Spring Triangle 2009


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Spring Triangle 2009

  1. 1. TOPEKA, KANSAS Spring March 2009 April 25, 2009 SEE PAGE 10
  2. 2. TRANSITIONS Kent Stubbings celebrated his 80th birth- day January 2, 2009. He has been married Glenn Coulter, ba 1949, died at the age of 57 years and retired from The Topeka Capi- 82. While at Washburn, he was a member tal Journal after 37 years of service. of Alpha Delta, President of the Washburn FROM THE FIELD Press Club and on the Kaw staff. After graduation he was in the construction in- Military News……….. dustry. He was President of the Ichabod Club and a Trustee for the Washburn En- The following message was sent by Kyle dowment Association. McCann, active chapter president spring 1999. “I wanted to send you a quick note George “Wesley” Otto, ba1953, 76, Lake- about what I am up to. I recently received wood, Ohio. He was the founding minister my promotion to Major in the United States of the Broadmoor Community Church in Army, and am packing up my home at Fort Colorado Springs, Colorado. Gordon, GA and moving to Fort Hood, TX where I will get settled in and get on a rd Dale G. Briman, 11/18/1923—11/22/2008. plane and head over to Iraq for the 3 time He participated in the family business, since we started the global war on terror. I Briman’s Leading Jewelers, until his am hoping this will be my last go around retirement. with the Iraqi’s. They certainly have some strange customs over there, not the least of which are IED’s. I will be working on the counter – intelligence side of the house again and will get involved with helping NAMES IN THE NEWS refine their constitution and get some more government programs initiated. Tough Richard Ross, ba 1971 and jd 1975 is an work, but rewarding for the most part. I honorary member of the Friends of the just finished up my command time as a Mulvane Art Museum, Inc. Board. company commander for a counter- intelligence company here at Fort Gordon Ronald Wurtz, ba 1970 and jd 1973, has and looking forward to moving on. Know- been appointed acting federal public de- ing that many alums are retired or former fender for Kansas. military men themselves, I ask that you all keep the soldiers who are currently serving Greg Brenneman, bba 1984 and honorary in your minds. Thanks for taking a moment doctorate 1999, has been named Executive out for me. Chairman of the Board of Quiznos. He also was named chairman and a member of Coach Tatman the investment committee of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC. Scotty Tatman, who was in the pledge (Continued on page 6) 2
  3. 3. ALPHA DELTA ALUMNIBOARD MEMBERS 2008 – 2009 President Bruce Jones Bandr jones@hotmail.com Vice President Jake Fisher jake@cookandfisher.com Treasurer David Linderman dwlinderman@silverlakebank.com Secretary John Minnick MINCAPMGT@aol.com Resident Directors AD Alum Dick Rosetta carries the Olympic Torch in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games held in Salt Lake City, Utah Jim Sloan jsloan@sloanlawfirm.com Ken Elder Lowell Hahn kelder@kelderaccounting.com lhahn@hahnlaw.net Steve Obdyke walking_to_freedom@yahoo.com Tad Layton tadlayton@yahoo.com Want to play golf at Lance Quilling Founders’ Day? Lquilling@usd434.us Terry Marshall Brother John Terry.marshall@derito.com Minnick has Stephen McIntosh arranged for us to Evan Mulch Stephen_mcintosh@hotmail.com Evan_mulch@hotmail.com have a golf tournament with a Matt Wilkins Josh Parsons T-Time at 1:30 p.m. on April 25th. matt.wilkens@hotmail.com kcautoworld@hotmail.com The cost will be $75 per round with Hayden St. John an additional $16 per person if they hstjohn@1ttopeka.com Clayton Pykiet pykiet@mac.com wish to use a cart. Gary Zook gzook@cox.net Mark Ross Mark.ross@richoh-usa.com John Burns John.burns@washburn.edu Tom Suther Tomsuther1971@yahoo.com Non-Resident Directors Martin Toews Larrie Bates mltoews@hotmail.com Judyb6@cox.net 3
  4. 4. FROM THE PRESIDENT’S PEN no excuse for not spending one evening a year at Alpha Delta! The last weekend of January calls me to the My hunting days with Bob and Dave will hunting fields of Tipton, continue until we can no longer see, walk Kansas. For over 40 and shoot. Our days of brotherhood, years, I’ve had the however, will last forever. (For the record, pleasure of hunting and on our annual pheasant hunt we always get fellowshipping with two our limit of birds and any one of us would lifelong friends. We gladly share stories about the others’ gather occasionally dur- Bruce Jones shooting abilities. Just ask!) ing the year, but our January hunt remains special. My hunting companions Today, there is a renewed spirit at