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Gravity Is Actually Magnetism


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Gravity Is Actually Magnetism

  1. 1. Gravity Is Actually MagnetismFirst recognized as well as explained in october 1983.alright , to any or all my own readers as well as helpers, you should gothrough that , research that , as well as opinion together with simplytruthful responses. My spouse and i present to the Keekeridea.....Magnetism will be the law of gravity !subjective in physical-chemistry all of us show which the law of gravity is a permanent magnetpush developed ,within the nucleus with the atom, simply by a greatinduction procedure , whenever that the neutron will be transformed into aproton as well as vice-versa with the swap of an . the final outcome issimply electro-magnetic makes are mixed together within the galaxy.All ofus furthermore demonstrate that a photon with the energy are present so weuse this photon to develop a clinical model for the research with thegalaxy. This particular model looks like its being a program associatedwith fermions.Each of our conclusion is one particular form of makes finalresults furthermore a single form of systems , a system associated withfermions.when the galaxy can be viewed together gigantic programassociated with fermions the planet the planet earth has to be inside aexclusive situation – exclusivity basic principle associated with Pauli –intro :we are going to give the viewer informed a personal perspective inneuro-scientific physics. In about three unique experiments in physics wehad arrived in a position to show , which the law of gravity will bemagnetism , which photons have a permanent magnet house knowning that buyis made beyond dysfunction within the electric discipline of an clinicalmodel wherever we can research the behavior with the galaxy.Each of ourfindings with the experiments are usually which the law of gravity is anelectro-magnetic push knowning that simply electro-magnetic makes aremixed together within the galaxy. Since photons have got permanent magnetproperties , we can suggest yet another justification for the displacementto the reddish with the spectral collections of light coming frommegastars and have concerns on the idea with the broadening galaxy. We cansupport the idea which ultimately we are going on the major meltdown withthe galaxy. 1 a. The actual research a great snow golf ball we are goingto illustrate currently yet another try things out that verifies thesetypes of new suggestions. All of us analyzed the behavior associated withan snow golf ball and a coloring trial in an electric as well as permanentmagnet discipline developed inside a u condition goblet column of three cmlength as well as 40 cm the event that all of us fill the actual
  2. 2. column together with anionic major barrier so we put great ionic coloringcontaminants within the column that is within a present associated with 12to be able to 15mA, the actual contaminants collapse as well as type awalk in it. In the event that all of us position a huge horse-shoemagnetic field across the column inside a north to the south direction(perpendicular for this ) we have seen a deviation with the walk withinthe outside permanent magnet discipline. The actual direction with thedeviation is in operate with the direction with the electric disciplineand also the direction associated with the actual magnetic field ratherthan dependent with the handle of the actual coloring. Inside a 2nd trythings out all of us fill the actual column together with major barrieruntil a height associated with something like 20 cm as well as addmethanol to be able to twenty-eight cm. Today we have a occurrencedistinction within the column. In the event that all of us put a greatsnow golf ball – well prepared associated with deionized normal water --within the column , the actual snow golf ball drifts between your normalwater and also the methanol at a unique occurrence. In the event that allof us use the actual associated with 10mA and a major mount sneakermagnetic field all of us realize that the actual direction associated withthe actual deviation with the snow golf ball is usually contrary to thedirection with the deviation with the coloring walk.1 b. Conversation withthe research the actual snow golf ball based on each of our idea deducedin the isotachophoresis experiments , the actual coloring ions have gotwithin the electric discipline a permanent magnet house created byalignment with the electron orbits which permanent magnet properties caninteract always in exactly the same while using external magnetic field.Within the snow golf ball to the contrary the actual electrons are usuallyrepaired within the crystalline composition with the snow as well asarent liberal to shift as well as adapt their orbits. This will make thatthe nuclear permanent magnet discipline is the ruling permanent magnetdiscipline within the snow golf ball. The actual altering cost amongprotons as well as neutrons within the nuclei results in -- simply byinduction -- the actual permanent magnet discipline across the nucleus.This particular permanent magnet discipline looks like its contrary tothe permanent magnet discipline with the coloring , that is created by theactual electrons.. These types of connection between the actualexperiments while using snow golf ball and also the coloring contaminantsare usually validated simply by each of our isotachophoresis experiments.This particular permanent magnet discipline associated with an in one
