Ad Triangle Deceember 2009


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Ad Triangle Deceember 2009

  1. 1. TOPEKA, KANSAS Winter 2009 December2009 1919 SW MacVicar Avenue December 2009
  2. 2. FROM THE EDITOR .It is an interesting experi- The next issue of the Triangle will be ence to edit the Alpha Delta coming in March. Hopefully I will be Triangle. I haven’t had able to have more news from Brothers far much contact with the Fra- and away. We have a new Active Chapter ternity since I left President, and I can already see many Washburn and it is only re- good things happening over on MacVicar cently that Lloyd Fleming re-introduced Avenue. me to the fraternity. I have been to the House on several occasions and have It has been a very tough winter thus far enjoyed the evenings spent there. here in Topeka. It can only get better. Becoming involved with Lloyd and the The ice still lingers Triangle has been another experience. I and it was beautiful have connected with many old Brothers I while it was here, but hadn’t thought about in years. I have it is time for it to now heard from other Brothers I don’t even go! know. It has been fun and interesting, but in many ways I still don’t feel fully As we move into engaged with the Fraternity. 2010 I look forward to another great year At age 81, and out here at Aldersgate at Alpha Delta. Many Village, that’s a youngster, I don’t drive years ago my father any longer and it makes it difficult for me worked hard to make to travel as I please so I don’t just get up Alpha Delta work and and go as I once did. When you rely on I feel proud to con- someone else for transportation it can be a tinue working for the problem. Fraternity as he once did. I also owe Lloyd Fleming credit for once again get- I keep occupied with projects on my ting me involved in the affairs of the Fra- computer like the Triangle. This, of ternity. It has also renewed my friendship course, isn’t always easy. This issue has with Lloyd, but also my relationship with been somewhat delayed because of a lack Alpha Delta. of communication and information. I have had a database problem and have had to start from scratch to create a new I look forward to hearing from more of one. Database Manager Clayton Pykiet my Brothers and will see you again in will be addressing this issue in another March. part of this issue of the Triangle. Brother Phil 2
  3. 3. THE ALPHA DELTA TRIANGLE Published Quarterly ALPHA DELTA Each ALUMNI BOARD ALUMNIBOARD September-December-March-June MEMBERS 2008 – MEMBERS Editor: Brother Phil Menninger 2009 – 2010 2009 Associate Editor:- Brother Rich Miller President Bruce Jones Bandr Triangle Database Manager: Brother Clayton Vice President Pykiet Steve Obdyke Treasurer David Linderman Brandon Gehring Secretary John Minnick Nathan Graybill Aaron Jacobson Resident Directors Gerald Kunkelman Lance Quilling Ken Elder Terry Marshall Stephen McIntosh Lance Quilling Clayton Pykiet Matt Wilkins Stephen McIntosh Mark Ross John Burns Matt Wilkins Tom Suther Hayden St. John Martin Toews hstjohn@1ttopeka.comDirectors Non-Resident Larrie Bates Gary Zook Director Emeritus Jim Sloan Lowell Hahn John Burns Non-Resident Directors Larrie Bates Lowell Hahn 3
  4. 4. FROM THE FIELD Here is a message from Brother Don We'd like very much to see you here Moore to Brother Rich when winter is over. Maybe you'd enjoy Miller: walking around Manhattan with me. Do think about it. Or alternatively, come to Hi, Rich.... Tucson in January. Sorry that it has taken me a Happy New Year! while to respond to your mes- sage. Family was here for Don some days in the past week, Don Moore ‘50 we've been stowing the From the Miller Christmas stuff, and of course Archives we are packing for the trip to Tucson. We'll be there from 1/3 to 1/31 then home again. From Brother Kenton Russell: [Hays, KS] I have been getting the AD Triangle online -- although I don't know how regu- Hi Phil, larly. It seems very infrequent. Sorry to hear about Phil's problems. Well, I don't know. I guess I can catch you I'm not much tempted to write anything for up on me if that is something that you do, the newsletter. My memory is good enough but I can't think of anything to do with The for me to find my way