Alpha are Alpha Delts Bob Maxwell and David Delta. The pledges and the actives are Tripp. Since graduating from Washburn in among the best at Washburn and we all the 1960’s, we have lived in different cities, know the alumni cannot be matched by any worked in very different professions and other fraternity. So, I sincerely hope you lived different lifestyles. will attend Founders’ Day this spring. It is important to keep the spirit alive, not just Aggregately, the three of us have raised 17 on Founders’ Day, but every day. “A band children! Even with our busy schedules, of true and faithful brothers…” that’s you we have been able to gather each year to and me. enjoy the current year’s hunt and reminisce on the past hunts together. See you soon, Bruce th The 100 anniversary of Alpha Delta is only a few years away and Founders’ Day 2009 is only a few weeks from now. Memories of our time spent at Washburn U will forever be a part of our lives. The ex- periences we have had as Alpha Delts has helped shape the men we are today. Every few months, I learn of the passing of another Alpha Delta brother. Each time I hear such news, I become more convinced that we need to gather fraternally more often. We need to honor the AD philoso- phy and enjoy the memories of the fraternity that brought us together during those formative years. For everything that the fraternity has done for us, there is really 4
  5. 5. NOTES FROM THE EDITOR Today’s Alpha Delta normally has a part time or a full time job. He rarely has extra money and is frequently late with his rent money. He will probably leave Washburn with a degree and a large student loan. In 1959, students earned about $1.00 to $1.25 per hour. Tuition was around $12.00 per hour, non resident fee for Alpha Delta was $19.00 per Lloyd Fleming month and $75.00 per month to live in the house. This included three meals Monday – Friday and one meal on Sunday. In 2009, students earn about $7.00 to $8.00 per hour, tuition is $197.00 per credit hour for Kansas residents, in town fee for Alpha Delta is $85.00 per month and the resident fee is $375.00 per month and includes one meal a week, the formal Monday Night Din- ner. Also included are Cable TV and Internet Connections in each room a comfortable Gathering Room with a fifty – five inch flat screen TV. His expense includes cell phone, laptop computer, and auto insurance over $100 per month and cologne at $70.00 for 2.5 ounces. Editor Lloyd Alpha Delta, Tyler Paszek [Editor Lloyd’s Grandson] and Dancing Blue Chelsey Artzer relax after their dance performance during halftime at an Ichabod basketball game. 5
  6. 6. (Continued from page 2) ter. My path is just one example of how class of 2000 and who served three the Alpha Delta experience can prepare straight semesters as active chapter you for life. I encourage the new president sent the following: “I love the pledges in the house to embrace their emails. It is nice to see the house has opportunity at Washburn and within Al- great leadership.” Scotty is Sales and pha Delta. Try new things, get involved Marketing Supervisor for Acme Foun- and be a leader. More importantly, dry, Inc. and also Program Director for don’t be afraid to ask Alumni for their Leader-ship Coffeyville. He is assistant help. It is our turn to give back to you golf coach for Field Kindley School what Alpha Delta provided to us. This Golf Team and has helped with the mid- is what a fraternity is all about. dle school team. He married Robyn Magill from Chanute. The Olympic Torch Be a Leader “Greetings from Salt Lake City. You have done an outstanding job with the Scott W. Farrell is Managing Director Triangle on line. A great way to stay in Risk Consulting for Marsh Risk & In- touch.” Dick Rosetta “I have so many surance Services, San Francisco, CA. fond memories of my days at 1533 Col- He wrote the following: “I have been lege. As you may know, I went West in away from Washburn since 1985, but I 1963. I spent my professional life with have used the skills I obtained from all The Salt Lake Tribune as a sports writer, my brothers at Alpha Delta to help me editor and columnist. 