Ad Triangle September 2009


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Ad Triangle September 2009

  1. 1. A LPHA DELTA TRIANGLE A PUBLICATION OF THE ALPHA DELTA FRATERNITY AT WASHBURN UNIVERSITY TOPEKA, KANSAS Fall Issue September 2009 THE HOUSES OF ne— 1516 M ulva SW 1 7th S 0 160 t .— Current House — 1919 SW MacVi- 1716 Bolles Ave.—1919 1901 Boswell — e— e Av Cam lleg p us H 3 Co o use — 153 INSIDE: 2—From the Editor...3—Masthead...4—From the Alumni President...4—-Linkedin...5—From the Field… 6—Milestones…7—From the Faculty Advisor...8—From the Active Chapter ...9—Founders’ Day 2009...10—Calendar… 10—-From the Alumni Secretary/Treasurer...10—AD Ddirectory,,,11—Annual Giving Donors…12—100th Anniversary
  2. 2. FROM THE EDITOR In the summer of Bobbie, spent many an hour working to 2008, Brother Lloyd insure that our House was in Fleming approached tip top shape. Often, these me to talk about put- two put in time and half to ting together another make the House right! All of edition of the Alpha us owe them a big debt of Delta Triangle. He thanks for the caring they would serve as the have had for Alpha Delta. Lloyd Fleming editor if I would assist Thank you, Lloyd & Bob- him by doing the Phil Menninger bie!! graphic work. Over the years I have worked on a number of newsletters and he thought together we This past year I was selected to be the could put together a new edition of the Alumnus of the year. What made this Triangle. I agreed to work with him and special for me was when I looked at the we were successful un putting out four list of recipients, I noted that my father, issues of a new Triangle. William Claire Menninger, was the first to receive this award in 1966, and then in Unfortunately, Lloyd has resigned as the 1986, my Uncle Edwin Menninger was editor of the Triangle and I have taken on a recipient as well. I felt very please to the responsibility of editing it for another join my father and Uncle as a member of year. Without Lloyd, there would have the Alumni of the Year for Alpha Delta. been no more Triangle. I am grateful for the effort he put forth this past year to I am also indebted to Brother Lloyd for assist in getting the publication to our my having earned this esteemed award. alumni. Without his efforts this project He got me involved in working with the would have not come to pass and I am Triangle and then proposed my name to therefore dedicating this issue to Lloyd the Board as a candidate for the Alumni for the vast amount of time and effort he of the Year 2009. took to make this project happen. It has been a fun year working with Not only did Lloyd edit the Triangle, but Lloyd and for Alpha Delta. I am hopeful for the past several years he has spent a that my health will hold up so that I can great deal of time working at the House. be present for the 100th Founders’ Day I can remember seeing the House when it Banquet. was a literal mess, and Lloyd was there working to make sure it would be ready Editor Phil for the Fall Term. He and his wife, 2
  3. 3. THE ALPHA DELTA TRIANGLE Published Quarterly ALPHA DELTA Each ALUMNIBOARD September-December-March-June MEMBERS 2008 – MEMBERS Editor: Brother Phil Menninger 2009 – 2010 2009 Associate Editor:- Brother Rich Miller President Bruce Jones Bandr Triangle Database Manager: Brother Clayton Vice President Pykiet Steve Obdyke Treasurer David Linderman Brandon Gehring Secretary John Minnick Nathan Graybill Aaron Jacobson Resident Directors Gerald Kunkelman Lance Quilling Ken Elder Terry Marshall Lance Quilling Stephen McIntosh Clayton Pykiet Stephen McIntosh Matt Wilkins Mark Ross Matt Wilkins Hayden St. John Tom Suther Hayden St. John John Burns Martin Toews Gary Zook Non-Resident Directors Director Emeritus John Burns Larrie Bates Jim Sloan Non-Resident Directors Lowell Hahn Larrie Bates Lowell Hahn Please send any e-mail changes to: 3
