AD Spring 2013 Triangle


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AD Spring 2013 Triangle

  1. 1. Triangle Est. 1912 A P ublication of A lpha D elta F raternity at W ashburn U niversity S p r i n g 2013 Alpha Delta Looks Ahead to Founders Day Annual Giving Campaign Support Appreciated, Still Needed room chairs and tables during the coming months. I t’s hard to believe spring break is past us and in just a couple weeks we will celebrate our 101st Founders Day, April 19-21, and then the 2013 commencement. We have only 14 of the original wooden chairs left (70 years old), and most of them are cracked, patched, and on Throughout this 100th year of Alpha Delta, the alumni their last legs. We need 65 new sturdy, matched chairs, a board and active chapter have successfully worked head table for the dining room, and a table for the active together to carry on the traditions of Alpha Delta. chapter room. Last summer, we remodeled the kitchen   and dining areas of the chapter house. They are now First and foremost, the chapter earned the first place the focal point of our house, and all we have now are academic award for the fall 2012 semester with the highest a sad-looking group of folding and mismatched chairs. GPA among Washburn fraternities. As a Washburn It is time we finish the project we started last year by faculty member, and the chapter’s academic advisor, furnishing the dining room with new chairs. I can sincerely say I am proud of this achievement.   The academic culture within the chapter has been We are going to extend an opportunity to alumni transforming for the positive over the past several to purchase chairs for the dining room with names years. Those efforts paid off this past fall, and the entire designated on brass plaques attached to the back of each university community is now taking notice. chair. Furniture can be purchased and your name placed   on the plaque or you can have the name of someone you Brotherhood amongst the members is growing, as well. wish to honor placed on the plaque. It would be a nice This is due in part to maintaining higher recruitment and way to remember someone special to you, perhaps aOur dining room chairs are academic standards for membership. Our members are brother or special faculty member who has passed on, a wearing out after 70 years learning how to strive for the good of the organization and to housemother who helped you during your school years, of use by many brothers. maintain the dignity of all concerned. They are putting into or your pledge father. We will have more information Watch your mail soon for action the meaning behind a part of our purpose as Alpha on this important effort out to you in the near future! an opportunity to help us Delts, which is to “be truly concerned with the betterment With your support, we will have strong and good-replace these in your honor. of each individual member, the fraternity, and Washburn.” looking furniture for another 70 years!   The 101st Founders Day is shaping up to be another great In the meantime, please don’t forget to fill out the event (full lineup on page 4). I am especially pleased gift form on page 4 and return it with your generous to announce that Trey Burton ’86 will be our featured check to support the Annual Giving Campaign for speaker of the evening. He was president of the chapter in 2013. We need your ongoing support for needed 1985-86 and is now assistant deputy chief United States house maintenance, alumni communications, taxes,Alpha Delta probation officer for the District of Kansas, where he has and insurance. worked for more than 22 years. He is going to speak on  Online leadership and his experiences with Leadership Topeka. Please join us for the 101st Founders Day Celebration   April 19-21. The years pass quickly, and we hope you willStay up to date with Because of your generous annual campaign donations take time to spend the weekend with your brothers and to last year, we were able to not only renovate the kitchen, share the many great memories that are part of your AlphaAlpha Delta online at but also install privacy partitions for the two main Delta heritage. As always, your loyalty and support! bathrooms in the back part of the house. This has been a Alpha Delta is sincerely appreciated. needed upgrade for many years, so thank you for helping  Send your e-mail address us make it happen. Fraternally,to John Burns ’92to receive our e-Triangle Finally, we are making it a priority to raise funds Alumni Presidentnewsletters! for new dining room and and active chapter meeting