around New York House...I guess I don't know what gets pub- City alone, but I don't remember much lished and what it expected or 'traditional' about my fraternity days. Guess I was too for the publication. busy. In final year at Washburn I was work- Take care, ing 48 hours a week at the Capital, took more courses than normal so as to finish in -Kenton three years, helped to take care of our infant son, etc...etc... My late mother, who died in 1997 at 101 (sadly, I became an orphan when I was 69 years old), was always irritated that I was not pictured in the final Kaw yearbook, that because I never took time to get my picture taken. So there...I have fond memories of Alpha Delta and Washburn, but they are not very specific memories. I sent a check to AD for $100 a few months ago. 4
  5. 5. Most of us remember our Boy before 2012 and of course in 2012 at our Scout Motto, "Be Prepared". 100th Founders Day. Mark your Less than 90 days ago my calendars now for Founder Day 2010 in wife (Robin) and I were not April. quite prepared when we learned on November 9th Bruce Jones Fraternally, Bruce that all my tests indicated I had kid- ney cancer and a full or partial nephrec- tomy was necessary. On December 11th a partial nephrectomy was performed. Tests within 10 days of the operation confirmed it was renal cell carcinoma. Another month has passed and all tests to date indicate I am free and clear. So free and clear in fact that along with two of my Alpha Delta brothers of 40+ years we shall once again venture into central Kansas for our annual Pheasant Hunt. The end result of this experience has been positive. The well wishes I re- ceived from over two dozen Alpha Delt brothers made it even better. Having had this experience I really understand the notion that none of us knows what tomorrow may bring. We can however, do our best to be prepared. My personnel affiliation with Alpha Delta has had a positive effect on my life and helped me to be prepared. Family and friends are what we all cher- Randy Morehead holding the lad- ish, no matter what social or economic der for Ryan Calovich, Chapter level we achieve. As the young men of President, while they hang the Alpha Delta positively more forward to Christmas lights being prepared, the assistance from those brothers that went before them is priceless. Join me in assisting our frater- nity however you are able. In just two short years Alpha Delta will achieve a milestone. I hope to visit with you 5
  6. 6. NEW CHAPTER OFFICERS • President: Ryan Calovich (St. Joseph, MO) • Vice President: Graham Thurber (Lincoln, NE) • Treasurer: Nathan Altic (Waverly, KS) • Secretary: Kasim Hardaway (Olathe, KS) • Recruitment Chair: Daniel McElroy (Germany) • Philanthropy Chair: Daniel McElroy (Germany) • Pledge Master: John Henderson (Alma, KS) • Scholarship Chair: John Henderson (Alma, KS) • House Manager: Bryon Hochard (Holton, KS) • Sergeant of Arms: Bryon Hochard (Holton, KS) • Social Chair: Joe Mahoney (Topeka, KS) • Intramural Chair: Steven Slavens (Pamona, KS) FRATERNITIES Alpha Delta  Most improved grades for spring 2009 semester  Supported American Diabetes Association with a Skate -away fundraiser in November  Homecoming awards: Grand Champions Overall, first in float, first in house decorations, first in Ichabod Race, second in Yell Like Hell Randy Morehead, Ryan Calovich, Mother B, Keith Wagers, Nathan Altic; taking a picture with Mother B and her new bag that the alumni and active chapter purchased for her. 6
  7. 7. A Message From The ‘n’ slide, volleyball, and cookouts are al- Chapter President ways a treat and having high school juniors Hello fellow Alpha Delts! and seniors over for the night is a good On behalf of the Active bonding experience and way to get Alpha Chapter I would like to Delta’s name out there. With Alpha Delta say hello and hope every- (alongside the women of Delta Gamma) one is doing well. My getting first place overall in homecoming, name is Ryan Calovich we hope that will only fuel our intentions and I am the Active Chap- of providing the best environment for ter President for the young men to grow individually and to- Spring 2010 semester. Ryan M. Calovich gether. This is my fifth year at Washburn Univer- With the