , your firm stand out had been gothrough by the media reporter at the end that seem in order to signify Zeekler and Zeekrewards areactually checked out simply by new york law firm Generals business office and also have beenrecently looked at as lawful. This particular ended up being a mistake , as zero this kind of affirmationmade an appearance inside the created version , so when queried, the particular north carolina AGsbusiness office representative replied they have called the tv station to produce a correction , thatAGs business office hasnt produced just about any determination about no matter whetherZeekler and ZeekRewards tend to be lawful as well as not.This did not cease ZeekRewards media , the state Zeek media route , via quickly writing a blogconcerning his or her "success ", and its affiliates in order to unsolicited mail comments at the tvstation site using enrolling hyperlinks. Incidents where went in terms of professing that ftc andsecurities swap percentage experienced "cleaned " the organization , even though zero this kind offactor experienced happened.Q: may be the record an actual record by the neighborhood media , as well as would it be the"fluff piece ", basically a good advertorial?There tend to be repeated reviews involving plastic card difficulties with Zeek, concerning theregular monthly fees through plastic card incurred not necessarily simply by Zeek as well asZeekler, but very odd names and vendors not necessarily in the united states !In may possibly we currently observed that there is no less than one incident involving charges with
  24. 24. regard to "Zonalibre1", that is panama , which were purportedly recharged simply by Zeek.In stop involving may possibly we observed another incident , established simply byZeekRewardsNews that there were some fees simply by Zeek which were branded as Korea.Now within july we only observed that there is electric power charge simply by Zeek branded asfortuitous legend design , but actually originated in panama and nicaragua ,.Now we have been getting reviews that Zeek informed affiliates to simply accept fees via LamdaEC from malta , and CCBILL primarily based from Malta.Clearly whoever Zeekrewards visited after his or her leaving through the a pair of new yorkfinance institutions is just not handling his or her fill appropriately. As well as Zeeks bought itis actually putting a bad files inside the career fields.Q: what is happening more than generally there they keep getting these problems ?According in order to Zeek media , via july 6 2012 about , they only accept cashiers inspections ,cash purchases , bank cards (once they function ), and eWallet purchases.Q: are these claims supposed to improve customer service ? as well as decrease theirparticular danger ? none of the repayment methods the following can be halted except plasticcard , which may be "questioned ".In the july leadership contact , (entirely on facebook like a key record ), dawn Wright-Oliveras, COOinvolving Zeek, has well prepared the something like 20 moment pre-recorded affirmation. Verystrangely enough , with concerning the some :20 indicate , she stated that Zeeks NxPay accountsdoesnt have a cash , and it is not just a banking account , and affiliates need to pay what to Zeekthrough NxPay therefore some other affiliates will take cash from NxPay. Exactly why Zeek cannotexchange a higher price inside their NxPay accounts is often a mystery , as well as many affiliatesare getting very fed up of each one of these reasons... They fulfilled operator in the arrangement andso they want to get compensated.Following is an specific offer (except the particular "uhs" and "alright ") through the july fifth 2012leadership contact (daring additional with regard to importance )When you adopt your finances through your purse as well as your current backpocket no matter whatcash you might have , anyone individually put in generally there , may be the just cash you mighthave will invest in your groceries using. You might have some playing cards in there , you might havesome inspections in there , in case we have been using concerning money , that is exactly how agood eWallet works , whatever everyone might employ , to go forward go shopping via us allusing , is actually what is actually inside the eWallet, really we could change and spendpayroll using. It isnt the depositing standard bank account.However, this particular reason straight contradicts what NXSystems says online :Your organization establishes a good NxPay® accounts wherein anyone deposit your currentpayroll and income funds (simply by check out , line exchange as well as ach ). next all of yourcurrent impartial reps establishes a good NxPay® accounts at the same time. When every one of thecompany accounts are actually set-up, your business results in the spread sheet (within your NxPay®