  2. 2. Alpha Delta triangle page 2 Alpha Delta Has Success in Recruitment, Academics and EventsT his past semester we initiated five new members, and we are confident that they will be able to help buildthe fraternity with their hard work and dedication. The last This semester, we have enjoyed events with Delta Gamma and Zeta Tau Alpha, and we plan to hold a formal social with Delta Chi and Kappa Alpha Theta. We also invitedsemester pledge class was a very successful one, and we professional NFL football player Michael Wilhoite overlook forward to seeing them in action as full actives with to the house for dinner. Wilhoite played for Washburn’sall the responsibilities it entails. football team a few years ago and now plays for the San Francisco 49ers. It was a great chance for our new activesThe overall chapter GPA was a 3.0, making us first to meet with a Super Bowl player (see picture below).among fraternities on campus. We are looking to raiseour GPA this semester even higher and remain in first place. The culture within the house is creating strong bonds between brothers and helping us become men as weWe have started a new recruitment committee put together make the chapter and ourselves better. We are alsoby Nick Morse ’13, our vice president and recruitment encouraging our members to get into the Greek andchairman. With help from alumni, our goal Washburn communities to establish lifelongis to have a pledge class of 25 for the fall relationships with others and to furthersemester. With those numbers, our chapter Alpha Delta’s reputation as gentlemen andwill be stronger on campus and have a as scholars.greater influence. We are committed to keeping AlphaSeveral of our new active members have Delta the strongest, most well-known, andalready started taking responsibility and most respected fraternity at Washburnnow hold chapter leadership positions. Two University. Thanks to all of the alumni fornew actives also hold executive positions your continued support of our great fraternity!on campus. They are working hard for theuniversity and for the fraternity as a whole. Fraternally,Brothers are also involved on campus in Zachary Phillips ’14WSGA and the Campus Activities Board Chapter Presidentso that we get Alpha Delta out into the zacharyphillips723@community and show everyone what it Former Washburn football star and current San Francisco gmail.commeans to be an Alpha Delt. 49ers player Michael Wilhoite (back center) enjoyed dinner at the house with several of the actives recently. Thank You, Loyal Alpha Delta Annual Giving Donors 2012 Campaign - $16,400 Raised ($12,700 to College Ave. Building Co.; $3,700 to MacVicar Educational Foundation) January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012 Maroon & White R. Bob Rhodes ’50 David R. Oldham ’60 Charles A. Morgan III ’75 Joe T. Casper III ’69 Sustainer Richard J. Miller ’51 Jack R. Shutt ’61 Keith D. Olson ’76 Donn A. Land ’70 ($500 and above) Donald E. Moore ’51 David M. Dunford ’62 Norman R. Kelly ’77 John R. McNee ’71 Alan W. Rolley ’55 Fred R. Guild ’52 Richard J. Rathbun II ’62 Martin L. Toews ’82 Paul K. Stuewe ’72 William D. Pantle ’58 Harold L. Hula ’52 Hayden B. St. John ’62 Whitney B. Damron ’84 Richard K. Friedstrom ’73 James S. Maag ’61 Frank M. Rice ’52 Larrie C. Bates ’63 James F. Zimmerman ’85 Larry D. Geiger ’73 Terry L. Marshall ’63 James W. Sloan ’52 Barry K. Wilkes ’63 Michael J. Kuckelman ’86 James R. Hanni ’74 Eldon R. Turner ’63 William H. Walters ’53 Richard R. Rosetta ’64 John W. Burns ’92 Bruce C. Perney ’77 Thomas A. Adrian ’66 Aspet V. Merijanian, John H. Resing ’66 Blake Cornish ’93 Steven A. Ferbezer ’78 Michael L. Worswick ’68* Ph.D. ’54 Francis E. Reardon ’67 Chris Shelton ’96 Ronald G. Schweer ’80 Kenneth R. Moran ’70 Lt. Col. Donald E. Robert A. Maxwell MD ’68 Clayton D. Pykiet ’00 Alexander T. Escandon ’85 Ron E. Wurtz ’70* Robson ’54 Fredrick J. Dodds III ’69 Jesse Long ’06 Scot W. Ferrell ’85 Timothy S. Durst ’84* Dwane L. Spohn ’54 Charles N. McLeod ’69 Nancy N. Scherer David A. Uphaus ’87 Thomas J. Schultz John P. Slater ’55 Bruce E. Jones ’70 James B. Wilmoth ’01 Gary A. Cook ’57 John D. Minnick ’70 Others Jarrett Kitch ’08 Alpha Delta Spirit Harry E. Parratt ’57 Lawrence S. Mitchell ’70 (Up to $99) Squad Lowell F. Hahn ’58 Robert L. Edwards ’71 Wendell L. Gibson ’53 *Centurion donor ($100 to $499) Don B. Rolley ’58 Keith D. Adams ’72 Larry A. Miller ’66 ($1,000 or more gift for Joseph P. Logan ’39 Art Glassman ’59 Danton C. Hejtmanek ’73 George D. Sloop ’66 Centennial)