  4. 4. FROM THE ALUMNI PRESIDENT Finally it has happened! My wife and I have state mandated sprinkler system sent the last of our seven children off to for fire protection. Thank college. One would think that by now, I goodness we remain fortunate would have young adults all figured out. to continue the services Entering my second year as the Alumni Housemother Moira Brouddus. President one would also think my experiences, with actives, pledges and A year ago I was quite blunt in my evaluation of the future of Bruce Jones alumni would also be reasoned out. Guess what, I'm still learning! I have learned that Alpha Delta. I can enthusiastically state this persistence does pay dividends. Alpha Delta year is off to a fantastic improvement My this school year (2009-2010) appears at this sincere thanks to the Actives, Alumni writing, to be positively improved over last Board, Mac Vicar Foundation and the many year. other Alumni that have stepped forward this past year. The active chapter is larger with more involved young men. They have In 1916, author William J. H. Boetcher grown enormously in maturity and positive penned "One cannot help men permanently attitude. The pledge class has been better by doing for them what they could and vetted. A number of recent alumni have should do for themselves." This is the stepped forward to lend their experiences advisement philosophy we must practice and advise. with our young men at Alpha Delta. Your assistance and involvement at many levels Needless to say, new challenges have also is necessary as we approach our 100th found their way into our fraternity, i.e.-a Anniversary. The Active Chapter is embarking on a different approach to recruiting and retention and the Alumni play a key role in this. They are implementing a process geared towards leveraging the Alumni database to show perspective pledges what AD can be to, and do for them. The process is built on edification of the Alumni and Actives based on the goals of the perspective pledge. Our goal is to leverage ourselves in a new and ambitious way that Clayton Pykiet capitalizes on the years of experience and success the Alumni have. We want to recognize the success and victories of the Alumni and show our new members what is possible and probable. My request is for you to encourage Alumni already on to join our group and update their profile if necessary. If you know of an Alum who is not on, encourage them to join so we can begin to recognize each others achievements and leverage our skills. If you would like more information on how we are implementing this process or are concerned about pri- vacy please do not hesitate to contact me. Pykiet Clayton [] 4
  5. 5. FROM THE FIELD Wing. Mike Bradbury reported that his wife, Sarah, delivered their second child on 8/31 His grand-parents are Dale and Alice @ 9:21pm. They named her Leah Evelyn Schnoor, Hooper, Neb., and Hilda Ray, Bradbury. She weighed 6lbs 15oz and was Winfield, and the late Frank Ray. 20.5'' in length. They will wed Oct. 10 at Faith Lutheran Church in Topeka. Topeka Capital Journal, 8-23-09 Leah Evelyn Bradbury. Jack Shutt participated in the 2009 Na- tional Senior Games in Colorado Springs, Robert Bond and CO. in the game of Ping Pong. Kimberly Bond, both of Topeka announce the engagement of their daughter, Sara to Mark Ross, bba ‘83, Overland Park Kan- Michael Ray, son of sas, is a new member of the Washburn David and Sally Ray of Alumni Association. Winfield. Sara is a graduate of Washburn Rural High School ('04) and Washburn University (08), Jim Sloan is trying to locate any old copies with a BS in Nursing. She is a Registered of the Triangle to put in the WU Nurse at University of Kansas Hospital. Library. He has found an AD section in the WU Library with some old Triangles Her grandparents are Donna Neu and the and wants to add to the collection. Any late Claude Bond. member willing to contribute their Triangles send them to Jim Sloan at Michael is a graduate of Win-field High 349 SW Woodbury Ct. N., Topeka KS School (‘00) and Washburn University ('06) 66606. If he get duplicates, the extra copies with a degree in criminal justice. He is FAA can be put in the fraternity house. traffic controller in Olathe and serves as a crew chief for a KC-135 in the Kansas City’s Air National Guard’s Air Refueling 5