  25. 25. accounts ) that shows NxPay® how you wish to send out the particular funds lodged.You *do* deposit funds in order to eWallet supplier and redirects them to men and women you needto spend , whom also provide eWallet company accounts sticking with the same supplier. Everybodyworks this way , including AlertPay, SolidTrust spend , Payza, liberty book , perhaps PayPal, theparticular granddaddy of which most.Dawn Wright-Olivares is actually ABSOLUTELY completely wrong about how precisely eWalletworks.Which suggests the particular follow-up concerns :Q: how do the COO not necessarily know how the machine works ?Q: when she *does* recognize that , exactly why might she rest ?UPDATE: apparently dawn Wright-Olivares today shows that Zeek is just not having to pay cashstraight into eWallet, and affiliates have to give food to cash straight into Zeeks eWallet thereforesome other affiliates could get compensated. Following is another records involving july "instructioncontact ", by BOLD portions additional.What you spent it really is what you might sign up for and hands in order to someone. alright ,today picture that in an electronic format and you’re going to understand what NxPay is actually.Alright. Its a international payroll eWallet. Its a mass involving leather-based in your hands. Andwhat we place into the particular Zeek mass involving leather-based – what are the affiliatespurchase form Zeek through NxPay, really they put in the mass involving Zeek leather…And no matter what is in generally there , really Zeek can make close to and give out andabout in the course of percentage operates. Its not at all the standard bank. its not at allfortification Knox. Its not at all a nicely thats spring provided through the earth and tends to makecash. Its a mass involving leather-based , its a container , and yes it holds everything that everyoneput in that start by making acquisitions , alright.It doesn’t possess just about any spring provided well. That doesn’t have a marvelous power to revealcash. And its not at all the standard bank that people may deposit oodles of money straightinto via some other sources. since eWallets recycle money.Q: when Zeek cannot spend men and women through the profits they are producing viaZeekler, next exactly how tend to be the men and women receiving payment ?From one more july "leadership contact "Whatever everyone have purchased via Zeek using , really we could next change and spendincome using. We can’t just will end up in generally there using totes of money and get ‘here’,no chance. the harder you decide to go ahead and transform your current buying in order to Zeekadvantages through NxPay, the harder we could pay for to pay out within income through NxPay.Apparently, Zeek COO dawn Wright-Olivares just mentioned that affiliates tend to be having topay some other affiliates. That will help make Zeek the Ponzi plan.Zeek COO dawn Wright-Olivares produced a good bring up to date about ZeekRewardNews,just one day after her own leadership contact in which she informed most affiliates if that you
  26. 26. do not spend Zeek using NxPay about to catch receiving payment using NxPay either, hintingthat Zeek (with regard to not known motives ) is just not putting a higher price straight into its veryown NxPay accounts. Affiliates need to pay them selves.In the particular bring up to date , dawn contends that this eWallet supplier spelled out that in order toyour ex like that , therefore it cannot be your ex mistake :It had been explained to me (dawn ) by the who owns a good eWallet organization (un-named ) towhom we have been in the act of creating a new relationship with…that the particular style wasdesigned to ‘recycle cash getting spent simply by each and every company’s affiliates – to get repaidin the market to the particular affiliates by means of payroll. That it’s not just a “deposit account” at astandard bank.The concern is that is straight contradicted simply by NXSystems individual website. Your ex makean effort to deflect blame simply by "stating nameless specialist " is actually "spin manage ".Dawn next digress straight into exactly why they cant spend personal users eWallets (one thingconcerning its really a difficult procedure )There can be a a lot of open hoops to jump through with regard to organizations to get accepted inorder to “deposit/wire” funds straight into everyone eWallet supplier and how much will definiatelysomething which is bound by the finance institutions linked to these.However, people happen to be compensated through NxPay within the past many weeks.Therefore these kinds of hoops are actually jumped sometime ago !This furthermore will not clarify exactly