  3. 3. piece operating nucleus associated with an atom is a new house with regardto atoms. It can describe the law of gravity.Only two. Fresh evidence forthe existence of photons using a permanent magnet house.Only two a. Theactual try things out :if we put great ionic coloring contaminants indeionised normal water all of us realize that the actual contaminants sinkalong within the water as well as type a good looking walk behind thesepeople. This is normal. But this easy try things out behaves in differentways if we do it again that underneath tension (15 volt/cm plus much more, direct current ) inside a u condition goblet column (height 40 cm ,length three or more cm ). In these problems the actual coloringcontaminants (+ as well as -- ) produce a three-dimensional movement andalso the walk currently takes the type of a helix (picture ) in the eventthat all of us use the strain simply after the development with the walkthe actual helix can also be formed. This particular occurrence is waybetter visible whenever the actual grain sink along within the column thatoffers the anode. The actual coloring phenol-red is definitely thehelicoidal composition within the walk very plainly. If we fill the actualcolumn together with regular faucet water as well as saline remedies andwe dont understand the occurrence. The actual experiments are carried outwithin a couple of seconds. Theres no starting to heat up with the normalwater , none do all of us observe a pH difference between anode as well ascathode location after the experiments. If we fill the actual column usinga blend of xylol as well as methanol so we put nonionic fabric dyes withinthe pipe underneath tension all of us perform not need rotator with thecontaminants with out helix development within the walk.Only twob.decryption :within the experiments we have seen which at large tensionthe actual coloring ions acquire energy. And there is zero ions within theprogram , all of us believe that the power will be transferred simply byphotons. A photon is an energy particle in an electrical discipline.Generally , speaking about photons, we are pondering on the quanta oflight , which can be manufactured by the actual electrons within the atom.Within the experiments it is not light photons but electric tensionphotons, manufactured in the strain discipline among anode as well ascathode. We must think about the goblet column , filled up with deionizednormal water sufficient reason for tension , being a program with regardto tension photon diagnosis just like the actual piece of equipmentassociated with Wilson, the industry program for the diagnosis associatedwith incurred contaminants since electrons (pocket 10s. Thomson) as wellas protons (Rutherford).we are going to describe this particular.
  4. 4. Precisely how features a diagnosis program with regard to tension photons.All of us proved that most atoms as well as molecules in an electricdiscipline get permanent magnet properties.[ ref 1 ] inside a programtogether with deionised normal water , even as we use for the try thingsout , we now have a top tension. This particular results in majorpermanent magnet properties for the atoms as well as molecules with theprogram. At the same time the water since the coloring molecules have beenin a energetic permanent magnet stability created by the strain. In case atension photon passes by way of this kind of diagnosis chamber , theactual energetic permanent magnet stability will be upset and you maydiscover this particular with the helix development with the coloring. Theactual coloring helix proofs the use of a tension photon as well as proofsas well the permanent magnet house. Particularly the undeniable fact thatthe actual occurrence is way better observed on the anode can also becritical .the sunshine photon to be able to , can have a small permanentmagnet house within our opinion. We can take this particular in the trythings out associated with Einstein, to be able to demonstrate the actualrelativity idea. Einstein conjectures which light can drop whenever thatpasses near the bulk with the sunshine. This individual suggested to studythe actual position of an star if we have a total sunshine over shadow.With the declination we will have the actual star in yet another position.The actual try things out validated the actual prediction. nEvertheless aidea making a prediction wont describe the reason why the featureshappen. All of us demonstrate in the previous much of this article thatthe the law of gravity is a permanent magnet push.nEar the sunshine youwill find significant "the law of gravity " career fields as well assignificant permanent magnet career fields. In case a light photonfeatures a permanent magnet house than normal ,which will be , declineswhenever that passes near the permanent magnet sunshine , a permanentmagnet house for the light photon can easily be discussed. The foundationwith the light photon influences electron. The sunshine photon appearswhenever a great electron in an atom adjustments to some more insideorbit. The actual electron gets a little a lot more unfavorable. Thatseems to lose an extremely small optimistic cost that is picking theactual photon. This particular photon should have an extremely smalloptimistic cost and also at very fast this particular results in a smallpermanent magnet house for the light photon. Its significantimplications.Consequently we now have different varieties of photons,which can be energy contaminants in an electric discipline. We now have