  6. 6. FROM THE ACTIVE CHAPTER Alpha Delta had its annual Wine and Cheese on September 24 at Reynolds Lodge on Lake Shawnee. All four sororities were invited and they all had an excellent time. The fraternity is currently preparing for Homecoming week. Alpha Delta is currently facing a fortunate trend of increased recruitment numbers. Alpha Delta represents almost every organization MOTHER BROUDDUS CONTINUES on campus, with two new members sitting TO SERVE US WELL on WSGA senate. The Pledge Master, Daniel McElroy, has said this is the best House Mother Moira pledge class Alpha Delta has seen in years. Broudddus continues to Alpha Delta has also had a good semester serve our Fraternity very in volleyball and flag football in well. She manages to intramurals. The organization is standing keep the House in order strong with excellent leadership. The and Fraternity Members in line. She has leadership has shifted strategies and is also been very helpful to the Triangle currently focusing on to set the example Editor in getting news from the Chapter. in front of the pledges by the actives with We are very fortunate to have this fine “servant leadership“, Each day it is lady managing our Fraternity House! improving itself by focusing on Communication with its members, with the actives, pledges and alumni. This communication is also extended to other organizations, fraternities, and sororities on campus. MILESTONES Rayburn Alan “Spanky” Thompson: 8/27/1940-9/2/2009 Submitted by John Henderson, Chapter Secretary Richard Reid Zachman died 9/30/2009. [R], and Daniel McElroy, Pledge Master, [L]. John is the grandson of former WU President John Henderson. 6
  7. 7. FROM OUR FACUALTY ADVISOR researching the input of millennial students on Greek organizations. Some Greek organizations Recruiting & Retaining have already adapted their philosophies to this the Millennial Student changing student body, and there is much that can John Burns, MS, ATC be learned from their experiences. Academic Co-Advisor Resident Alumni Director So who are these millennial students? Millennials are American students born During Founder’s Day, I was between the years 1982 to 2002. The asked by a fellow alumni brother, oldest entered college in 2000, thus the John Burns “What’s wrong with the current term “Millennial.” Washburn Students? Why don’t they want to join They are the most racially and ethnically Alpha Delta?” It’s a legitimate question asked out diverse generation in US history and are of frustration from dwindling active membership, open and accepting of racial, ethnic, and difficulty with member retention, and a general lifestyle differences. misunderstanding of the current college student. Obviously, they are fascinated with, and easily At the time, I was hesitant to answer, but now I master new technology. Their births were feel compelled to respond. announced on cell phones and their pictures were immediately available on the The short answer is nothing. There is nothing internet. They’d give up television before “wrong” with the current students. They are just they’d give up their computer or cell generationally different. Since the beginning of phone. the 21st century, there has been a change in the They communicate via text message, characteristics of students entering college. Tom Facebook , and “tweets”. Brokaw wrote about the “Greatest Generation.” These students were wanted and planned for Many of you reading this are “Baby Boomers.” by their parents, and thus, they were raised Personally, I am a “Gen X’er,” and the current that way. They feel individually and cohort of college students are “Millennial.” collectively special as a result. This generation is highly connected to their Each of these generations brought different parents, and their personal values mirror characteristics and values to Alpha Delta, and their parent’s values. through the years, the fraternity evolved to meet They are high achieving, intelligent, and optimistic, but these changing qualities. Alpha Delta is once are often “under prepared for the challenges of again attempting to evolve to meet the characteris- independent living.” tics of this “new” generation. It is important that Most likely the lack of preparation is a result of over-protective parenting and sheltering. After all, we, as alumni, recognize the distinct qualities of they are the generation of car seats, seat belts, air the millennial generation and provide generation- bags, bicycle helmets, knee pads and a myriad of ally relevant guidance to perpetuate the revitaliza- other, often legislated, protections. tion of the brotherhood. We must understand that The students on campus in the fall of 2009 this generation exists in the age of information and grew up in a country at war. They were socialization, and provide tools they need to only 10 or 11 on September 11, 2001. become leaders in the 21st century. They know the names of terrorists, the Unabomber, and other home grown I feel it is important to communicate the character- dissidents, but lack vision of who are istics of this new generation to the alumni “enemies” really are. They feared school membership. There are many sources that are violence, anthrax laced letters, beef from 7