why she implied that Zeek cannot as well as will not pay for itsvery own eWallet the prior morning. Dawn stored the particular pizza example with regard to very last:...continuous the particular example is much like asking us all to enable you to spend cash with pizzaKing® and requiring you choose your big Mac® with Wendy’s®.A a lot more accurate example is you produced an internet repayment to express , greatest coupe ,so you wish to figure it out at a neighborhood keep. About best Buys site , you can examine perhapsthe neighborhood keep has got the products so that you can grab. Given that Zeek doesnt have aindicator on what eWallet supplier has cash in order to ask for repayment via , and containsrefused to go into detail exactly why they cant just exchange funds derived from one ofeWallet supplier to another (deliver in order to my own closest keep ), as well as deposit cashfrom their individual standard bank (deliver via storage place ), and insist on this particularregrettable reason concerning affiliates having to pay affiliates simply by recycling theparticular cash (await anyone to give back something towards the keep ), what effect will theycount on the many affiliates to have ?Just received reviews that Zeek is having challenge with SolidTrust spend at the time of july 27th,2012. Because they furthermore experienced NxPay difficulties , that leaves just plastic card andAlertPay (as well as Payza) as methods to spend Zeek. Little idea the length of time this particularinterruption might very last.
  27. 27. UPDATE: youll find reviews its fixed right before this summer 4th.Getting reviews from Zeek that several that and machine difficulties are tormenting the site. Here aresome in the noted difficulties in the course of this summer 4th and following nights :• Lost login data after switching among ZeekRewards and assist website• Cannot generate new people to get bids• Random 400 interior machine errors• Cannot login as well as misplaced sessionAccording for an e-mail attained simply by Ponzi and scam media reporter PatrickPretty.nEt ,leading ZeekRewards fellow member stated that Zeeks structure is based on the charged100+ billion dollar Ponzi plan advertising surf everyday. this particular e-mail next makes use ofthis particular link to obtain contributions towards the originator of this scam , Andy Bowdoin, whomjust just lately beg guilt ridden and is also being placed in deb.h. Location offender.The particular e-mail had been via Barbara Alford, an early ASD fellow member and presentlyZeekRewards fellow member , although it is actually shown to possess comes from Todd Disner,former ASD fellow member and presently leading ZeekRewards fellow member. Some other namesthat come with this particular ask for consists of several former ASD users , such as Jerry Napier, atop-notch ZeekRewards fellow member underlined like a success story on the ZeekRewardsNewssite.It can also be fascinating to remember that Terralyn Hoy, an early ASD fellow member , is listed like aZeekRewards personnel about ZeekRewards support site (that was eventually taken at the rear of theregistration walls ).Below is an clip through the e-mail. You can observe the complete e-mail with PatrickPretty.nEt. (Bold additional with regard to importance )As you all are aware , Andy, is currently being placed in the digicam offender ward. Hes needingfunds in his accounts to ensure that he can purchase shoes or boots , tooth brushes , tooth stick andso forth. The particular prison program fees preposterous prices with this stuff. A set of shoes orboots on its own in there costs sixty five.double zero.You are also most conscious that i really believe individuals within Zeek and other plans thatmodeled them selves after the structure that Andy developed owe this particular gentleman agreat deal of appreciation plus much more. You should get in touch with your current alongtraces at the same time.I have obtained data in which funds can be born straight into his accounts to aid your pet along withhis everyday requires.As in the past looked at (at the time of early may possibly 2012), Rex opportunity Groups betterbusiness bureau ranking was a unpleasant f. However , it appears that the variety involving solvedproblems has steer better business bureau in order to remove that ranking. At the time of 14-JUL-2012 the particular ranking now is "zero ranking ".Checking the particular better business bureau ranking log with regard to "Rex opportunity group "