Active Chapter pressing as hard sity and I am a Computer Science major. as they can to do as much as they can for I’ve been in the house for one and a half Alpha Delta we ask that the Alumni show years and it’s been a long bumpy trip. I as much support as possible. Whether that went from being a part of the biggest be coming to the Alumni meetings, coming pledge class ever, to having only seven re- to Washburn athletic games and tail-gating cruits for the Fall 2009 semester. We have with us, coming by the house to see how an excellent group of guys right now and everyone’s doing, and especially to come big things are happening for Alpha Delta. to Founder’s Day (April 17th this year)! Although the Greek community here at Alumni are a strong part of this organiza- Washburn is (and has been) suffering from tion and the Active Chapter is deeply in recruitment of members and retention, Al- debt to them for their continuing support pha Delta is fighting through the waves over the years. and expects this semester to be one for the record books. Currently, the Active Chap- Thank you! ter is working with Alumni Clayton Pykiet Fraternally, on a ten week leadership program to better Ryan Calovich the house as a whole. Our goal is to make President Alpha Delta the reason guys want to go to Alpha Delta Fraternity Washburn. It may seem like a stretch, but you have to start somewhere and we be- lieve it can be done. Right now, the broth- erhood is strong and the motivation for the house is even stronger. Just think, in two years we’ll be celebrating the 100th anni- From the Winter Issue of the versary of Alpha Delta! What a feat that WASHBURN ALUMNI…………. will be. We have many overnights and recruitment Greek Updates events planned for this semester. The slip 7
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  12. 12. FROM THE helpful only if you were studying ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Telegraphy, Morse Code or Sociology with Dr Morgan - whose favorite Attention Brothers: remark was " all of the 'good girls' are putting the bad girls out of business " We need your help to fill out our contact list of I am very impressed that President Alumni. We will be Farley had dinner at the house with Rich Miller sending you the list that the Chapter. He is, in my estimation, we currently of email addresses. I one of the best Presidents we have think it is slightly less than 300 had at Washburn. names. It would really be helpful if you could reply and give us any new ones Please help us with our updating the that you may know of and also fill in contact list. any mail addresses, phone num- bers and information you have Brother Rich on your personal lists. Any news that you might share would be appreciated and if you would want to contribute an article, that would really be great! I personally am curious as to why there isn't a Fireman's Ball anymore. I am guessing that some Social Chairman in the dim past ( since 1960 ) had a really impressive lady friend and gave in to allowing her to jump out of one of those big cakes as a salute to her beauty. Maybe not, but it would be interesting to hear the reason the glorious Fireman's Ball was phased out. Brother Jim Sloan is looking for back issues of the AD Triangle for the Washburn We can really be proud of the scholar- Library. If you have any issues of past ships that the MacVicar Foundation is Triangles you’d be willing to part with, making possible. I remember when I please pass them along to Brother Jim at: was in school, the only help Pledges 349 Woodbury Court North, Topeka KS and Actives got from the Alumni was an 66606-2191 out of date test paper file which was 12