  3. 3. page 3 washburn universityLarrie Bates ’63 Why I Give to the Annual FundT o Brig. Gen. Larrie Bates ’63, joining a fraternity was an opportunity to broaden his college experiences through social andacademic success. He chose Alpha Delta because of the active members He urges all alumni to take a moment to think back on the role Alpha Delta played inhe met. “They were the only local fraternity, and the quality of the guys their life, and consider making a gift. “When you realize the importantI met were top notch. I knew these were the kind of guys I wanted to part the fraternity played and how it shaped your life, everyone shouldassociate with.” Larrie also had several friends from high school who want to give back because only through giving back can the fraternitychose to pledge Alpha Delta. grow and succeed. If every alumnus gave a few dollars, think of what a difference it could make. I also think it will make you a strongerWhile earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration, Larrie alumnus; once you have invested your time and money. You will haveserved as the social chairman, vice president, and president of Alpha a stronger tie to the organization and want to see it succeed.”Delta. Through Alpha Delta, he was able to participate in manyactivities, make friends, and open doors to working in the community Larrie visited the Alpha Delta house last fall, while attending a WUand on campus. He fondly remembers all of his experiences, because Foundation meeting. He met the actives, took a house tour, and saw thewithout the fraternity he would not have had the same opportunities. improvements made to the kitchen. He was very impressed! As always“There was never any doubt in my mind that I made the right choice. when he is back in Topeka, he stayed with Hayden St. John ’62, aThe fraternity helped me develop leadership skills and learn that the longtime family friend and fraternity is more important than the individual.” One of his favorite eventswas the Fireman Ball. “It was where my wife, Judy, and I got pinned, Larrie lives in Arizona with his wife, Judy, and they have two sons,so it is always a special memory.” Kevin, 49, and Brian, 45. He retired from the United States Air Force after 28 years, rising to the rank of brigadier general. He then went onLarrie serves as a member of the Alpha Delta alumni board and is to be employed as the Safety Recommendation Program Administratora Trustee for the WU Foundation. “I believe very strongly that it is for Aviation at the National Transportation and Safety Board for fourimportant to give back to organizations that played a positive part in years in Washington, D.C., retiring in 1994. He now has a part-timeyour life and the lives of others, so that it will continue to grow and job in security at the Charles Schwab Investment Company, but heflourish. It seems like a natural thing to support the Annual Giving and Judy’s favorite activity is gardening. They are past co-presidentsCampaign. Alpha Delta is the kind of organization that enhances a of the Arizona Herb Association and are horticultural aids at thestudent’s life. Without belonging to fraternities and sororities, I think Desert Botanical Gardens where he also serves on the Planned Givingstudents miss out on a part of college that is very important.” Committee. They enjoy family activities and travel. Passages John A. Bausch ’49 (88) of Topeka passed Col. (Ret) Karl L. Losey ’49 (91) away on March 3, 2013. He was mobilized and called passed away February 17, 2013, in Topeka. He was into federal service with the Kansas National Guard active in sports and ROTC during his Washburn days. in 1940, one year prior to Pearl Harbor. John was Karl enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942 and served wounded in action, received the Purple Heart Medal, overseas during WWII and two separate tours during and was awarded the Silver Star Medal. He also the Korean conflict. He served three years during received the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and earned the occupation of Germany and three years in Puerto sergeant’s stripes in WWII. John was commissioned Rico as an advisor to the National Guard at El Morroas an officer in the Kansas National Guard after WWII and retired at Castle. In 1969, he retired from the military and was awarded thethe rank of major, infantry. John was an original member of the Kansas Combat Infantry Award, the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star. UponBar Foundation and a member of the Goodell, Stratton, Edmonds & his retirement, he worked for the State of Kansas as a research analystPalmer LLP law firm at the time of his death. He was a member and for the Department of Labor. He and Julia E. Tanquary were marriedpast commander of Capitol Post #1 of the American Legion, past for over 62 years. She preceded him in death in 2008. He is survivedcommander of the 1st District (Northeast) Kansas, and past president of by one son, Karl; four daughters, Victoria, Kris, Kim, and Karen; 11the 35th lnfantry Division Association. He was married to Mary Bausch grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in deathfor 54 years; she preceded him in death in 2011. Survivors include his by one daughter, Kathryn.three children: Sarah, Susan, and Stephen.