  5. 5. the sunshine photon, the electrical tension photon and also the graviton.The sunshine photon is originating in the electron and has an extremelysmall optimistic cost. The strain photon is originating in the anode thatis optimistic and also the graviton takes his origins within the nuclearnucleus that is optimistic to be able to.Only two chemical. The actualprobable implications , the idea of ultimately a huge meltdown.One ofseveral implications with the permanent magnet properties of an lightphoton could be a new justification for the displacement to the reddishwith the spectral collections of light coming from megastars at largedistance. A light photon regarding his permanent magnet push will suffer asmall amount of energy on the hydrogen atom nucleus regarding hispermanent magnet house whenever since the light photon passes a hydrogenatom. The result of this is which the sunshine photons are usually poorerin energy right now that people observe these people , the actual spectrallines are a lot more to the reddish. This particular displacementcertainly not the actual reddish with the spectral collections couldindicate that the light provides traveled on the large distance althoughnot that the galaxy will be broadening. Since hydrogen is the mostcritical take into account the making of the celebrities so we in additionhave a lot of no cost hydrogen, we can conclude which hydrogen and alsothe proton will be the actual ubiquitous particle within the galaxy. Thisparticular proton features a permanent magnet house as well as should havea significant part within the total "permanent magnet strength associatedwith bulk " with the galaxy. My spouse and i claim that there is amplehydrogen within the galaxy to allow in the law of gravity to start outappeal and also the major meltdown. Coming from files published in medicalliterature we realize that more plus much more african american materialswill be found within the galaxy. This might be absolutely nothing asidefrom the important meltdown that is taking place.Three or more a. Clinicalmodel for the research with the galaxy.Three or more a.. The actual modelto be able to total each of our theoretical research , we are going to trycurrently to be able to present a clinical model for the research with theconduct with the galaxy .even as we think about the galaxy being a programassociated with fermions and also the gravitons are viewed since bosons,we can try to construct a clinical model for a program associated withfermions as well as bosons that is similar to to the galaxy as well asresearch what happens. Which is impossible that will put planets inside aclinical piece of equipment , all of us acquire yet another fermion, as anexample a great or perhaps a coloring , in addition to being a graviton is
  6. 6. not utilized in a clinical model , all of us acquire yet another bosonnamely a tension photon. Since the distance among planets seemingly bareassociated with materials to be able to interact with the actual graviton,all of us acquire a great identifying moderate within the clinical model ,a moderate certainly not getting together with tension photons.Consequently we now have a clinical model to study the actual discussionassociated with fermions inside a discipline associated with bosons as isfurthermore seen in the actual galaxy. An illustration of this this kindof product is each of our u condition goblet column (three or more cmbroad , 40 cm height ) always be filled up with a variety of 300milliliter methanol containing something like 20 milliliter NH3 as well aszero ,1 meters acetic acid solution as well as 300 milliliter toluol. Inthe event that all of us put phenol reddish as well as extra fat reddish7B within the moderate on the cathode underneath present associated with40mA as well as 800 volts, we have seen a lot of whirls in type associatedwith 50 % arenas within the options with the coloring. The actual movesare very solid. Theyve the type of 50 % arenas. With this varietyassociated with experiments the behavior of an program associated withmilliards associated with fermions could be used. In some way the actual50 % group associated with coloring within the experiments signifies theactual setting as well as conduct of an galaxy , the actual ions stand forplanets and stars. After the present continues , the strain photons createthe actual 50 % arenas associated with coloring. That they type such as "asystem associated with fermions" within the pipe.Three or more b. You willfind simply systems associated with fermions.In the referred toexperiments all of us conclude which in nature you will find simplyelectro-magnetic makes , furthermore the law of gravity is an electro-magnetic push. Let me try currently to be able to suggest a uniformprogram for the information of what is seen in the actual galaxy.Theimportant idea is almost all what we should observe will be constituted byway of a program associated with fermions. Physics believe that the actualnucleus associated with an atom will be constructed by way of a programassociated with fermions getting together with each other with the solidnuclear push. Within the atom the actual electrons type a systemassociated with fermions getting together with Coulombian makes. I couldadd to this which within my next try things out within the u conditionpipe , ive another program associated with fermions creating a number of50 % arenas associated with coloring. There is discussion between yourions associated with coloring with the electro-mechanical makes which can