  8. 8. mad cows, and viruses from birds and them.” Either way, we definitely have to swine. understand that it’s going to take more than just Most of the students of this generation are one contact or rush event to sign them up. highly motivated, assertive and confident. They believe college is to prepare them for Finally, we have to provide some life preparation the workplace and they expect to advance training; things like time management, conflict rapidly once they get there. resolution, and leadership training. Know that this They are team oriented and want to be part of transformation has already begun. Through the vision the group. While these may seem like of Alumni like Bruce Jones, Gary Zook, and Clayton good characteristics for Alpha Delta, they Pykiet, a personal development and leadership training pro- also tend to value achievement over gram is already being implemented, and ideas are being personal development as they want to considered to further enhance our offerings. clearly see “what’s in it for them”. Maybe we initiatives and am excited to be a part of them.eed to consider developing an alumni So what’s this mean for Alpha Delta? It means mentoring program or possibly even develop that this generation of student is “right” for Alpha internship opportunities within our alumni Delta and that we should be excited about what network. These won’t be overnight transforma- they can bring to the brotherhood. It doesn’t mean tions, but I believe are essential for future success. we need to change our core values or beliefs. We I fully support these just need to change our presentation. The strategies that are being implemented are First, we have to prove our value to the students, geared toward meeting the needs of the current not just tell them about it. Our beliefs and the generation. The current active membership is a value of brotherhood must be lived out by our good group of men. I believe, with the right active members and by alumni. We have to show training and leadership, they can perpetuate Alpha them the value in lifelong brotherhood. Personally, Delta well into the future. I believe the Alumni Board of Directors has to transform itself into a group of leadership mentors I’d be happy to hear from any of you with your rather than a disciplinary committee set on ideas on thoughts. Feel free to contact me at enforcing policy. We have to show them that we are not “big brother” looking over their shoulders, but rather we are teammates. We have to expect References: integrity and we have to back that up by our own Howe and Stauss, Millenials Rising – The Next actions. Generation Gleason, Paula, Meeting the Needs of Millennial Second, we have to recruit new members, not Students, In Touch Newsletter, Vol. 16, Number 1. “rush” them. This generation won’t be “rushed” Presentation by: Spencer, Edward, Associate into joining a group, and they probably won’t join Professor for the Department of Higher Education without consulting Mom and Dad. We have to and Student Affairs, Virginia Tech. accept parental involvement; maybe we even need to plan opportunities for it. Have we ever thought about having a “rush” party for parents? I’m an athletic trainer and work closely with the Kenneth Logan, bba' 53 from Warner Washburn football team. Maybe we need to copy Robins, Ga. participates in the Georgia some recruiting techniques from the sports world State Senior Olympics. In 2006, he placed and starting visiting students in their living rooms second in the over 70 age group and in and high schools. Then bring them and their 2008, he won first place in the 5,000 meter parents in and really show them “what’s in it for time trial in the over 80 age group. 8
