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Bus travel – advantages and disadvantages


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Nicolae Alexandru

Published in: Travel
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Bus travel – advantages and disadvantages

  1. 1. Bus travel – advantages and disadvantages Nicolae Alexandu Razvan MIEADR IEA GROUP 8104 1 University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania 59 Mărăști Blvd, District 1, 011464, Bucharest, Romania Keywords: rural regions, folklore, touristic attractions, local culture, unique traits ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Coordinating teacher: Mihai Daniel Frumușelu REFERENCES ( STUDENTS’ SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM USAMV MIEADR 2015 Advantages of traveling by bus are many, for example: It's really cheap,with only 5 to thousand you can take the bus, you can avoid bad weather: sunshine, rains, cold, snow,there will be reduced traffic accidents, reduced environmental pollution, and when you walk from your house to the bus station you can lose weight. Nevertheless, travelling by bus has more disadvantages: it is public transport so you mustwatch the time, a lot of people on the bus have to be careful because there are pickpockets, and there is such a strong smell in the bus that you can get carsick. Most flexible number of locations but usually the slowest. Can be comfortable but may be crowded and shared with rude people traveling cheaply. Usually as expensive as train, but more stops available.