39 years in all. I with my career. While I initially joined retired in June 2002. I carried the the fraternity as a way to socialize, it Olympic Torch the night before the was the knowledge I gained about opening ceremonies. I had been in- brotherhood tradition, team-work, edu- ducted into the National High School cation and diversity of interest that al- Hall of Fame in July 1999, so I didn’t lowed me to grow into a better individ- figure there were any taller peaks to ual. I would credit numerous brothers climb. I have spent my time volunteer- and alumni who provided me guidance ing and serve a curator for the Utah and opportunities throughout my college Sports Hall of Fame, after serving as days to increase my exposure to the President of the group in 2003 and business world. I am involved with 2004. That seems like a lot of self- many community activities. I serve as a aggrandizement, but the reason I related Director for the American Red Cross it was that none of it would have been Bay Area Chapter and participate on the possible without my 1959-1963 miracle Advisory Board for Golden Gate Uni- run at Washburn University and Alpha versity’s School of Business. I enjoy Delta. Oh, the days at the Review and spending time with my wife and daugh- the political science classes under Har- 6
  7. 7. old Blostein, the history classes of OLDEST LIVING ALPHA DELT Ernest Bader and math from Terry McAdam. And I owe nearly everything The following notes as sent to the Trian- in my matriculation at WU from an gle by Don Green. “Many thanks for Osage City High School ‘greenie’ to su- the updates on the chapter members. per-active campus ‘go-fer’ to Gerald Am nearly 93 years old and some of the Barker in the Public Relations Office fondest memories are of my years as an and his assistant Jerry Hutchison. No Alpha Delt..was president for three one enjoyed the collegiate experience semesters, one before WW11 and two as more than I did.” I returned to Washburn to finish my degree. Please give my dear regards to your house mother..I served meals at the house for two semesters and our dear house mother was Mrs. McKee ...sweet, stern, loving and patient...along with my PLEDGE CLASS REUN- fraternity life, I was originally a pp stu- ION dent but eventually ended my academic career with an MBA from Ohio State, a J.P. Buellesfeld is planning a 1984 phd. in economics and a ld de- Pledge Class Reunion for Founders Day gree ..what a turn-around.. had 17 years 2009. Through the Triangle, J.P. has re- as head of business division at a connected with alumni he has not heard California University.. Skied until two from in twenty-five years. J.P. is presi- years ago and won seven national rac- dent of Buellesfeld Financial Services, quetball titles..plan on living many more Inc. in Wellington, Ks. years..my wife..formerly Mary Campbell (KAT) is doing well..Happy Professor at Canton College 2009 to all..Fraternity is a wonderful life for a productive AD..’’ Don Green. Bob Edwards has been promoted to the rank of ‘professor’ at the State Univer- sity of New York Canton College. His field is Criminal Investigation. He is also faculty adviser to the Veterans Association student group which helps Veterans and their families with their college education. Mother Brouddus and Past Chapter President Jarrett L. Kitch. Kitch graduated in December of 2008 with a BBA Degree. He was given a special recognition award by the Alumni Board last year. 7
  8. 8. Greetings fellow Alpha Delts! Hopefully this message finds everyone well. On behalf of Alpha Delta’s Active Chapter I would like to give a warm and hearty hello and hope that everyone has had great start to the 2009 year. First off, I’ll begin by introducing myself for those who don’t know who I am, and are thinking, “Who the heck is E- mailing me”. My name is Victor Elazegui Jr. and I am the current Victor Elazegui president of the chapter. This is my fourth year at Washburn Uni- versity as well as my fourth year in the fraternity. I’m originally from Olathe, Kansas and decided to come to Washburn University due to their well-recognized Criminal Jus- tice program. My first year at Washburn, I was introduced to the fraternity and was wel- comed by great friends who now I consider my Brothers. My passion for the success of this fraternity is as high as it was since when I first formally pledged in the fall of 2005. Unfortunately, Alpha Delta, as well as many other Greek organizations, is experiencing rough times and less involvement in the Greek community. As many of you know, Alpha Delta is currently in a rebuilding process. Numbers are low, but the foundation of this brotherhood is strong and willing. This strong foundation will be imperative in the re- building of this Fraternity. Recruitment will be a big part of this semester’s plans and we have begun planning already. This past Sunday (February 22) a recruitment committee consisting of current Alpha Delta brothers (me being one of them) met to plan and pre- pare events to help bring potential new brothers to the fraternity. At this meeting, we planned our first event of the semester. Here are the details: 1st Annual Alpha Delta House Hold’Em Tournament On Friday, March 27, 2009, at 5:00 PM Alpha Delta will be holding a Texas Hold’Em poker tournament, as its first recruitment event for the spring 2009 semester. Planning for this event has already gone into effect. For more details regarding this recruitment event, you are encouraged to contact Shaun Small (Recruitment Chair), Jonathon Rami- rez (Treasurer), or myself (contact info will be provided below). The Active Chapter invites all alumni to attend this recruitment event! Also, if anyone would like to take part, volunteer, or even contribute towards this event you are more than welcome to. The recruitment committee currently has set a budget for this event but 8