  13. 13. "Alpha Delta Adopts Leadership Development Program for 2010” I am excited to share ommendations about the course do not recent news on the fu- hesitate to contact me personally. ture of Alpha Delta and specifically the Active Fraternally, Chapter. Over the Fall Clayton Pykiet semester discussion had Brother Clayton Pykiet begun on the history of 316.706.7636 Alpha Delta and what has been lost. This con- Clayton Pykiet versation then led to the future and what Alpha Delta really was providing to the young men of On many Thursday Washburn. Through many discussions and afternoons you will meetings the Active Chapter has embraced find Brother a Leadership Development Course built Lloyd Fleming out around the book "Launching a Leadership and about helping Revolution" for the Spring Semester of Brother/Editor 2010. Realizing the first time through will Phil Menninger take some adjusting to fit the needs of the with some fraternity. The course will run 10 weeks, to shopping, after match the 10 chapters in the book. With having had a great each chapter there is a video and CD to re- lunch at the local view for each week. The first meeting will Hy-Vee grocery be held Sunday January 31st at 7:30 PM at market. the fraternity house. Following this, we will host a conference call every week to review each chapter, CD, and video. A leadership group and forum on Facebook has been created for members of the course to post and ask questions about each chap- FOUNDERS’ DAY has ter. During June of this year we will host a been set for Saturday, leadership retreat to review our results and April 17, 2010 at the determine the effectiveness of the Topeka Country Club. course. We will have a report during Foun- More details will follow ders Day weekend regarding our progress soon. Cocktails at 6PM, and a brief review of what we have cov- Dinner at 7PM. ered. If anyone should have questions and or rec- 13
  14. 14. recently entered in the Merit Awards Completion at the Kansas Lions Mid- CLASS NOTES FROM THE Winter Rally in Salina, KS. There were WASHBURN ALUMNI three Merit Award Rating: Standard, WINTER 2009 Excellent and Superior. Menninger’s newsletter received an Excellent rating. James Kirk, ba ‘51, Monmouth OR. Re- Nine Kansas Lions Clubs entered the ceived an Award of Merit in the profes- competition for 2010. sional division at the Oregon State Fair for “The Bath”, a watercolor and pencil and “Favorite Model”, a watercolor. Jack Richmond, ba ‘50 and honorary doctorate in ‘00, San Antonia, TX was IN MEMORY inducted into the Pizza Hut Hall of Fame by the International Pizza Hut William Lieurance, ba ‘49, 84. Franchise Holders Association. Houston, TX on July 25, 2009. An Richmond, who served on the IPHFHA Army veteran of World War II, he was board of directors , has expanded Pizza an elementary school teacher and a Hut of San Antonio to 30 stores. He is a junior high school principal and a Washburn endowment association trus- member of the American Federation of tee emeritus, received the Distinguished Teachers. Award in 1987 and was named Alumni of the year in 1994. Martha Elizabeth Harvey, mother of Richard Ross, ba ‘71 and jd’75 of Brother Robert Harvey, passed away Topeka is an honorary member of the on 1/8/2010. She was 98. Memorials  Wichita Bar Association Board of may be made to the Friends of the    Governors 2009-2010. Harvey Garden, c/o Washburn             Endowment Association, 1729  SW        MacVicar Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66604.   Lion Phil Menninger edits the Topeka Tattler, the weekly newsletter for the Topeka Lions Club. The newsletter was 14
  15. 15. ALPHA DELTA ANNUAL GIVING PROGRAM The Annual Giving Campaign is moving toward a great success in its' first year. Alumni have been expressing their support for this important program by sending in $8,940.00of donations since July, 1, 2009. The program runs through June 30, 2010 and we are hoping to raise enough to help pay for the $31,000 fire sprinkler system which the fire marshal is requiring us to install in the very near term. John Minnick Alumni who contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign will have their names recorded on a List of Honor that will be displayed in a glass case in the front parlor at the fraternity house. Each year the list will be refreshed and reflect all contributors who gave during the past year. Alumni can also make contributions in the name of deceased brothers whom they may wish to honor in this worthwhile effort. Many thanks go out to all of the alumni listed below who have made contributions to the Annual Giving Campaign! Your support and loyalty to Alpha Delta will help us to ensure that the house is well maintained and that our traditions and values are passed onto our younger brothers as we approach our 100th Anniversary in 2012. Fraternally, John Minnick, Alumni Secretary The next issue of the Triangle will be forthcoming in March. I am always looking for “Information From the Field”. If you have anything about yourself that you think might be of interest to your fellow Brothers, please send it along to be included in the next issue. There are a lot of alums still kicking around out there, and surely there must be something going on that would gee of interest to some or all of us! Send your news to: Editor Brother Phil 15