  7. 7. be released within the program. Simply by these types of electro-mechanical makes buy will be developed as well as movement and a velocityfor the coloring ions, it becomes an essential part with regard to fermionsystems observed in nature. Therefore it transpired furthermore within thegalaxy. The several megastars as well as planets shift almost allautomatically in place as they are a component of an program associatedwith fermions wherever the law of gravity isthe push making buy , the lawof gravity is the regulatory push. This can be a simply fashion to go intodetail the reason why planets and stars transfer the actual galaxyknowning that there is buy. When it wasnt therefore the galaxy needs tobe chaotic , just like the actual submitting with the coloring ions withinmy clinical model will be chaotic ahead of im bringing out the electricalpresent. We must conclude which character , in the littlest until thelargest , will be constructed simply by fermion systems. Quantum aspects ,simply by my own experiencing , could describe which. The actualregulatory makes are everywhere electro-magnetic makes.4. The challengeassociated with lifestyle within the galaxy.All the materials within thegalaxy including planets and stars might be regarded as a fermion. Theactual exclusivity basic principle associated with Pauli will be valuablefor the fermions, not just with regard to electrons. This particular basicprinciple associated with Pauli might be formulated inside a common typelike a conglomerate associated with fermions, somebody fermion in no waycould take up somebody state including which a pair of fermions needs tobe the exact same ". Inside a conglomerate associated with fermions eachand every fermion features a very particular person state. In the eventthat all of us use this particular to the galaxy we must conclude which ineach of our interstellar program just one globe might have the actualquantum bodily determined situation of our own the world.In the event thatall of us think about the whole galaxy together conglomerate associatedwith fermions, next we are inside a exclusive situation. Then this wholegalaxy can have a great affect in all the person megastars as well asplanets. When the conglomeration associated with fermions that all of usfit is a super chaos associated with universe , planets and stars , thenthere are a lot more options. Modern-day astrophysicists take into accountwhich generally there are usually atmost so many this kind of superclusters shifting independently coming from each other. In this situationa minumum of one globe in each and every super chaos might have theidentical state since the planet as well as maximum 1 , 000 planets maypossibly have similar quantum bodily situation since the planet.all of us
  8. 8. look at this quantum bodily state of the planet since needed for arsenicintoxication lifestyle since this situation is determined by the actualbulk with the sunshine , the actual bulk of the planet , the actualmigration velocity with the globe across the sunshine , the actualmigration velocity with the sunshine within the galaxy , the speed withthe galaxy , the actual bulk associated with planets as well as megastarsadjoining each of our plant and so forth. From these parameters areusually depending the distance to the sunshine , the actual the law ofgravity on the planet , the use of a great atmosphere , the actual temp ofthe planet , the day as well as night time beat , the actual reputationassociated with normal water in the course of such an long time , theactual tectonic action associated with the planet earth , the actualaffect with the silent celestial body on the moves of the planet and soforth.these are generally almost all standard problems appropriate toglobe as well as important for the roll-out of lifestyle. A few additionalproblems required to build up lifestyle should as well always besatisfied.The most critical is the function associated with hazard thatperforms at almost every single moment with the evolution with the galaxy.One of them hazardous key elements is the place within the galaxy wherevereach of our sunshine came to be. With this place the hazard was whichthere have been completely weighty atoms to build up a globe while usingoccurrence of the planet.Almost all the elements are mixed together in theplanet. This is , by itself , a rather outstanding situation in the actualgalaxy. Treatment plans will be with respect to the past lifetime ofmegastars in this region , which were to blame for the fabrication withthe weighty elements. Once biochemistry and biology starts off the actualhazard performs a function in each and every step in the actual nuclearevolution. Yet another impact with the hazard is the reputation associatedwith nitrogen within the atmosphere. Nitrogen will be outstanding withinthe galaxy but in the actual atmosphere of our own globe we discover 80%nitrogen.In the event that all these and several additional breaks areusually proper , we must conclude which lifestyle within the galaxy has tobe extra unusual , we can request each of our self in the event that everyday life is probable in that galaxy. The result on the very last issueanyhow has to be affirmative because all of us are present.dao tao wordpress