Dong Yi - MBC Malay Historic DramaMBC Korea features one brand new Saeguk (traditional ) theatre collection. The actual na...
concubine is Lady Jang okay Jung, later on she turn into Jang Hui trash can. The actual hui trashcan name is given followi...
Lady Choi seems to endure and also shield the girl son , prince Yeon s (later on turn into californiaking Jeongjo involvin...
authorized types involving court audio.Source : statemaster/Music-of-KoreaThere are many audio equipment throughout Dong y...
Jang Ak won , the actual regal audio academy with the help of a good Gisaeng who has crazy aboutthe girl your government.D...
ill wed along with Cheon soo”. He or she really likes Dongyi with his very existence.Queen throughout Hyeon/ playground ha...
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Dong Yi - MBC Malay Historic Drama


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Dong Yi - MBC Malay Historic Drama

  1. 1. Dong Yi - MBC Malay Historic DramaMBC Korea features one brand new Saeguk (traditional ) theatre collection. The actual name is"Dong Yi". This collection replace "rice " and also "the fantastic king Seon Deok".Directed by Mr. Shelter Byung Hoon who had previously been focused a lot of hits and alsoextraordinary korean traditional Dramas similar to "Yi San" and also "Dae Jang Geum or perhapstreasure inside the Palace" and also Mr. Kim Sang Hyub. the actual screenwriter is Kim Yi Youngthat additionally authored "Yi San" and also "marrying a millionaire ". 55 assaults lengthy.The theatre is still airing and going into their own 8-10 show. Initial transmit : drive 25 , 2010 , in mon& mondy 21 years of age :fifty-five (korean occasion )The score is still under 20% yet i think this theatre is very promising.So, whats the theatre all about ? the tale is approximately Lady Choi Suk trash can the concubineinvolving King Sukjong from the Joseon empire who is the new mother involving 21 years of agesaint california king involving Joseon, california king Yeongjo. But before all of the wonder , femaleChoi Suk trash can were built with a very difficult along with a tough living history. This somewhatsimilar to Dae Jang Geum collection , it comes down to the actual battle involving dude whos wise ,brilliant , trustworthy , little bit uncooperative , and not quit having a major luck to survive and alsobring back the girl family members name.Before she turn into female Choi Suk trash can she had been generally known as Choi Dong Yi, justa little woman from your least expensive course from the modern society. The actual traditionalqualifications is Joseon empire inside the period involving california king Sukjong (1674–1720, 19thcalifornia king involving Joseon empire ). Choi Dong Yi is dynamic , wise , fearless , uncooperative ,and always curious little girl. The girl family is any lowly commoner inside the modern society. The girldad , Choi Hyo won can be a coroner and the man is quite brilliant one. The girl your government isChoi Dong Joo can be a structure musician , he or she plays Haegeum, a normal korean line guitar ,similar to a 2 stringed fiddle. Yet without Dong Yi realizing , the girl dad and also brother involved inany magic formula organisation known as Geumgae, actually the leader involving Geumgae is ChoiHyo won himself. Yet Geumgae is not any cool dude corporation , Geumgae is just a corporation toassist lowly course those who handled unfounded or perhaps injustice, for instance , reduce courseeveryone is used to be built while scapegoats and also the nobles simply sent these people whileslaves.So, the actual Geumgae corporation make this happen fled from and also offered several security ,similar to robin cover i think. Sukjong is a great california king yet there were a lot of battles betweenfaction as part of his reign , the actual Namin faction (Southerners) and also Seoin faction(Westerners). Sukjong attemptedto please them a number of ways , similar to marrying womenthrough both factions in order to stability the actual political electrical power. Certainly one of his
  2. 2. concubine is Lady Jang okay Jung, later on she turn into Jang Hui trash can. The actual hui trashcan name is given following she delivered any son (california king Gyeongjong involving Joseon).Female Jang and also Choi Dong Yi may compete inside the battle for your throne.Choi Hyo won and his awesome son were wrongly falsely accused while assassin , they were falselyaccused in order to eliminate search engine marketing Jeong Ho (any nobleman, search enginemarketing Yong Gils dad ). Search engine marketing Yong Gil can be a police nobody trust Choi Hyowon and also respect your pet while instructor and also buddy although Choi Hyo won is throughChonmin course (least expensive course throughout modern society ). Search engine marketingYong Gil felt tricked and also dropped confidence along with Choi Hyo won. Even though Choi DongYi confronted search engine marketing yong Gil and also declared that the girl dad is not guilt ridden ,search engine marketing Yong Gil nonetheless in doubt.Finally, Choi Hyo won and also Choi Dong Joo were performed. Before Choi Hyo won passed away ,he or she inquired his subject matter that will similar to his very own son , Cha cheon Soo in order torepair the actual Geumgae corporation. Choi Dong yi left on its own while orphan, she considered notonly the girl dad and also brother , yet Cha Cheon Soo were additionally passed away. Dong Yithought we would cover himself throughout Jang Ak won that is structure audio academy , where thegirl brother used to perform.Dong Yi met along with Sukjong by chance. Dong yi is so curious as to the changes throughout audioguitar that will influnced the actual musics octave, and also the regal court made a decision that thiscan be a bad omen for the regal family. The actual king Dowager Myeongseong decided that this canbe a bad omen and it brought on by female Jang okay jung. So she loved in order to expell femaleJang. Dong Yi researched this scenario and she or he met Sukjong that additionally researched thesame scenario. Yet that time Dong Yi in no way recognized that will "the actual Nobleman" isSukjong, the actual california king himself.The california king astounded by the girl temperature and also smartness and also later on selectedthe girl while his concubine.This theatre is awesome although simply going into their own 8-10 th show , i really like since thereare a lot of sort of korean traditional audio equipment. Through Dong yi we are able to find out howthe actual Chonmin - the lowest course involving Joseon empire have been handled. nObodyrecognized these people like a man or woman , these are handled as an asset for your noble. How aChonmin course have a problem with their own solidity involving living and also their own expect.There are also cntradictions involving individuals created chain of command involving 1700s Joseonempire. This collection shows lifespan involving female Choi Suk trash can nobody amazingmetamorph the girl son to become another california king and she or he is so wise through the lethalpolitical infighting throughout regal process of law.