  9. 9. FOUNDERS’ DAY 2009 WHO CAME THE FARTHEST? Bruce Jones with Chris & Joe Casper from Mandeville, Louisiana In the last issue of the Triangle two Alums were listed as having traveled the furthest to Founders’ Day 2009. The Editor his apologizes to Chris and Joe Casper, who traveled 679 miles from Mandeville, Louisiana to attend this event. The Active Chapter will be serving Apple Cider and doughnuts Oct 17th at 9AM for all Alums at 1919 SW MacVicar Ave., before the Homecoming Parade. This will be in the parking lot across the street from the house. 9
  10. 10. For your Halloween Party, have a Strawberry Cocktail on Alpha Delta From the Alumni Secretary/ Treasurer: Brothers, Since the first Annual Giving Program was launched last month we have received over $6,000.00 in donations which is a good start. We are asking each alum to donate at least $100.00 or more for the upkeep of the fraternity house and to pay for alumni communications, alumni events and the postage and printing expenses that it takes to accomplish everything we need to John Minnick do. Several years ago we had a dues program which we stopped Triangle Editor Phil is putting together a pictorial directory of all AD Alums. If you would like to be in 2001 as the Heritage Campaign began. With included in this directory, please send your picture, Heritage concluded, except for collecting e-mail address, degree earned and grad year to unpaid pledges, we need to establish an annual source of income for ongoing maintenance and alumni relations. The board decided an annual giving program would be a better approach than a dues program. The next issue of the Triangle will come in December. If you have any news that can be included in that issue, please send it to the editor by December 1, at 10
  11. 11. Don C. Roehl '57 Remembering deceased brothers........You can Lowell Hahn ‘58 also donate $100.00 or more for a deceased Philip F. Lyon '58 Don B. Rolley '58 brother so that his name can be added to the Dr. Douglas Wilmore MD '60 recognition list of donors. We plan to purchase David R. Oldham '60 glass display cases for the fraternity house in James S. Maag '61 which the names of the Annual Giving Cam- Hayden B. St. John '62 paign Donors will be prominently displayed all Larrie C. Bates ‘63 year long. Terry L. Marshall '63 Robert M. Harvey '64 Edward B. Soule '65 Listed below are the brothers who have gener- John H. Resing '66 ously sent in their donations as of September Michael L. Worswick '68 29, 2009. We will be giving recognition to all do- David W. Mize '68 nors and have special levels for larger dona- C. J. Perney '68 tions. Please help us add your name to the list Charles S. Joss Jr. '69 below by sending in your check for $100.00 or Bruce E. Jones ‘70 Edward L. Glotzbach ‘70 more to College Ave, Building Co. Inc., P.O. John D. Minnick '70 Box 1383, Topeka, KS. 66601. Your support of Ronald E. Wurtz '70 this effort will help us to ensure that our facilities Richard D. Ross '71 are well maintained , alumni communications Keith D. Adams ‘72 are improved and that we will be able to arrive Charles A. Morgan III '75 at our 100th Anniversary in 2012 as the strong- Martin L. Toews ‘82 est fraternity at Washburn University! Keith A. Doel '83 Mark K. Ross ‘83 Whitney B. Damron '84 Fraternally, John Minnick, Alpha Delta Alumni James F. Zimmerman ‘85 Secretary Michael J. Kuckelman '86 David A. Uphaus '87 Bryan J. Sterling '87 Jeffery N. Young '88 Annual Giving Donors - Summer 2009 John W. Burns ‘92 Total Raised: $6,750 Jon J. Lang '92 As of September 21, 2009 Clayton D. Pykiet '00 Steven R. Obdyke '00 Alpha Delta Spirit Squad ($100 to $499) Scott Tatman '04 Robert K. Petro Michael L. Quilling ‘06 Thomas J. Schultz James B. Griebat, ‘71 Carl C. Nordstrom '38 Joseph P. Logan '39 Others (Up to $99) Ronald R. Rhodes '50 David W. Mize '68 Jack C. Richmond '50 Jon J. Lang '92 Richard J. Miller '51 Donald E. Moore ‘51 As of today. $6,750.00 is the total so far. We are call- James W. Sloan '52 ing this effort "The Alpha Delta Annual Giving Cam- Frederick R. Guild '52 paign" and it will run until July 1, 2010, and every Harold L. Hula ‘52 twelve months thereafter. We are purchasing glass William H. Walters '53 display cases to hang in the house to give year-round Leo J. Albrecht '53 recognition to the donors to this campaign. Aspet V. Merijanian Ph.D. '54 Alan W. Rolley '55 Rod W. Brown '56 James T. Blackburn '56 Gary A. Cook '57 11