  4. 4. Alpha Delt’s 101stFounders DayFriday, April 19, 20137:30-11:00 p.m.Informal Welcome GatheringThe Loft at Pigskins BBQ & Sports Bar Alpha DeltaBrookwood Plaza, 2833 SW 29th St.No fee to attend. Buy your own food & drink. Alumni AssociationRSVP to Beth by April 17 at P.O. Box or (785) 272-4200 Topeka, KS 66601-1383Saturday, April 201:30 p.m. Address Service RequestedAnnual Business Meeting forCollege Avenue Building Co. &MacVicar Educational FoundationOpen House Refreshments Served 6:00 p.m. Reception/Social Hour7 p.m. Founders Day GalaTopeka Country ClubCash Bar Keynote Speaker: Trey Burton ’86Alumnus, Active & Pledge of the Year AwardsCost: $45 per personRSVP to Beth by April 17 or (785) 272-42009:30 p.m.-12 a.m. Post-Dinner CelebrationTopeka Country Club LoungeCash BarSunday, April 216:50 a.m. Pre-Tee Off Meeting Let Us Hear from You!7:00 a.m. First Foursome Tees OffCypress Ridge Golf Course2533 SW Urish Road D o you have milestones, anniversaries, or passages to share with your Alpha Delta brothers? Are you planning a get-together or pledge class reunion? Let us know! Send your news or event information to John Minnick ’70 at or our POWe have been allocated only 28 spaces for a box to be published in the next issue of The of seven teams, so slots will go quickly.Cost: $34 per person with cartRSVP with your foursome to Lance Quilling’06 at or (785) 640-2212 Your Gift Helps Tremendously!9:15 a.m. Pre-Tee Meeting W e need your support for the 2013 Annual Giving Campaign today to help pay for insurance, taxes, alumni communication, house maintenance, and other important projects at the Alpha Delta house. To make your gift, simply fill out the form below and mail it and a check to our PO box9:30 a.m. First Foursome Tees OffTopeka Country Club using the enclosed envelope. Your support of the Alpha Delta is greatly appreciated and truly makes18 Holes on Championship CourseCost: $75 per person with cartRSVP by April 17 with your foursome a difference! # Name: ____________________________________________________________________to Beth at or(785) 272-4200 Address: __________________________________________________________________Hotel block of discounted rooms City: ______________________________ State: _____ Zip: _________________________Capitol Plaza Hotel, 1717 SW Topeka Blvd.$79 per night (complimentary parking) Graduation Year: ____________________Reservations: (785) 431-7200Book by April 17 for discounted rate Phone:_____________________________________________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________ Founders Day ( )$100 ( )$250 ( )$500 ( )$1,000 ( )Other $_____ Celebration RSVP Make your check payable to: College Avenue Building Company Inc. (non-tax deductible) Reservations required no later than Wednesday, April 17! Mail your donation to: We are ONLY accepting payment at door by Alpha Delta Alumni Association, PO Box 1383, Topeka, KS 66601-1383 cash or check, no credit cards.