  3. 3. Lady Choi seems to endure and also shield the girl son , prince Yeon s (later on turn into californiaking Jeongjo involving Joseon). She raises the girl son in a well-balanced and also informed man orwoman even though really rigid self-control.The one that attract me personally more is the Geumgae corporation , the trick Chonmin courseswordsman corporation involving Joseon empire. Perhaps since i really like watching martial artsmovies so much :)This theatre is much like korean CSI i think and i enjoy CSI!Live like a california king throughout Joseon empire is so incredible , even Kings lady even offers anyposition inside the structure. Listed here are the actual rating clothes on the list is Wangbi ( kingConsort, deal with while Jungjong). There exists merely primary Consort at the same time.Then concerns other Consorts that is difference between Jeong is equivalent to higher 1st course orperhaps correct complete ) & Jong (equivalent reduce 1st course or perhaps the left complete ).Heebin (1st position Jeong, this can be a position that will Jang okay Jung may assume later on &gets the actual known Jang Hee trash can )Sukbin (1st position Jong), this can be a name that will Choi Dong Yi may assume later on followingshe delivered any son (california king Yeongjo involving Joseon)Then comes (Gwiin 1st position Jong yet below the actual “Bin”)Soeui ( second position Jeong)Sukeui ( second position Jong)Soyong ( 3rd position Jeong)Sukyong ( 3rd position Jong)Sowon ( independence day position Jeong)Sukwon ( independence day position Jong)With a lot of associates in the home , the actual regal homes price range could be really enormous.This collection absolutely pressured for the korean traditional audio equipment. As with Dae JangGeum, natural meats learn about korean food and also medication , organization items throughoutSangdo, along with Dong yi we are able to find out that will audio is divided into three components ,1. A ak, is frequently known as "classy audio " taken to Korea throughout 1116 through a largereward involving guitar from your music empire (china ) Emperor Huizong2. Hyang ak, are generally traditional folk dances involving Korea executed looking at viewers. Hyangak carries a kind of oboe called a piri and also types of stringed equipment.3. Dang ak, can be a any genre involving traditional korean court audio. The actual name implies"Tang audio ," and also the design was first modified through Tang audio during the one Silla periodinside the overdue initial millennium. It absolutely was continuing through the Goryeo (935-1394) andalso Joseon (1394-1910) dynasties, when in addition to hyangak and also aak this comprised the 3
  4. 4. authorized types involving court audio.Source : statemaster/Music-of-KoreaThere are many audio equipment throughout Dong yi, similar to :1. Haegeum, can be a traditional korean line guitar , similar to a 2 stringed fiddle. It possesses arodlike neck , any hollow wooden soundbox, and a couple cotton strings , which is kept up and downfor the knee from the performer and also enjoyed any ribbon. The actual guitar is took part in routinesinvolving court audio and also folk audio. The actual haegeum is probably the most essentialinvolving equipment throughout nearly every collection. The actual haegeum is related to equivalentchinese equipment inside the huqin family of equipment , like the erhu. Of the , it really is moststrongly related to the actual old xiqin, plus the erxian used in nanguan and also Cantonese audio.Choi Dong Joo is Haegeum musician. Choi Dong yi can also be plays this guitar.2. Daegeum, can be a large transverse korean bamboo flute, was involved with returning to seventhmillennium Shilla empire. It really is one of several Samjuk (3 transverse bamboo gkasses ), whichusually contains daegeum (large one ), joongeum (medium one ), and also sogeum (modest one ).From the 3 , joongeum is not at present enjoyed any further.Daegeum features one coming hole , six hand openings , and also a supplementary hole coveredwith any thin membrane known as ‘cheong’ (situated relating to the coming hole and also handopenings ). Cheong can be a bright resonant membrane cut from a reed’s inside movie. There arealso one or two more extra openings , known as ‘chilseong-gong’, which usually is based on the finishfrom the guitar. Chilseong-gong is utilized just to alter pitch. Theres two different types of daegeum:Jeong-ak daegeum (regarding classical/court audio ) and also sanjo daegeum (regarding folk audio ).3. Ajaeng, can be a large korean bowed zither getting more effective strings. Its is about one hundredsixty centimetres (sixty two in. ) lengthy and also twenty five centimetres (15 in. ) wide which ismanufactured from paulownia solid wood. The actual ajaeng’s strings , manufactured from turnedcotton , are generally sustained by separate removable bridges. The actual ribbon along with whichusually it really is enjoyed , several sixty five centimetres (twenty five in. ) lengthy , is created from apeeled forsythia