  16. 16. Annual Giving Donors - Summer 2009 Total Raised: $8,650 John D. Minnick '70 Kenneth R. Moran '70 As of January 18, 2010 Ronald E. Wurtz '70 James B. Griebat '71 Richard D. Ross '71 Maroon & White Sustainer ($500 to $2,499) Keith D. Adams ‘72 Carl Strange ‘50 Charles A. Morgan III '75 Timothy S. Durst '84 Martin L. Toews ‘82 Scot W. Ferrell '85 Keith A. Doel '83 Mark K. Ross ‘83 Alpha Delta Spirit Squad ($100 to $499) Whitney B. Damron '84 Robert K. Petro James F. Zimmerman ‘85 Thomas J. Schultz Michael J. Kuckelman '86 Carl C. Nordstrom '38 Bryan J. Sterling '87 Joseph P. Logan '39 David A. Uphaus '87 Lt. Col. Don Robson '54 Jeffery N. Young '88 M. Lowell Curry '50 John W. Burns ‘92 Ronald R. Rhodes '50 Steven R. Obdyke '00 Jack C. Richmond '50 Clayton D. Pykiet '00 Richard J. Miller '51 Scott Tatman '04 Donald E. Moore ‘51 Michael L. Quilling ‘06 Frederick R. Guild '52 Harold L. Hula ‘52 Others (Up to $99) James W. Sloan '52 David W. Mize '68 Leo J. Albrecht '53 John R. McNee ‘71 William H. Walters '53 Jon J. Lang '92 Aspet V. Merijanian Ph.D. '54 Alan W. Rolley '55 Dwane L. Spohn ‘54 James T. Blackburn '56 Rod W. Brown '56 Gary A. Cook '57 Don C. Roehl '57 Lowell Hahn ‘58 Philip F. Lyon '58 Don B. Rolley '58 David R. Oldham '60 Dr. Douglas Wilmore MD '60 James S. Maag '61 Hayden B. St. John '62 Larrie C. Bates ‘63 Terry L. Marshall '63 Robert M. Harvey '64 Edward B. Soule '65 SUPPORT Thomas A. Adrian ‘66 John H. Resing '66 OUR C. J. Perney '68 Michael L. Worswick '68 ANNUAL GIVING Charles S. Joss Jr. '69 FUND Edward L. Glotzbach ‘70 Bruce E. Jones ‘70 16
  18. 18. Lewis Austin Golden Lewis Austin Golden was born on February 16, 1925 in Marceline, Missouri. He was the son of Paul A. Golden and Louise Beeze (Steiner) Golden. He passed away on January 19, 2010 with his entire loving family by his side. Lewis moved to Topeka in 1941 and graduated in 1943 from Topeka High School, where he lettered in golf. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he was in Flight Training School. After the war, he entered Washburn University and earned a Business Administration degree and was a member of the golf team. He also served as Vice President of the Alpha Delta Fraternity. It was at Washburn where he met June Morris. They were married in 1948 and celebrated nearly 62 years together. They moved to Venezuela where he was an accountant with Mene Grande Oil Company. He returned to the U.S. in 1955 and joined Hy- gienic Dry Cleaners where for 35 years he was a 2nd generation owner/operator. In 1990 he retired from dry cleaning and continued many years of service to the Kansas Golf Association, including serving as President in 1997. Lewis was a member of First Congregational Church for over 50 years. He is survived by his wife, June of the home; their 3 children, Paula (Mark) Higgins of Overland Park; Grady (Brenda) Golden of Topeka; and Megan (John) Hay of Lawrence; nine grandchildren, Todd (Lora) Higgins of Overland Park; Ryan (Kara) Higgins of Council Bluffs, IA; Adam Higgins of Lenexa; Patrick (Cami) Golden, Nick Golden both of Topeka; Dylan Hay, Jillian Hay, Landon Hay and Chloe Hay all of Lawrence; and eight great-grandchildren. A Memorial Service will be held at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, January 23, at First Congregational Church. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions made to Washburn University Endow- ment Association for golf scholarships. Penwell-Gabel Mid-Town Chapel, is as- sisting with arrangements. To leave a message for the family online, visit http:// Lewis Austin Golden Published in Topeka Capital-Journal on January 21, 2010 18
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