  28. 28. shows on the number of solved happenings via 04 in order to july 2012. Ahead of may possibly 2012there were several different complaints which were unresolved. Overall solved incident is currently26.There tend to be a pair of interpretations to the simple fact , worth keeping plus a poor one particular.Good meaning : customer service had been increased considerably as well as the better businessbureau adjust involving ranking echos that.Bad meaning : happenings have been solved solely in order to "video game " better business bureauscores , and now that no longer says f , complaints will certainly like magic , end.Only prolonged observation will we be able to notice the routine , and know which meaning is actuallyproper. A business should typically get complaints pretty erratically , nevertheless consistently.Constant complaints with regard to similar to a long time , next out of the blue several complaintswithin a few months ?UPDATE: at the time of 02-AUG-2012 the particular ranking has returned in order to "f "Reports that ZeekRewards is actually running account fees through some hit-or-miss organizationnames within Korea has resurfaced about myspace. "web Paygate Seoul" and "international Kamba"are actually pointed out , and apparently Zeek has tested those to get real.Previously weve protected that Zeek was making use of plastic card processors from malta(CCBILL), malta (Lamda), panama (ZonaLibre1), panama and nicaragua , (legend styles ?), plusmuch more , most according to fellow member complaints. Korea experienced recently been pointedout at least one time.The fellow member noted that generally speaking us all primarily based bank cards do not allow feesvia unusual countries like a safety measure (unless you let them know you are going out of the land ).Therefore , making it possible for "unusual " purchases puts anyone at a greater risk involvingaccepting deceptive fees via abroad. Be mindful.I are not necessarily going to clarify whom Randy Schroeder is actually. Youll be able to appear thatupward yourself. I will just point out he is giving a personal view , nevertheless hes also a go of anmain intercontinental network marketing. And so on an online conference , he or she came right outand about and referred to as ZeekRewards the Ponzi, and forecasted its going to fulfill the fiery stop ,sooner than after.Reaction one of the crowd was quick. Zeek defenders tend to be speedy in order to degree theparticular "bitter fruit " justification , and so they *do* involve some facts... Apparently many advancedaffiliates via that enterprise jumped in order to ZeekRewards just lately (and introduced more thanquite a few down lines ). And some produced prolonged details about exactly why retaliating isactually wrong , it really is bad for the , it possesses a chilling impact , blah blah blah. One particularmentioned advocate perhaps invited mr. Schroeder to go to ZeekRewards HQ and match the ZR staffface to face and negotiate his or her differences rather than using against each other on the affiliates.It seems that mr. Schroeder, in his make an effort to not necessarily set off subject a lot of (he isgenerally there to train their own men and women , to not talk about some other corporations ), just
  29. 29. informed the particular audience in order to trust your pet , like a long time veteran on the market.They know what he is referring to. It becomes an hour-long conference and he spent just three minswith this subject.You will get site anywhere else. I am not saying backlinking for it.I current anyone facts and reasonable examination. We located a selected finish , which will abide bymr. Schroeders finish.Maybe we believe as well , maybe we do not. Im going to ask him , only ever get the chance to.But his words and phrases do have a great deal of pounds.So here is a issue to everyone the particular Zeek defenders, whom persist that my own words andphrases dont have "specialist ", that im the nobody , somebody at the rear of the computer keyboard.To you , my own facts and logic tend to be worthless even when they are genuine and reasonable.Seeing that the network marketing veteran , getting over youll be able to rely , leading more andmore people compared to youll be able to fulfill , has referred to as ZeekRewards the Ponzi, are yougetting some questions to your confidence ?A expert professing in order to symbolize Rex opportunity group delivered the discover in order toHubPages, sponsor of this hub , demanding the particular hub to get taken offline. The particulardiscover had been full of punctuational mistakes , and boasts that this hub is actually interfering intheir enterprise , dishonored his or her copyright laws , brand , and also have produced untruthful andlibel assertions concerning Rex opportunity group and its corporations.As the provision , Hubpages required the particular hub offline whilst it looked into this particularpersonal boasts along with get in touch with us.The problem refers to trademarks not necessarily owned simply by Rex