side branch that has been hardened along with this tree liquid plastic resin. Theactual guitar , that is put into any transverse situation on the ground , is reinforced in its bowed finishby the stand. The player is situated on the ground powering this and also goes.4. Pyeongyeong, can be a stone chimes. We have an insident about it stone chimes throughoutshow 5-7. The actual Pyeongyeong is made of 2 rows along with nine L-shaped gemstonesthroughout each row. Imported through china like a court guitar.5. Teukgyeong, can be a single stone chime. The actual teukgyeong can be a single L-shaped stonewhich is utilized solely in court ceremonial audio.and many more.Dong yi and Han Hyo JooShe is quite wise , humorous , and also brilliant. Along with cozy coronary heart and also kindness.The girl dad and also brother had been performed bitterly and she or he grew to be orphan. She hasbeen chased by the police search engine marketing yong gil and she or he cover himself throughout
  5. 5. Jang Ak won , the actual regal audio academy with the help of a good Gisaeng who has crazy aboutthe girl your government.Dong Yi is decided on like a asst inside the structure from your servant situation. There is Cha cheonSoo, the girl brothers buddy that constantly shield the girl with his living. Later on , Choi Dong Yi isacquired by Sukjong to nap along with and become his concubine. King throughout Hyeon trust Dongyi so much. Dong yi later on contains the Kings son and also the girl son prince Yeon s later onbecome california king Yeongjo.Dong yi gets involved in a intense struggle against king Jang Hee trash can above in whose son mayclamber the actual throne. Simple fact , king Jangs son can become california king Gyeongjong (thetwentieth california king ) and also Dong yis son can become california king Yeongjo (the actual 21stcalifornia king ).Sukjong/ Ji Jin HeeThe 19th california king involving Joseon empire (1661-1720)Absolute monarch involving Joseon. Hes highly effective management and also wide knowledge , heor she managed his subjects and also utilized the electricity online game amid his subjects. Sukjongwas a frightening california king in order to his subjects yet he could be really wise and also wonderfulcalifornia king for the numerous female inside the inside court. Sukjong met Dong Yi when he or shehad been in his cover to research an instance and also amazed along with her temperature and alsosmartness.Cha Cheon Soo and Bae Soo BinThe brand new chief involving Hanyang Geumgae, the trick Chonmin course swordsman corporation.He proved helpful while corpse inspector in the regal authorities stop in the daytime and also werelike a key member of Gumgae, in whose purpose had been cleaning the governments dysfunction atnight time. Hes instructional capacity and can utilize blade adequately.He is trusted quite definitely by Choi Hyowon, Dong yis dad. He or she was a younger staff membersinvolving Gumgae corporation and best buddy involving Dongju, whos brother involving Dongyi.When mister Choi and also Dongju were performed , they will ask him to take care of Dongyi.Afterwards, he or she took care of Dongyi regarding his very existence. Following Choi Hyowonpassed away , he or she refurbished Gumgae corporation and also grew to be a brand new chief. Heor she in no way forgets the phrase involving little Dong yi, that is , “When my spouse and i mature ,
  6. 6. ill wed along with Cheon soo”. He or she really likes Dongyi with his very existence.Queen throughout Hyeon/ playground ha SoonShe is the initial king involving Sukjong, yet Sukjong acquired absolutely no awareness of the girl.She gets cozy coronary heart. She trusted Dong yi quite definitely and also provided a lot of helpsyou to the girl. King throughout Hyeon passed away earlier.Jang Hee Bin/ shelter so YeonSecond king involving Sukjong. Jang Hee trash can or perhaps Jang okay Jung type in the structurewith the help of also Tae Seok. Female Jang acquired Sukjongs enjoy yet she had been eliminatedby Sukjongs new mother. (the actual king Dowager, Myeongseong)She arrives involving exile later on and also earnings for the structure , whereupon she has any sonfor the california king. She gets any poisonous rivalry against Dong Yi throughout the assaults andalways opposes Dong Yi in every single subject they will confront.finally she passed away from thepenalty involving dying.Seo Yong Gil/ Chung Jin YoungA police who may have fair and also directly character. Mindful and also appreciated large Choi HyoWons capacity while corpse inspector, that is the lowest job. Search engine marketing Yong Gilhandled Choi Hyo won like a Yangmin class/commoner man or woman despite his reduced modernsociety situation.But following his dad had been wiped out by also Tae Seoks guys and also unfortunately had beencreated from the Geumgae, he or she sense tricked and also declare to reduce Geumgae. WhenDong yi become the asst involving authorities , he or she met the girl yet again and the man helps thegirl a great deal of times.seo