  9. 9. contributions or donations would be greatly appreciated by Active Chapter. We currently need assistance with the following items: Chairs Round (poker) tables Poker table tops Poker Chips Playing Cards Decorations Dealers Prize ideas Raffle Prizes!! SUGGESTIONS!! Any donation of any kind would be appreciated, and thank you all in advance. If this event is successful (which were optimistic that it will be!) we plan on making this event an annual recruitment event. I will be compiling a promotional flyer ad- vertising our event, and will be emailing everyone a copy. We understand that recruitment is key to the survival of Alpha Delta’s future. Ac- tive Chapter is taking this matter seriously and planning accordingly. Once again, thank you for your help and suggestions. If anyone has any questions or com- ments, please feel free to contact me or drop by the house Thank you! Victor Elazegui Jr. (913) 636-7483 Jonathon Ramirez (785) 845-2013 Shaun Small (316) 706-7451 Best Regards, Brother Coolphil is working on a Victor Elazegui Jr. pictorial directory of Alpha Delta President Alumni. If you haven’t sent him Alpha Delta Fraternity your picture for this directory, Victor.Elazegui@washburn.edu you can do so by sending it to coolphil@cox.net. Please include your degree and class year. 9
  10. 10. Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009 Place: Topeka Country Club, 2700 SW Buchanan St. Social Hour: 6:30 p.m. Cash Bar Dinner: 7:30 p.m. Cost: The charge for alumni will be 42.00 per person in advance, and $45.00 at the door. The cost for active chapter members will be $32.00 in advance and $35.00 at the door. Family and guests are invited and will be charged according to the category of the member inviting them. Program: Our speaker, Bob Maxwell, graduated from Washburn and Alpha Delta in 1968. He graduated from KU Med School in 1973 and finished his residence at Children's Mercy Hospital in 1976. He is married with 4 grown boys and 2 grandchildren. An avid hunter and fisherman he also enjoys traveling with his wife Nan and racing sports cars. He was in Sagamore at Washburn. Reservations can be made by e-mailing MCMGT5879@aol.com or calling 785 272-4200. All checks should be made payable to " Alpha Delta" and mailed in advance if possible to our PO Box, 1383, Topeka,KS 66601. Cancellations are accepted up until three days prior to the event otherwise the member will be expected to pay for any unused reservations. 10
  11. 11. WHAT IS THE LIFE OF A HOUSEMOTHER LIKE? Moira Brouddus, Housemother It's letting someone into their room at 3 a.m. because they for- got their room key. It's smiling when remembering the time 2 of our young men tried to catch a bat (that had flown in an open door) with a fry- ing pan and a tennis racket. It is keeping quiet when someone tells a joke that no house- Mother Brouddus mother should understand. It's smelling pizza cooking at 2 a.m. and hoping they do their cleanup. It's being awakened at 12:30 a.m. and asked to show someone how to cook a ham- burger. It's walking into the kitchen and discovering nobody did their duties. It's watching a whole movie with a young man that was homesick, this was his Mom's favorite movie!! It's being told I have XXXXX because I picked up a half dead mouse and got rid of it. It's watching 8 dz. cookies eaten in record time-----most of them still warm. It's being so proud when you see them in their cap and gown. It's being told "you're such a Mom" and knowing it was meant as a compliment. It's watching the dedication and generosity of the Alpha Delta Alumni. Our young men are blessed with all the extra support that is available to them. 11
  12. 12. New Actives [from left to right] Graham Thurber, Nathan Altic, John Henderson, Ryan Calovich, Jesse Fitzpatrick and Shaun Small. Not pictured: T. J. Seelbach. THE ALPHA DELTA TRIANGLE Published Quarterly Each September-December-March-June Editor: Brother Lloyd Fleming lloydmiata@aol.com Associate Editor:- Brother Phil Menninger coolphil@cox.net www.alphadelta.org 12