opportunity group (even withboasts that they are ), copyrighted terms which are included in "honest employ ", even though namingportions which are alleged to get "untruthful " and "libelous" with no outlining exactly what is untruthfuland libelous concerning these.When we asked for particulars because of this particular person , he explained he or she couldntperhaps build a list involving what is actually untruthful as well as libelous and exactly why concerningthe hub simply by wednesday. (we called your pet about thurs night ). While i tight on additionalinformation , he or she replied using veiled lawful risks concerning "go after most lawful sites ".EDIT: the particular hub has returned online about june initial , 2012, half a dozen nights after theproblem had been submitted. Another party in no way said as well as Hubpages what exactly hadbeen untruthful as well as libelous, not really does he or she really have specialist in order to issuetakedown realises. It is currently on the few days after and never just one phrase was received.Keith Laggos, network marketing expert , and founder involving NMBJ, a business "log ", wasdiscovered to get selling Lyoness, the imagine plan that elements of regular customer credit card andpyramid plan , in order to Zeek affiliates. Throughout the conference call , he or she stated credit to
  30. 30. have advised Zeek toward federal trade commission conformity simply by shifting his or her plasticcard processor chip overseas (this particular hub possess in the past identified at least 5 processorsin five different countries employed ). However , he or she furthermore discovered hes the Zeekaffiliate using 40000 down lines , and is also producing $45000 per month , and is also sellingLyoness like a "plan b " for all Zeek affiliates that took in within. Additionally , Laggos forecasted thatfederal trade commission will certainly still strike Zeek in a few weeks.The jolt is actually complete with both Zeek and network marketing supporters. Whenever Troy Dooly,industry core tried to verify this particular with Zeek, Zeek COO stated that Laggos no longer consultsfor them. Additionally , Zeek affiliate rules specifically forbids "poaching" (we.e. Cross-recruiting).Analysis and reactionMr. Laggos is in an extremely gray location both legally and ethically. You need to t be permitted tobecome a joint venture partner in business he or she consults as well as release posts lauding thatenterprise. This can be a severe discord of curiosity , about multiple ranges. But it really is clear hedsucceeded in doing so using Rex opportunity group and Zeek advantages. To have your pet change ,break affiliate rules , and drive but some other plan is just... Beyond the particular lighter.However, people be aware that mr. Laggos had a manage in with the particular securities andexchange commissions last two thousand and two whenever he or she posted articles in a verydifferent log lauding an alternative enterprise (referred to as "converge ") with no disclosing that he isgetting compensated to take action , and helped in order to perpetuate a regular scam.Reports appeared about BehindMLM that no less than one Zeek affiliate received the contact from aneighborhood credit union (within new york , identical to Zeek) , whom remarked that the particularfellow member has been doing enterprise using Zeek and wish to warn the particular fellow memberthat Zeek may possibly become deceptive. Subsequently many folks have called the loan unionthrough individual channels and also have received to some degree different responses , thatappears to cease lacking calling Zeek a good straight up fraudulence , nevertheless alerts most usersin order to exercise additional homework.We tend to be anticipating clarification, which may as well as may not be forth-coming. Its not at allidentified what steer the loan union in order to such a choice , when indeed one particular had beenattained.UPDATE 04-AUG-2012 ZeekReward media unveiled your firm stand out simply by new COOCaldwell he called the loan union and monitored along the one that "like every each of our pundits ,he or she had been performing unprofessionally simply by functioning on fake data ". However ,Caldwell still did not talk about what exactly had been fake concerning the accusations. He or shestated anybody mentioned to never figuring out direct selling connected laws , nevertheless still didnot identify the particular laws in question.Caldwell turned close to and blames the particular affiliates whom distribute good news , professingthat this memo is actually interior towards the credit union and therefore immaterial , and stated "often, we have been our own worst type of adversaries ", additionally , Caldwell noticed that just about any