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Revision postera4


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Published in: Education
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Revision postera4

  1. 1. {7@ education angwhere l l ’w: ,n": :.'ll mi i il 0 Start as earlu as gou can Make a plan . Work out how C t , . ÌÉÉEÉEÎIÎUÌE s 6 7@: 131: r, e v; ‘ rîìuch tlmjfiou is stressful and 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 5 r; " ‘ave a" OW has Iimited 19 2o 212223 2425 l’ , ‘ ‘ma “o” ca: success. 262728293031 ’ 5 «mk « SP9" 0” €35 1 i l subject. V i ‘ ' l Create a suitable space i _ L Use methods best for gou Find a quiet spot / ‘ Q , I, chooÉe the m? “ awau from . /_ rîé appropriate revision distractions and "' / ""] ‘<5,’ ‘E . . methods 3nd m4 m keep Uour things . e i i use a mixture for all in one place. best resuns" I Take regular breaks Revise with a friend It is possible to work ‘k. h h i too hard! Your brain ‘Ìîhaltngjlrî/ îug y needs. a rest to learned can help help 't process information information. Stick Use past papers _ Eat healthilg These are a great Certain f°°d5 wau of getting used "ix É ‘ b°°5t 90”’ to the exam format ‘a . . ÙYBÎTÌPOWET and and testing what f’; l Wi| | make uou you've leameci ‘€4.11 n, * » r7’. remember more. ma; :u-. ‘mm 1p; u; http: //www. gcsep0d. tv/ revisîon-tìps