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Crm sales presentation


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Crm sales presentation

  1. 1. Cratio CRM Presentation
  2. 2. About Us Cratio is software products company, specializing in developing Sales, Support & Marketing process automation software using cloud & mobile applications. Our flagship products are  Application Builder  Online CRM Software  Mobile Field Force Automation Software Create custom web applications faster with Cratio App builder. We Specialize in domain specific products & customized solutions Offices in Chennai, Mumbai & UAE. 500+ clients globally.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Sales Cycle
  5. 5. Sales Management Sales Leads, Enquiries Daily , Weekly, Monthly Sales Reports Appointment, Meeting, Calls, Follow ups SMS Alert – Sales Leads, Orders
  6. 6. Sales Pipeline - Forecasting User wise, Sales Vs targets Customer sales, collection Sales Pipeline, Forecasts Sales prospect stage, SMS Alert priority SMS, Email Alert on sales closures
  7. 7. Customer Support Track all support visits with issue status Generate report on support activities Activity, call planning for support staffs SMS, Email Alert on support calls
  8. 8. Reports & Analytics Sales Performance Table Daily Sales Report Sales Target Vs Actual Report Monthly Sales Report Top Clients by Value Monthly Collection Report Source wise lead report User wise revenue report Monthly Support Report Support Revenue Report
  9. 9. Commercial Details Rs 5,000/User/Annum  (Rs 500/Month. Buy 10 months get 2 months Free) +91- 9092 198 198
  10. 10. Thank You